Should I be concerned?

I want some insight on if I’m being over cautious or well not…So Saturday I went to urgent care for what felt like a kidney infection / stone and definitely a UTI. Doctor came in and explained it’s a UTI for sure but possible kidney infection, kidney stone, or ectopic pregnancy… I had no idea I was pregnant and was shocked and excited- I have a history of miscarriage- so they told me make an OB appointment sooner rather than later, and if I had new symptoms / pain got worse go to the ER. I waited for the holiday weekend to be over and called my OB since I wasn’t experiencing anything new. I explained the urgent care visit and the OB told me to go to the ER to rule out ectopic pregnancy. While at the ER they told me I was roughly 4 weeks and 2 days, I do have a stone floating around and infection in the kidney doesn’t seem present and they can’t see anything for the pregnancy- but was told that is normal since I was still early. They did a HCG test and it came back at 824. They gave me a note and I even questioned it because it said “come back to the ER on the 7th for another HCG test”. I went this morning and I guess it was a miscommunication with the ER I couldn’t be seen- so yet again I’m crying since I have no idea, I was right to question but I listened to the ER doctor… But the nurses were so nice and stayed by me till I got the blood drawn, my HCG came back at 2394. Now they want me to come back tomorrow to the same hospital for another ultrasound to make sure there is something there…Am I right to be all emotional and concerned since I’ve had 1 healthy pregnancy and 4 other miscarriages. I’m so afraid that there is nothing there and something is wrong.


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I hope there’s nothing to worry about.

If your numbers keep rising that’s a good thing.


If your numbers keep rising and they aren’t seeing an interuterine pregnancy it is cause for concern for ectopic. This is why they would want you to repeat an ultrasound. I pray this is just early and you soon find out everything is fine


Hcg levels would not be rising if weren’t pregnant. Congratulations. (As far as ectopic is concerned, well I feel the walk in clin was just giving you shot in the dark possibility because you had pain…)

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was only about 5 weeks but in extremely horrible pain, I only found out I was pregnant because I went the the er for the pain. They were worried about ectopic with me too due to how uncomfortable I was but after the ultrasound they found that I was fine just had a miserable pregnancy. Your levels rising is a good sign! Hope it all turns out well for you

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With a history of miscarriages it’s normal for them to periodically check your levels.
It was totally normal not to see anything pregnancy wise with as early as you are. It may still be a bit early to see much anything still (I believe all we saw when I was 5/6 weeks was yok sac but that was it) However Your levels can still rise with an ectopic pregnancy…so while it’s unlikely (given that they’ve located the initial cause of your pain) they’re probably being extra cautious…and wanting to see a baby something where it should be before you’re released to “normal” pregnancy appointment schedule.

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It’s normal to be cautious and emotional, I have had miscarriages and an eptopic pregnancy, the eptopic was actually twins, one in the uterus (confirmed miscarriage at Er, passed it) then 3 days later my tube ruptured, 4 ultrasounds they couldn’t see the baby in my tube. I almost died, so no, keep a check on it and prayers that everything is ok!

Your kidney wasn’t present? I’d be awfully concerned about that. Kidneys don’t just disappear. We’re you born with 2? If go to another hospital or Dr & have them do another u/s. If you ever feel uneasy with a Dr or hospital switch. It doesn’t hurt to get another opinion. You levels are going up so it doesn’t seem like a miscarriage. Passing that stone is going to painful since you’re pregnant & can’t have pain management or surgery. My main concern would be missing a kidney.

Stay on top of it. They’ll find out what’s going on. Being over cautious right now is a good thing.

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Of course you are. My sister recently gave birth and I have never in my life witnessed a mother so precautious throughout the entire pregnancy! I mean the lengths she took to ensure the baby was in absolute perfect care was remarkable. She treated her pregnancy like she could loose him at any time! You have every right to worry and be as emotional as you feel!!! You are a caring beautiful woman! Hope the best for your pregnancy!!

I hope there’s a little baby being made in there! try not to over stress, I know it’s hard as you are anxious but please try to relax. you have no idea the impact stress can cause in the beginning stage of pregnancy.

also I hope the one girl who laughed at this post did that by accident but if not see my GIF

:pray::pray: Praying for a good outcome.

Please relax I know your concerned and only you know what your going through . But stress is not good for mom and baby . I’m just wondering why you keep going back to ER and not have a regular OB already. I’m not saying stop going to the ER but maybe that would make it less stressful :heart::heart: