Should I be worried about my boyfriend hiking with with another woman?

The guy I’ve been talking too for 3yrs has been helping a women with her house and now all of a sudden they are hiking together. I only found out because he was showing me a picture in his phone should I be worried?


:100: yes!
At this point , there’s a reason you’re still just “talking to this guy” after 3 years.


Well if you’re just “talking to” this guy then why be worried. It’s not like you’re in a relationship with him or anything right? :grimacing:


I mean it doesn’t seem you two have a commitment. Make it official or just be friends.


So is he your boyfriend or have you just been talking for three years?…


If he’s your ‘boyfriend’, YES, just straight up ask, communicating is most important.

If he’s ‘the guy you’ve been talking to for 3 years’, NO, start hiking with another dude.


Talking too him for three years? This doesn’t sound like a committed serious relationship by your description. That means he can hike or go where ever he wants with whoever he wants.


Is it your boyfriend, or someone who you’ve been talking to for three years? If he hasn’t put a label on it, he’s never going to and I would be more worried about that.

I’m struggling to see how talking to someone is something he would do exclusively. Like is he not allowed to talk to anyone else because he talks to you?


Lol, if your on talking status, you have no right to have a problem with him going hiking with someone else. Unless he’s your boyfirned, he’s downplaying this hiking thing. Help with her House? Dude is investing with options open and your the safety net.


Talking to and boyfriend is not the same


First you said boyfriend, then you said guy I’m talking to. Which is it? What is your title to him?
Ultimately…yes you need to talk and get some clarity.

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You started this subject about your boyfriend and then your first statement says a guy you’ve been talking to. So are you in a relationship with said dude or have you just been talking? There’s a big difference. If you’re just talking absolutely ok. If in a relationship that’s absolutely ok too. If he’s hiding their relationship then I would be questioning him. That’s not ok. Otherwise maybe don’t be so insecure and hang out with your boyfriends friends and have fun.


If you just been talking to him then there is no commitment therefore- perfectly ok

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Is he your bf ? Or someone you talk to ?? Does he think your just friends ? What is his intentions with this other girl? What are his intentions with you ? …these are the questions you need to know .

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Well, if you’ve been “talking” for 3 years he clearly doesn’t want a relationship with you. Cut that fool off.

Look just hit him up. Be straight forward. Don’t pussy foot around the subject. Cause it will only f with ur mind otherwise. If he’s not for u. Then obviously he’s not the king ur looking for to make u da queen. Simple

Sounds like you’ve only been there as a booty call whenever it’s needed for 3 years. Run!!!

Why be in a “talking-stage” for three years?
I think him hiking with someone is not the real issue here.

Baby, I think you know the answer to this one.
Know your worth.

Talking to a guy makes him your boyfriend? Perhaps he should run.

A guy you’ve been talking to is not the same as a calling him a boyfriend. Sounds like your relationship was just a fling. And yes, they have something going on. That shouldn’t be a question

Ummmm… after 3 years you still refer to him as “the man I’m talking to”?

You already know the answer to your question.

I talked to someone for 2 years. He’s now married to the girl he was “hiking” with. For me it wasn’t hiking and I didn’t want the relationship to go any further. But just a thought…


So are you even dating this guy? Only asking cause you said you’ve been talking for 3 years :thinking:
If I’m understanding correctly, my advice to you is to move on.

tf. lmao. throw the whole man away. ew.

Hes not your boyfriend… right? He can hike with whomever he likes :woman_shrugging:

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A guy you been TALKING to for THREE YEARS? Y’all don’t sound like you’re together so why are you so worried :laughing:

Yes, cause he will be climbing more than a hill if he hasn’t already!

Some of these questions are just :exploding_head:

either you’re the side chick or she is

The heck you been talking about for 3 years ?

It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t want anything with you .

That’s his girlfriend… sorry.

Maybe he’s just not that into,you? Sorry :cry:

He is stringing you along… if he is just talking to you … he is probably just talking to her too though lol . Might want to find something different if you want commitment .

Talking or dating or wishing?,sorry but I would be worried if my fiance did this and didn’t invite me

Does he have a penis? Then you should be worried. Men are not faithful. End of story. They will all cheat.

literally how my dad cheated on my mom. lmaoo