Should I be concerned with my daugthers beahvior?

My daughter will turn 3 July of this year. She and I have always given each other pecks on the cheek or lip, but that’s it, and she’s seen her father, and I give each other a quick peck on the lips, but that’s it. Recently, she’s begun trying to grab me in a weird way and kiss me with her mouth open, like French kissing, and she’s very insistent about it. She puts her hands on my face, tilts her head, acts like an adult would. I don’t know how seeing somebody kiss on tv could even show her to behave exactly this way. This is the only weird behavior she’s had, and she is only around her father, who she adores and doesn’t act uncomfortable with at all. I’m scared, and I just don’t know what to think…opinions? Had this happened to anybody? Do you think it’s possible she saw French kissing on television?


How much TV does she watch?


My 5 year old does this it’s ok

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No I feel likes it’s a common thing for young kids to do once they see it. TV, movies, sitters if she’s seeing someone else do it that’s why.

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She’s THREE and you don’t know what she’s watching on tv?? Ask her “who kisses like that” and see what she says


I think it’s possible that it is from tv. My son is 3 and he copies everything he sees on TV and off. Remember their brains are like little sponges.


Personally I think ur looking way into it she is 2 3 in july… All Kids Do this?? I wouldnt Look to much into it!

She could’ve seen it on tv or even in public :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Kids see that people who love each other do it in the movies or on tv and they try to emulate it. I remember doing this as a small child to my poor mother, as did my sister AND my brother. And we were very sheltered children. Both of my kids went through it. Not a reason to panic. Just pull away and tell her that is how she will one day kiss the person she marries, not how you kiss anyone else. That will make sense and she will stop.


My sons 2.5 and just recently started doing this too. I always grab is cheeks when I give him a kiss and he tries to stick his tongue out and stuff . I just redirect and him tell him no , we do t give kisses like that and he stops he does it often though , I think I ts just a phase.

Maybe somebody is kissing her like that-maybe she saw it on tv. My opinion, kiss on jaw or forehead

My kids have all done this at this

Simply ask her who showed you to kiss with your mouth open and go from there

Keep an eye on that and tell her only adults kiss like that

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Some days my kids (5 + 2) give me a mooch normal. Some days they try and eat my face🤷


My dtr went through that stage :woman_shrugging:t3:

Got a daughter the same age. She recently decided kissing her parents was lame and instead licks us. Kids are weird creatures, but I’m sure it’s fine!

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I think more enquiries should be made. My 5 yr old best friend had 1 sleep over and after my daughter was asleep I had to console her friend for over an hour. When I finally put her next to my daughter hoping she would fall asleep I saw her trying to French kiss my daughter while she was asleep. I think conversation need to happen with behaviors like this doesn’t matter the age, it about the actions not ages.


My son did this for a little bit. When i started to kiss him back like this he would get grossed out. Now he doesnt do it anymore lol


My 10 month old does this after watching Casablanca with me. 🤷 It’s totally possible for a 3 year old to have seen this and start imitating too.

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Eh kids are weird lol, but no seriously dont overthink it. She’s still a baby, if she was older id correct it but not at her age.

I honestly believe this is normal behavior for small children both my kids have done it… My 2yo does it now however my 4yo no longer does! I just tend to make my lips go to the kids cheek, chin or forehead! 🤷🤷🤷


Its so common for kids that age just normal actually my daughter is 1 and she thinks its funny as all get out

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Normal kids like to lick things and stick there toungs out my 8 month old just learned how to give kisses and being a baby it sloppy toung out on my cheek or chin she probably doesn’t know any better just tell her no that’s inappropriate and redirect her or distract her with something else

I even remember going through this stage lol i saw it on tv lol

I’ve had all of mine decide they needed to lick my face instead of kisses… :joy: thankfully that phase passed. However I would simply ask her, calmly. See where she learned it.

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My mom said I did that when I was around that age and I can specifically remember seeing it on tv

My daughter is almost 3 and a half and she has shown this behavior sometimes with her dad and we just keep correcting her and telling her that is not how we give kisses. She doesn’t do it as much - she just thinks she is being funny.

I feel like it’s just a phase my son will be 3 next month an just started to do this

Your 2 1/2 year old is perfectly normal.

That’s how my 2 year old kisses lol they grow out of it

Nothing to be concerned with she’s just a toddler, toddlers and babies tend to give kisses like that

Normal. My kid does it. Lol their motor skills arent great yet.


It’s a kid thing , she might start trying to lick your legs arms or belly next . Just another phase.


Normal. Definitely overthinking it.

Yes nearly all kids do it nothing to worry bout xx

My toddler was laughing the other day and was pointing to the tv at Pocohantas and John smith making out. Cartoons definitely can show this kind of behavior too, not just “grown up” tv. Keep an eye on it though

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I think it’s completely common at that age.

Ok. My two year old does this. He pecks my cheek like a bird and tries to eat my face when he kisses me on the mouth.
He also tries to lick and/or bite my nose.

Seriously the kid has only been alone with me, his dad, and my mom. He’s not seen anything inappropriate he’s still just figuring stuff out. That’s all. You may be making a little more of it than need be.

So i think. Take a few minutes. What exactly has you so scared? Is it because you truly believe something happened?
Our first instinct as moms is to panic. But slow yourself down. Breathe. And listen to your gut not your panic

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My daughter just turned two and went through a small phase doing this🤦 she was only around me and her dad and we would only ever give pecks in front of her and to her. The first time she ever did it freaked me out​:joy::joy: i kept turning my head and she would try forcing it and then try getting me to open my mouth and i would just refuse :joy::joy: kids are WEIRD!! Tv

My daughter is almost 5 and she went through this faze. I told her it’s inappropriate and only adults kiss like that lol

Yeah the toddler “make out” phase. Good times. Lol. :flushed::rofl:


My son who will be 3 in July did this for about 3months and I just redirected him and told him no.

Sounds pretty normal. My son wasnt acting like he was french kissing me, but he went in with a open mouth kiss that I was trying to dodge and just licked my face all of a sudden. :joy: Hes licked my arms and legs too. He though it was the funniest thing for a couple weeks. But if something is telling you it’s something serious, listen and get it checked out.

My daughter is three and sometimes try’s to do the same I’m think it just there she tbh and they are curious and stuff my daughter tries to put her hand down my top and stuff and says bums (she calls boobies bums lol) if u don’t want her doing it maybe just sit her down and explain to her not to do it u will probably have to say to her a few times before she gets it, with my girl when she tries this sort of stuff and I tell her no she thinks it’s funny and a game and tries even more till I get annoyed and say with a serious voice for her to stop then she eventually will but honestly unless I think she has seen something inappropriate I wouldn’t worry to much about it xx

Wait until they try to lick you in the face​:joy::joy::joy:

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Normal. There is kissing in commercials, movies , outside the home, he literally could have seen it anywhere and you not notice.

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My little girl allways use to do it and to her older sister and brother she was only ever round me her dad her by year old brother n 8 year old sister i think it’s common at that age she dont do it now got bored she onto slapping my face instead now :joy::rofl: kids are strange little things ha gatta love them though x

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Oh yes. They catch everything on tv.

If you’re super worried about it you could always take her to a child psychologist. They know how to get answers from her better than parents do.

It’s normal - a lot of kids do it

Talk to her explain that it’s not okay to kiss anyone on the mouth at her age let her know she can get really sick. Remember there is the whooping cough and it’s passed along by pecks on the mouth also don’t be worried that’s your job as a parent to teach your child what is wrong and what is right. I always say “are you an adult to be acting that way” my boys say know then I say " then do not do that"

My 2yo and 4yo still try to kiss me this way. I tell them “close your mouth, child!” They think it’s the norm and I had to teach a closed-mouth kiss.

Both mine had a phase like this, and I just redirected and showed them the proper way to kiss family.

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My 3 year old boy does this and I can promise you its usually just a phase lol kids are weird and when they do something that gets a funny reaction out of us they want to keep doing it cause its funny.

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Lots of kids do this. While it may have startled you, just make light of it. Kiss her on the cheek and tickle her, tell her you love her. It’ll pass. She’s just little.

:rofl::rofl: this is normal 3 year old behaviour. I miss my daughter doing funny things like this :heart:


My son thinks it’s fun to stick his tongue in my mouth when he kisses me bye or what not.

Kids are gross and weird sometimes.


are she seen you and him do it

Yeah this is pretty normal. She is probably imitating it from tv or somewhere. Kids catch on to a lot of things. Even commercials sometimes show “passionate” kissing. I wouldn’t be concerned unless she starts showing other behaviors.

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My 3 year did this for a while and she stopped after a while. In my opinion it’s normal.

Yeah. Both my boys have done this. They think it’s funny 🤷

My twin Do this. Chill

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My son did this when he was around that age. Totally normal. Just use this as a conversation starter about boundaries and good touch bad touch etc. But don’t make it a big deal. You don’t want to scare her or make her think if something like that did happen she would be in trouble.

My son pouts as if to kiss me then pokes his tongue out its absolutely foul but he wets himself laughing :joy: :joy: :joy: id say its normal he absolutely doesn’t view it as a sexual thing to do he just finds it hilarious

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Wait…you don’t kiss your child?? :flushed:

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Don’t be scared! It is normal, kids pick up everything from every place and every one and this is on the short list of weird things she will do as she gets older…

My son does that when he gives me a kiss. He is 18 months and when he does want to give me a kiss (I kiss his cheek or forehead all the time) he grabs my face and plants a wide open slobbering kiss on me. The other day he climbed in my bed and licked my forehead for the first time ever. Kids are strange


If my 3 yr old sees my husband kiss me he comes and does it too… Hes gotta get the last kiss… Never my mouth like that tho… It could be my hand or elbow whatever hes close to… I wouldnt worry to much unless it doesn’t stop at some point… Kids are innocent and they do some crazy things! With 4 boys i could tell u crazy things they’ve done for days!

My daughter 3 she love to kiss,and to be kissed she even lick us on our face cuz she said shes a dog :joy: its pretty normal

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It’s normal. I wouldn’t think to much into it… kids like to do silly things like that…

My 18m old does this to everyone. Ur daughter has prob seen it somewhere. Maybe u and dad?? Tv or seen people out and about kissing ect

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Actually jealous any of your children are willing to give you all kisses, I literally have to bribe my two year old for one! He’s full of hugs, but has to be bribed for a kiss, pathetic. I feel the love though so all good🥰

This is normal child behaviour though. My friend’s little boy always opens his mouth when giving kisses, feels like he’s about to bite my nose off sometimes​:blush::blush:

Lmao it’s totally normal.
My kids both close their eyes and kiss with lots of love…simply because they love their momma.
Don’t stress yourself over nothing.

I’m more concerned about your thoughts that your scared that her father is the only one shes around and not scared of and shes acting out like this which is typically normal. Are you worried about her being with her father alone or think something going on? Idk to me it seems like your pointing out and have concerns about your husband and makes me wonder why you would be like that.
As I said her behavior your stating is normal just wait until you have a boy and he thinks flicking his penis is fun lmao


That’s so normal, just correct the behavior by explaining to her about things you only do between mom and dad or husband and wife.

Is that really normal behavior??? I have 6, 4, and 2yo boys and they’ve never ever done this to me or my husband :flushed:

My son is gonna be three in april and he is doing this too!!! I was concerned lmao Ive always given lip kisses but now I’ve been telling him only one lip kiss a day​:joy::joy::joy:cheeks only and he makes a kissy noise like mmmmmuah
It wS setting to be a bit… Weird hahah I love him ti pieces and I’m a touchy kissy person so I feel bad but I didnt want other people judging him kissing me so much

NORMAL :grin::grin::grin: kids are just learning and don’t know that it’s not that way.

All kids go through this it’s actually very normal

This is so normal :rofl: my 1 year old tries to kiss me with her mouth open its adorable honestly :rofl:

My son is 2 and used to kiss with his mouth wide open and would poke his tongue out to and laugh so much when i pull away laughing but also saying yuk yuk :rofl: kids experiment differently, just explain pecking on the lips is the appropriate way when kissing close family members and to put the tongue away if it ever comes out. Kids are strange :rofl::rofl:

She sees it with adults around her, my daughter sees it and she tried to do it to me once and I just started laughing and said baby no, so now I only let her kiss me on the cheek :joy:

Omg it’s so normal. Mine did it for about 8 weeks and that was it. Now I can’t even get a hug out of her, so soak up the affection while you can. It’s so innocent at this age and if you make it not innocent by making it weird then that’s when their childhood ends

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Set up a nanny camera.

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I have 3 kids of my own. And I’ve raised 6 that is a normal child. Could have seen it on tv are maybe she seen u n dad kiss like that and u didnt know she was looking? Kids are sneaky and they see things we dont think they do.


My son tries to me and he is 1

Wait until they lick you like a dog too lol


Kids see it everywhere these days

My kid is 4 and will only kiss my hand

My daughter also grabs my face and Tilts her head to try to open mouth kiss me. She won’t do it with her dad. But I think it’s normal. And started to lick me :woman_facepalming: she’s 3 years old.

She probably has seen it on TV, my son went through the phase after watching to many Grey’s anatomy episodes…

Reasons to be mindful of what you’re watching on tv while your children are around.

My son will be 4 in April and he has also recently tried this with me, I couldn’t figure out where he’d see such a thing until we were watching the Incredibles, when Me Incredible kissed his wife towards the end of the movie 🤦
I just had to explain to him that’s not how little kids kiss their parents, that’s something people who are older/grown up kiss someone who they’re in love with(figured we’d explain more in detail when he’s a bit older) and so far, he hasn’t tried it again 🤷

Totally normal. My daughter will kiss me mouth closed but hold my face there for a uncomfortable amount of time.

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My 1 1/2 year old does this to me all the time :joy:

They learn fast from tv


My kids literally always try sticking their tongue in my mouth or will completely put their mouth over my lips to kiss me. My son has stopped now but he is almost 5. My daughter still does it & she will be 2 in april. Seems normal to me


My daughter didn’t do anything like that but I can tell you I’ve learned a lot from kids and if you don’t make a big deal out of it and they wont think it’s a big deal and eventually she’ll quit

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My daughter use to do this :joy::ok_hand: her way of giving kisses. She doesn’t try to eat me anymore tho.