Should I be concerned with how little my 2-year-old is talking?

My daughter says about 15 words including mama and daddy, and 3 sentences. I’m just curious if she could have a speech delay? She used a TON of gibberish, she can go on and on…She can’t communicate her needs to us and still just cries and screams. She listens to commands and seems to understand us when we talk, but isn’t using her words. She is 2 years old and 4 months.


I’d say she’s pretty advanced! My son didn’t start talking til he he was nearly three. Now he won’t shut up :joy:


Teach America sign language!!


My son didnt really start talking until about 3 yrs old and he needed to go to speech therapy. He is fine now just stubborn :joy:

If you’re concerned, there is nothing wrong with having her tested and getting state help. It’s there for those who need it, take advantage

My daughter turned 2 in September and is “behind” and is saying about 70 words. Her pediatrician set her up with Early Intervention which is a free program that allows the child to participate in speech therapy in your home. My daughter was saying three words at 18 months old. She started speech therapy at the end of May and is now around 70 words and can use five signs appropriately. It’s been a huge help with her communication and frustration. I’d highly recommend asking the pediatrician about this.

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My son will be 3 on the 22nd and is just now starting to explode in his speech; I think we get caught up in comparing our kids to what everyone else’s is doing and forget they’re individuals who learn at their own pace. My son is very physically advanced - he keeps up with kids twice his age athletically and in motor skills - but still prefers his own little language.

My son started talking around 1 but just mama, dada & a few other words… He was talking in complete sentences around 15 months & the little boy I babysit is 6 months older & he don’t speak nearly as much! The little boys dad did say that he was behind on his speech! I do have 3 older boys that play & talk to him so that might be why but he has always been advanced & he’s going to be 3 in January! My daughter will be 1 on the 17th of this month & she says mama, dada, baba, bro bro (for her brothers she’s the only girl) she says no & yes with the head movement as well & she says go & points! She may also just be advanced cuz her brothers!

It’s something you could mention to her doctor… my daughter will be 2 on Sunday and says about 80-100 words and sentences and says new almost everyday or at least tries to… all kids are different though… we use first word flash cards… you can get them on amazon for like 3 bucks and they seem to help… there is an app called speech blubs too that helped us it’s for toddlers and kids that is a speech therapy app and shows kids saying certain words or sounds to help them start talking more… our daughter likes it because it shows kids saying the words and also has a short little clip about what the word means. You have to pay for it though but we think it has helped.

I’d have her looked at too. 2 yrs should be able to communicate basic needs in simple words. Our ped said should have 50 words some being 2 to 3 words together ( simple sentence)

She sounds like she is doing well. I have a son with a speech delay and one that is almost 2 and is special needs and doesn’t talk. From my experience with early intervention and speech therapy it sounds like your daughter is doing well. Just keep enforcing her to speak more. If she sees something and vocalizes what it is just add to it. Like if she says “ball” you say “yes big red ball.” Like add more words and keep helping her connect words and identify things with more detail. If you want her evaluated just to get advice or see if she needs additional help call the states early intervention program. For my state its call child development services but it might be different where you are. It’s free and they will come and evaluate her right in your home.

This needs to be addressed NOW with her doctor! Speech delay can become worse the longer you wait. If treatment is needed, the sooner the better.


My son didn’t talk and I was concerned but then I put him in daycare 3 days a week and he started talking more that very first week of going!


My daughter under spoke more than 3 words until she was about 2.5 yrs. than she started daycare and did 2 sessions of speech therapy and now doesn’t stop talking. Somethings are hard to understand still but she’s talking and she can also sign when she feels like it. She is now 3.

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They develope at thier own speed my grand son didn’t start talking until he was almost 3

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Girls develope faster i have noticed.

You can bring it up to your pediatrician. It doesn’t hurt for a second professional opinion.

My daughter is 2 yrs 10 months. Talks amazingly well.
But my boys took longer, more so 3 to 3 1/2 to talk real clear.

Remember all kids are different, so please don’t compare to the extreme that you think she’s delayed. She’s doing great mama!

You can always get an early intervention evaluation. If she “fails” to underqualify thats awesome if not get some speech therapy underway.

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My son was in that same spot at 18 months and was referred to early intervention for speech therapy. He is 2 yrs 5 months now and the difference is amazing. Under the ADA your little one can receive speech services in your home or possibly in a daycare if she goes to one. If you have the time to do this it can’t hurt. My son still receives speech therapy despite that he is clearly caught up.

Kids just don’t start talking. Working with them helps.
I made flash cards. A few a day for main things like, food, water, toys, etc.

Talk to your pediatrician and they will be able to address your concerns. We ended up getting tubes put in and adenoids removed after a referral to an ENT and audiologist because she was full of fluid in her ears. She goes to preschool 5 days a week, speech therapy once a week and it’s helped tremendously. She had about 180 words before speech therapy but they weren’t very clear and she threw tantrums like nobody’s business. Therapy is working on articulation, building sentences (instead of saying “bus” we get her to say “big yellow bus” and tantrums avoidance.

Both my boys started talking a mile a minute around 3. Just when I started to worry, they started and now they won’t stop lol.

Every child learns differently and does things on their own time and this could be completely normal for your child. However, as someone who works with kids that are delayed in speech and other things early intervention is the absolute best! So talking to your doctor and seeing what they say would be best :relaxed:

I believe the average for 2 is 25-50 words which I found confusing because my oldest was 220+ I stopped counting and my youngest is 22months and I stopped counting at 240 words. My Dr looked shocked when I told him then showed him the paper I was scribbling the words on. If you want you can get her tested just to make sure or give her a few more months she could suddenly go boom.

My daughter is a college freshman now BUT at her 2 year check up I expressed concern because she would not speak. I knew that hee hearing was fine because she could hear a candy kiss being opened in the far upstairs corner or my bedroom when she was downstairs! The pediatrician said that if she still wasn’t speaking at 2 and a half that he would run some tests. A week before the appointment date, she announced that she did NOT like the purple juice and she has not stopped talking since. Incidentally, she was the Valedictorian last June. Continue to speak to your toddler all of the time. She may just not want to speak.

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My nephew had this problem, turned out he needed ear tubes, and his tonsils and adenoids removed

Our pediatrician said as long as they are saying some words and trying to talk it’s no issue. That he’d readdress it at 4 if things didnt change.

I’d talk to her Dr. My daughter at 20months had 70+ word count. And now at almost 2 it’s up to 90+. So I’d be concerned

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Put her with other kids that do speak.

Kids are different. just a little more patience .mine will be 2years next month but pretty much says everthing.

She sounds like she’s doing pretty good for age actually, some kids talk early and some take a little more time. Work with her more and get her dr.s input but I wouldn’t worry too much just yet

Every child develops at different rates. If your extremely worried contact your physician or early intervention in your state. She probably just needs more time.

You can ask your pediatrician for an early intervention referral and have her hearing tested. In the meantime, you can do exercises the speech therapist will do. My son’s therapist had us make him request things before we gave them to him. If we were playing ball, he had to make a sound before we rolled it to him. We tried to get him to say “ball” or “go” but any sound will work. Talk constantly and label everything. My son loves music and his speech exploded when he started watching Mother Goose Club and Cocomelon.

I’ve just completed my 3rd year of my Speech-Language Therapy degree. But even a simple Google search will show you that it is NOT normal. So PLEASE stop telling this Mum that it is! Or that she should wait. Waiting could have devastating consequences.

Children should be saying their first words by 1 years old. By two years old, they should be combing words to make two word phrases like “want juice” or “Daddy car”, and should have a lot more than 15 words. Some children do just talk late, with no lasting issues. And this might be the case. But some children have difficulty talking because they have language or developmental disorders. The possibility for early intervention ends at 3 years of age. Intervention before the age of 3 can make a HUGE difference for those children who do have language or developmental disorders. And the earlier the intervention the better! There’s nothing to lose. So please, don’t discourage any parent from seeking an evaluation. What happened with your child may not be the same for theirs, and delaying intervention could impact the child’s entire life.

So please Mama, if you’re reading this, take you daughter to a Speech-Language Therapist for an evaluation. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain🌸


My almost two year old can say close to 200 words and can put together 3-4 word sentences. If your concerned, I would talk to your child’s pediatrician not a mom group. Every child is different and the only real way to get a correct answer is taking to a professional aka the pediatrician or speech therapist.

My fiancé’s daughter didn’t talk well until 3. She preferred to point to what she wanted or cry if we didn’t understand what she was going for. She’s 5 now, is super smart, and excels in school. Every kid is different. Worry later if it continues. Looks like a lot of moms here coming to brag instead of trying to be helpful.

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My 2 year old is in speech therapy because he wasn’t using 2 or 3 word sentences, not finishing his words, or communicating socially. Please don’t wait. Find out what programs are available in your area. We have a program in Indiana called First Steps and it’s based on income. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THEY GO TO PRESCHOOL. Get help while help is still available.

Every child develops differently. I’ve heard children I simply can not understand. But my 2 1/2 year old can hold a full conversation. Not all words are spoken clearly. Just continue to work with her.

My son is 2.5 and says over 300 words and can make complete sentences. He can even spell…his dr. Is amazed…i would talk with her PCP

Talk to her doctor and have her have an evaluation with a speech therapist! My son started speech therapy @ 2 years old, his evaluation showed he was almost a year behind in his speech development.

Talk with your pediatrician if you’re concerned. The 3 year old I nanny for only said a few words at 2 also, used more gibberish than anything. One day he just started talking and has not stopped since. Literally. He talks all day long lol.

Ask your doctor for a referral. I tried with my pediatrician to say “I think there is a speak delay” but all I kept hearing back was, “he has some words.” After pushing for a few months they finally sent the referral and we found that he was having trouble hearing and needed tubes. My son is now 3 1/2, still has some delay but is in speech therapy.

some kids will be like that then suddenly stop gibberish speaking nearly full sentences from what ive read

My son is also 2 1/2 and was recommended to go to a speech therapist by his doctor. He can say a few words but he mostly communicates by crying, screaming, and he hits his head on things when he’s upset. My daughter just turned one and can say just as many words as him so this definitely got me thinking that we needed to work on it. He understands a lot of what I’m saying but uses other ways instead of words so I think it will help a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

Every baby is different . My son was talking before a year old and my sisters baby is 2 now and doesn’t say much at all . A speech therapist actually told her they do not start worrying about speech delays until about 3

Mine started at 3.5 years

Don’t worry all of a sudden she’ll start talking and she won’t stop I have a granddaughter who didn’t talk until 3 years old and we were getting very concerned but then all of a sudden now she’s six and we can’t stop her so don’t worry too much

My daughter is two and speaks complete sentences.

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My son is nearly 4 and hardly can talk. He can only say the basics. Reason for this is he has a hearing impairment of which he is getting grommets for next month and he is also GDD

If you are worried talk to your pediatrician. If they do not ease your mind ask for a referral to a children’s speech therapist. My oldest son that is six now still sees one at his school. I brought it up at one of his check ups due to him being almost three and not talking clearly. He made he own language. We went to an actual speech therapy appt twice a week for almost a year and a half. Then he was able to get it in his school. Good luck.

We started using baby signing time and then sometime after my oldest turned two her vocabulary exploded. Sometimes other kids take a little longer than others. I wouldnt be too worried, but if you are then definitely talk to your pediatrician.

My son did this but also couldn’t hear half the time he has bad ears that’s probely why

If you re concerned go get an evaluation at a pediatric therapy facility/early intervention

My god son is 2 and I’ve never even heard him say anything besides mama. I think you’ll be good

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Ask ped for a ages and stages questionnaire to mail in

My daughter never started talking words till she was 4 and hasnt stopped talking since.


Girl, my Son was delayed with his speech compared to my daughter who was born a year after him… She could splurt out sentences at 1 year old, making jokes and counting in different languages, whereas my Son would just scream and cry and yell a whole bunch of nonsense because he couldn’t get his message across, yet he was older. Family members used to comment on it and mock him and it used to really tear me up! I prayed that God would teach him how to talk. I was led to a doctor who referred me to language & speech therapists who in the end were of no help to my Son because she only showed up 3/10 visits for only 20mins out of the hour :roll_eyes: but our Lord told me how to teach him and for me that meant, simple statements, having 1 name for everything and slowly incorporating the ‘it, the, at’ words and then also progressing to alternative names and different ways you can use things. It meant reading more often and stating colours, people, names of objects in the books. It meant pronouncing the same word in broken down format over and over ie ‘Ex-Ca-Va-Tor’ Excavator/Digger (was my sons favourite book) but all in all it’s a LOT of patience and general conversation while driving etc. I thank my God so many times for blessing my Sons speech and teaching me how to teach him because now at 6 years old, he teaches my daughters new words and meanings just by using advanced words in everyday conversation. You’re going to do fine if you keep it simple and don’t get too frazzled by it. Your baby can sense the tension with the language barrier and that’s why she screams etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T EVER TEASE OR COMMENT NEGATIVE REMARKS ABOUT HER SPEECH AND DON’T ALLOW ANYONE ELSE TO DO IT EITHER NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL IT SEEMS TO OTHERS.


Talk to the pediatrician and ask for the Ages and Stages quiz. It’s expected to speak in at least some sentences by this age but the doctor can refer you to get an Early Intervention eval :blush:

Contact babynet in your area. They will provide a free assessment and then arrange free services if your child qualifies. Also in the mean time get a hearing test done to rule it out! We found out my daughter had hearing loss and needed tubes at 2. She automatically qualified for services without have to be evaluated

Shes fine. Give her time…she is only 2…

It took my daughter until 3 and then all of a sudden you could understand her just fine. Still has some jibberish but be patient


That sounds like my daughter except sometimes she’s gets so frustrated cause she can’t talk that she throws tantrums that can last hours. We received free in home therapy from the state. There’s a federal law that early intervention should be free to families so every state has their own version of the program.

Not every child is the same. Thats the problem people make guidelines that need to be met when they really dont.

Plenty time for her yet now if she were six years old I would worry

Get her evaluated…

My son was like your daughter. He turned out to have a hearing loss. It was due to dairy allergies. But with treatment and Boxes pre School he is now a Marine Capt.

My daughter was exactly the same. She is almost 3 now. Her speech is coming along nicely. Now my concern is her colors. She just cant get them.

My grandson was like that as soon as we put him in preschool he talks that much now we tell him to be quiet lol

The more you read to you child the more they learn sound pronunciation. I have a daughter who will be 3 end of March her vocabulary took off like crazy because we read alot, we also did flashcards for letters, colors,shapes,animals. I currently spend 5 hours between reading to her,flash cards, and coloring with color wonder and crayons. That helps their fine motor skills. This is my 6th child and the others were in day care she is not. I notice a significant difference between her and her older brothers from this same age period.

Also don’t be discourage she isn’t talking alot yet, it will come the more she is exposed to the sounds. Our daughter didnt say much in the early part of this 2nd yr

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Just give her a little more time. Of course its so true, once they start really talking, they never be quiet! I’m sure she’s beautifull, smart an intelligent. It just might be she needs a little more time, than others.

Read to her as much as you can! And talk to her like you would anyone else and encourage her to use her words! And help her learn to identify her emotions.

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My daughter had a speech delay. At age 2 in half I talked to her pediatrician who recommended me to the specialist where they determined she had a speech delay she got speech therapy and then the age of 4 we had her tonsils out which that’s a possibility to and check out their hearing and if everything’s okay then yes I think you should follow your heart and get a checked out everyone kind of told me I was crazy when it came to my daughter but I knew something was wrong and I got her the help I needed now she’s a five year old little girl that talks a lot

As an SLP I advocate for early therapy. Kids vary, yes, but the earlier the intervention the better the outcomes. I would suggest you speak to your doctor about a referral for testing. It can’t hurt!!


My son is 2yrs and 3 months and is a great talkative… He says almost everything almost very clearly. But I know a child at same age with my son who can’t even say up to 10 sentences. Kids grow and develop differently Give her some more time, she’ll surely come along.

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I think she is a totally normal girl who is “spirited” and she will grow out of these things.
My daughter was the exact same and she’s in College and is still that wonderful “spirited” girl.
don’t worry Mama you care so much and that makes you “spirited” too!

My son is 4 and can’t talk like 4 year olds do, I got him a speech evaluation and got him in therpy. It’s helping so much. Maybe an option for you to consider

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First grandchild had garbled speech with words where he spoke clear as a bell. We contacted the school district and they brought him in at age 4. This was 20 years ago. You may want to talk to the pediatrician to see what options are available now.

Your pediatrician should be able to direct you, as to whether you need to see a speech therapist. Many school systems have testing for young children. If there is a hearing/speech problem early detection is important!

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My three-year-old nephew was a saying he knew about six words very smart they just said his wires were crossed needed some therapy

Yes the sooner you find out about her ears think about getting tested my son started speech therapy at 3 the sooner the better my daughter was a year younger also had speech therapy but they knew what was numbered. They have excelled and are 26 and 27. Strong ,independent, and I’ve been wonderfully Blessed.

Talk to your pediatrician. They ask these questions at their annual check ups


Read read read and sing songs. Our 4 year old talks like he’s 6+ we have read to him since he was 1 and he probably knows about 40 songs. Kids mimic what they hear.

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Do you respond to the screams and give her what she wants without making her use words?


I knew someone who had a 2 year old. Never spoke to anyone. Now she is,a little chatter box.

Mine is in speech therapy because of how few words she was saying. Honestly it wouldn’t hurt to get a referral for one.

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Please get her ears checked. A friend of mine had the same concern and it turned out she wasn’t hear well, now she has hearing aids and she is talking A LOT.


My 2yr old almost 3 doesn’t say anything. Be glad that they’re talking at all.

My son didn’t talk until he was 4, Einstein had the same issue. Your doctor will be your biggest help to identify a problem that needs attention, or it could just be normal for that child.

Stop giving into her until she at least tries. Say the words she should be using and have her repeat it back to you.

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My oldest daughter had the same issue. Started with she was 1.5. We started her in speech and then a couple years later she started preschool at a private school. Between the 2, she completely came out of it and now she wont stop talking lol. She’s almost 9 now.

Children mimic what they see and hear. Have the doctor check for problems with throat and ears.

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Ask her doctor. She seems to be on track.


Give her time she will start talking one day and won’t stop

She might need her hearing checked.

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This page is called MY HUSBAND IS A BLESSING, not let me get advice for a million strangers. What happened to this page? I use to enjoy being reminded how great my husband was. It always reminded to show him appreciation. Now all I see is this. Ugh…

My son didnt utter one dam word until he was 4 years old…he is 13 now…smartest kid ive ever seen…kids develop on their own time…dont stress too much

Brittney Renee Baer.

I have the same situation. I was told by child development that as long as she understands what you’re saying to her, follows instructions, she just hasn’t found her words yet. My little one does all sorts of tasks and understands what she’s doing but can’t tell me what she’s doing. Words will come later she’s just trying to figure them out


My little one has MD so I requested a speech eval through early intervention since they would be doing other evals anyways. The best thing we did was teach him signs! He doesn’t always use words so it helps him to be able to sign. Or he will say yes or no if I ask him what he wants/needs and attach the sign to the word. I have read to this kid daily since he was in the womb. He could turn book pages, track the words on the page, and babble them since 4 months. He had chronic ear infections so that affected his hearing until we got tubes. Even after tubes, he didnt progress as fast as we thought. Here lately, it’s like a switch flipped and he has been saying more and more. If it gives YOU peace of mind, have her evaluated. It won’t hurt. When she wants something, just repeat as you give it to her or help her. Keep consistent with it. We make things fun by playing games and singing. If I see him getting frustrated with me trying to make him learn, I back off and just let him play. Follow your gut and voice your concerns to your pediatrician, they should be able to guide you.

My son was a bit the same way. My doctor said that since he is able to say a few sentences, he should be fine. He is three now and talking more. I would make sure you check in with a doctor, and continue to be aware and work on it. Sometimes they move at slower/quicker paces on certain things

I knew from about 18 months that my oldest was behind. Everyone disagreed, even my husband. I was told by her doctor that she was fine many times until I made an appointment and pretty much begged. I went in and after an in depth conversation with me and my child I was given resources to have her tested for autism. She is on the spectrum. She was almost 4 before they listened to me. After some time with a speech therapist/tutor she is right on track with all the other kids.

All I’m saying is if YOU think there is something wrong make your doctor listen. The sooner you know, the sooner you both get the help you need.