Should I be producing breastmilk at 30 weeks pregnant?

This may be a crazy question. But I’m 30 weeks pregnant. Is it normal for me not to be leaking or producing any milk right now? I really want to try and breast feed with him. I wasn’t able with my first. Maybe I’m overthinking it. Lbvs.

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I had nothing until I was about 38 weeks pregnant…and then, it was just a bit of colostrum that sort of collected on my nipples. I think most women don’t start having milk until after they’ve given birth – and even then, it can take a couple if days.

You’re fine! It was different for me each time. Super early with my girl. But not as much with my boys…Your body will naturally start producing breast milk when it’s time, regardless.

Your milk typically doesn’t come in until after baby is born.


It’s probably colostrum! Some women start producing early! Start collecting it now and store in a freezer and take it to hospital with you incase bub has trouble feeding directly from you

No a lot of woman don’t leak at all until baby comes :smiling_face:

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I didn’t leak at all while I was pregnant. Breastfed for 20 months.

Yes ,it’s normal I leaked like at 15 weeks with my first. My ob and lactation consultant said it was normal

It’s normal. I started pretty early in my pregnancy and it’s been 17 years since I gave birth last and I still produce some.

My milk didn’t come in till 5 days after i gave birth