Should I drop the child support case against my ex?

No! it’s his job to help support your child. If you DO end up wanting to take his support away, might as well terminate his rights!


No no no you’re not looking out for him you’re looking out for your child

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No he needs to stop with the excuses. There are always jobs he just has to realize that he doesn’t get to be picky when he has a child. If he needed a fix he would find a way to get the money for it.

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Nope he hasn’t helped you why help him

Do not do it! I was in this with my daughter & her dad. I even wrote off his back due to try to help him get his life together. No change. He just kept living his life while I took all the responsibility. She’s 17 now & he owes thousands again. If I ever see a penny for her after 18 I’ll just put it in her account for college & get living expenses. Drug addicts are master manipulators & will play on guilt or any other emotion to get their way.

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NO!!! Don’t you dare give in to him like that!!! Absolutely not

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They won’t give it back to him. It’s gone.

Honestly no. You make you bed you lay in it. He should have figure out he’s life long before covid. It’s an excuse.

I paid child support for 6 yrs with mine. It stopped when my daughter moved in with me 50/50.

Don’t drop it he layes down with you and help uave this child he should help in anyway he can not for his dad to do it’s not his place.

Nope i wouldn’t if he actually made an effort and grew up a little maybe but since he cant do anything for her or himself dont drop it.

Jail sounds like the best place for him honestly. He will be forced to sober up. Do not drop it!! This is the bed he has created for himself. Enabling bad behavior will not help him nor will it help you. Good luck!!!


Yeah, no. Don’t drop it.

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You’re kidding, right?!? Is this a joke?! He helped you make that baby, he should have to help you take care of that baby. Even if it’s only financially. I understand he doesn’t pay, but I would NOT drop the case. Why should you “help him out” when he can’t help you out with HIS child? Them taking his stimulus check and suspending his license as the taught him anything about helping take care of his child. Maybe sitting in jail will! I’m sorry, but if you drop that case, you’re an idiot! It would be a different story if he was a great dad and involved and helped out and he’s just fallen on hard times, but it sounds to me like he’s the definition of a piece of shit! Tell him to get fucked and block his number. I mean, if he as nothing to do with his kid, you really don’t need contact with him anyway :woman_shrugging:t2:

I wouldnt. He should take care of his kid. Tell him to man up

Don’t feel bad. He needs to take responsibility for sure. Its way past time.

The way I see it is your daughter is missing out of things because of his actions. She deserves to get the financial support to help pay for extra curricular activities and other things that come up. It is her right to be supported.

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I would drop it. He hasn’t paid for 10yrs what is it doing but hurt you and hurting him at the end of the day it is about your children and they can’t see their father in jail. Drop it he will have to explain to your kids why and what he was doing later in life and all they will do is blame you for putting their father in jail and not remember that he wasn’t helping… I know that’s what happened to my father and as an adult I ask him why he didn’t help and he has to answer those questions. You know you are caring loving and supporting your children and no one ever wins with the courts involved. You are not in a better place because he’s off.


He deserves to get his stimulus check taken away. Child support was LITERALLY the only reason a person would not receive their stimulus check :confused:


Please Don’t drop it.


No stand your ground.

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Let him grow up! Treat him like a man maybe he will become a man…No do not drop it. ENABLING irresponsibility is not helping him.


Don’t drop it. Where was his sympathy when you had your daughter and he didn’t contribute. Where was his job before the child support? It’s convenient that he’s asking to drop it now just for a measly 1200 check that should be going to you and then what? He’s not going to get a job. He’s gonna get his fix and go back to his old ways. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Don’t drop it. I drop my case and regret and I had reopened it

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Lmfao! NOT YOUR PROBLEM! DO NOT DROP THAT CASE. EVER. HE’S A GROWN MAN, AND HELPED MAKE THAT CHILD. YOURE HELD TO THE FIRE HE SHOULD BE TOO. That’s what happens when u dont take care of your responsibilities. They should have taken his stimulus, they should have taken his lisence, and they should issue a warrant. GOOD! THE STATE IS DOING WHAT IT SHOULD👏🏻 Dont ease up on him one bit. And just continue to be thankful for his parents help.

No dont drop it. If he goes to jail, that’s his problem not yours

He’ll just use it for drugs, don’t drop it.

How do we find it if we are getting their stimulus check if they are past due?

don’t drop it he is trying to get out of it. My ex asked me to do the same and I said No that is there for you to help pay for the child you helped create. I got my exes stimulus check and I paid a decent chuck of his back support and our daughter now has money put up for the things she wants. keep the money and tell him to step up and start paying and all those other things will fall to the wayside my ex has a union job so it’s not hindering his ability to get a job.

His problems are not your problems. He surely wouldn’t be stepping up to help you if you were in a pinch? Let him learn his lesson and do the right thing for your child.

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Do not drop shit and don’t feel bad for it either. He’s being a bum he needs to step the hell up and contribute SOMETHING even the littlest. It’s his own fault he isn’t getting his stimulus check and his license is suspended.

No! Don’t drop it! That’s his child too and he needs to support her as well or face the consequences…by dropping it your just enabling him to be a deadbeat. He clearly wants the money for drugs… You keep that money for your daughter!


NO! Why enable him and also say that it’s ok that he’d rather do drugs and have nothing to do with his daughter. He CAN get a job, he CHOOSES not to. Do not cave, let him face whatever consequences he is handed. You didn’t create that child alone, he’s responsible too, hold him accountable. If you haven’t already you will get his check, keep it and use it for anything your child needs, don’t give him a penny.


That’s a no for me…

This should be a no brainer…but since ur posting…we all know ur gonna drop the case. So we’re all wasting our time.


Oh, and I highly doubt that they told him if you dropped the case he would get his stimulus check back. The ONLY thing they were taking stimulus checks for was back child support. So if he owes back child support, they’re not giving him that check back anyway. It’s coming to you towards the money he owes for child support. Don’t do it!


I feel like if he had custody and you were in his position what would you feel then? Wwjd


I would only drop it if he would sign over his rights.


Do not drop the case. It’s his problem for not paying in the first place. Also why do you even talk to him or allow him to talk to you? You owe him nothing.


Nope. He made his bed & now he can lay in it. He should have stepped up & taken care of his kid from day one & if he still aint then he can deal with the consequences of being a crappy father.


Hell no! Do not drop it! He laid down toake that child he needs to pay too. If he would pay his support like a father he would have had his stimulus check his driver’s license and no warrants… that his fault and it’s NOT fair to your child!


Absolutely not. It’s too bad he’s scum. But it’s not your fault. It’s definitely not your daughter’s fault.


Don’t drop it. He needs to take accountability. It’s his own fault for not doing the right thing to begin with.


Girl he helped make her he owes it to her it’s his problem not yours .stand your ground say no and if he keeps harrasing u get restraining order against him…he needs wake up call .jail might be what he needs.


Hell no. Don’t drop it. Those problems are his, not yours. You are trying to do the right thing and give your child a good life, to provide for them. He is being a selfish dick. (My ex is being one too). He has to be held accountable and responsible.

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Sounds like the consequences of his own actions lol. Give his parents a break from his nonsense and let him sit his butt in jail.


Keep it feel bad for your daughter not him


He’s using that as an excuse for you to drop the support. That money has been offset and honestly, you should have received it while he’s on support unless your state provides you with assistance of some kind. In most states if the person receives assistance of any kind, the state offsets the child support a bit.


It was his sperm and his choice. It is not your responsibility to make sure he gets his stimulus check. He should be paying not his parents.


Drop it, you don’t need him. Looks like you’ve never had his help so why start now


Block him every way you can and just continue to communicate with his parents, as they seem the only decent connection she has to that side of the family. Let the legal stuff work itself out. If he can’t man up and support his child, he shouldn’t have helped create her.

He has to pay to help you support the child you made. Simple as that. Dont drop it you will regret it. Dad b4 drugs.

Nah he should support his child they still aren’t gonna reinstate his license either. I don’t even believe they will give back his check I think he is just saying that so you drop it.

Noooooooooooooooo he’s her father …maybe if he gets locked up he will get sober and get some help and finally grow up and be a father. But no. He made her he needs to man up and take responsibility.


I was in the exact same position as you and I dropped it. I can honestly say I regret it now. Not that I would ever get any money from him but just simply for the fact of him having some kind of accountability for his children. I don’t think you should drop it girl.


You cannot forfeit child support for your daughter…maybe he should pay then he wouldnt have to worry about it…really…why is this even a question

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Dont drop it…he probably made it up so you would drop it.

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Being on the other side of it… I would still say don’t drop it.
My husband had some back pay and our stimulus check was taken… I would NEVER let him go to his ex and ask her to be let off the hook.
Doesn’t matter how we feel towards her… his son and even her are owed that money for the period of time that we did not put him first.
It will help him grow. It’s not your job to be nice to him.
The not being able to get a job is a crock of shit, if he gets a job they’ll just take a little each week for child support. It’s not that hard to budget. It’s his problem to fix, not yours.

He is in his situation because of his choices. Don’t go easy on him.


I wouldnt drop it. I would tell him to bad you had some chances shes 10 after all. Nope he can man up and take responsibility for his child.

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Well you have to decide what role you want to play. His parents help but sound like they also enable him. Sooner or later your child will see and understand the bigger picture. Hopefully no one is lying or pretending otherwise about her father. I would not talk badly about him to her or infront of her. My daughter is 26 and did not have realization and true understanding until she has had children. For years I tried to protect her by defending him when he wouldn’t show up. In turn only made it worse. Her therapist told me years later to make him accountable have her call him and make him tell her why he wasn’t there and stay out of it. Your daughter may be young but sooner or later she will figure it out.

I tried to drop my child support against my x and the judge wouldn’t do it he wasn’t paying it anyway but the judge ordered him to pay $20.00 a month and he still hasn’t paid in like 15 years


Well i can tell u that if you receive any type of government assistance, they will pursue him for the child support to pay the state back


Why would you drop it to help him out when he won’t even help with his own child? He is NOT your responsibility!

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I would not drop it at all. I’d tell him he needs to take responsibility for his own actions that got him to where he is now! I’d also tell him that if he didn’t drop it he’d have a harassment claim against him too.

Respectfully, Actions have consequences. He needs to live with his. It is your job to be a mother to your child, and not his.

imo no! that 1,200 ain’t nothing compared to what you’ve given her the past 10 years. he helped make her that’s the LEAST he could do.

Nope. He didn’t care when you needed help. Don’t care that he’s struggling.

HELL TO THE NO! So sorry for him. Ask him if he would like some cheese with his wine. Your daughter deserves that money as do you.

What do you think you should do?? Do whatever your gut and heart tells you. I know your asking for suggestions this is mine. Follow your heart and gut


No he slept with you and now he needs to help you raise her.

I say no, as a parent he has a financial responsibility to his child regardless if he wants to be their for his child. Its his fault if he can’t even be current. Now if you told me your daughter was grown and was actively paying just couldnt catch up, then I would say drop the child support, but this guy doesn’t deserve that.

Don’t do it. Your daughter is his responsibility too.

I’d say no to dropping it. Only reason they would’ve took it is cause he’s behind on child support cause my fiancé pays child support and he got his whole stimulus check. :woman_shrugging:t2:

No! He needs to grow up.

No ma’am, he needs to take responsibility for the child he helped create.

No don’t if he had been there and made a effort in his life without money I could understand but if that’s all he’s seeking after babygirl not being able to struggle in what she wants to do that’s sad she deserves the best why help him when he can’t even help his own chil if needed t money but support I’m sorry but I wouldn’t :frowning:

Don’t do it!!! Make him suffer lol

Stop helping people that don’t help you OR themselves! That’s a big NO! He will find another excuse even if you did drop it! That’s what drug users do!! Excuses and guilt trips!!

Absolutely positively NOT

Dont do it. That would keep enabling his behavior … too bad so sad for him. Time to grow up and face the consequences.

Girl dont drop that case nor feel sorry for him !!! He made his bed let him lay in it

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No… Why should you help a grown man out when he does nothing for his child!! He needs to learn responsibility!!

No, it’s for your daughter. It is the law that he support his child.

No way! Do not drop that case! That’s crazy he’s never given you or your daughter a dime and only cares about himself and his drugs

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Absolutely :100:% NOT!
This child is his responsibility too.
If you give him an inch he will take a mile…

Let it stay in place he should be helping to support what she needs not relying on his parents.

you had me feeling kinda sorry for him till you said " he has never gave me money or helped" F**@ him let him go to jail😂

Definitely do not drop it! Child support is there to help raise your child!!! She deserves that!

Don’t drop it, he is still able to get a job while having a CS case against him. Maybe this is what he needs to grow up.

Nope, he was “man enough” to make the child he needs to man up and do what he should for the child. :woman_shrugging:t2:

No :-1: don’t do it. He will spend it on drugs.

Fuck that and fuck him time to be a big boy if he has to suffer that’s too bad for him

No! Dont drop it! He needs to own up to his responsibilities and be a dad.

I’m just going to say that in cases like this even if you drop the case they’re not going to give him his check back at all.he owes all that back child support and I wouldn’t drop it anyways it would be different if he was helping and supporting but he’s not. I know you feel bad but maybe this is what he needs to wake up. and as far as him not getting a job because of child support that is the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard in my life. All they will do is take a small percentage out of his check every time and that’s once they even get wind of him working.

Do NOT drop it!!! His choices led him to this result! He made his bed and he can lie in it! It’s not your problem he is where he is!

Hell no!!! Get a job loser dad and support your child

No!!! Bad behavior reaps bad consequences! A good example to your daughter is Not enabling her father in shirking his responsibilities. She has value and deserves everything you are able to give her in life.

Don’t drop it. He needs to get his life into order.

No I wouldn’t cause he gets the money he is just gonna spend it on drugs and not think of that little girl at all

NO NO NO NO NO!!! DON’T DO IT! You’ll regret it, I guarantee.