Should I be concerned that my son drank water from our cat bowl?

So I’m not sure what came across my 3 year old because he’s never done it, but I turned around and he’s drinking from the water bowl for our cat… Should I be worried about him getting sick??? Has any other kids done this and been okay


I wouldn’t be worried about it if you change the water in your cats bowl regularly, keep the bowl clean and your cat is healthy.
I have seen babies get into the litter box and end up with with litter in their mouth before it’s noticed and they have been perfectly fine.
So I think your son will be fine. I mean, you can always call a physician to be sure but , that’s totally for your own peace of mind.

It’ll build his immune system he will be fine!


Not at all. My girls turned 3 in October and I’m hoping this will be the year they give the meal worms to the chickens instead of eating them themselves. :nauseated_face::woman_shrugging:t2:


My niece put her whole face in the dogs food and water bowl and would want to give him treats so she could have a bite.
Kids are gross and weird but unless he grows a tail or chokes on it he’s going to be fine.

My moko (granddaughter) done the same thing and she is fine. As long as your cat doesn’t have worms then all will be good…if anything builds the immune system lol. (Well that’s what I rekon):joy:
Good question Mama.x

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I caught my son dipping his pacifier in the stock tank (where cows drank water) and putting it in his mouth.

Eh I think he will be fine

As long as he doesn’t start to meow he should be ok. But honestly he’ll be fine. I’m sure 100’s of kids have done this.


I ate chicken food, I’m fine.

My kids did that and ate cat food when they were that age. They’re fine. 16, 17 and 23 and still alive and healthy lol.

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I mean unless you never wash it he should be just fine. :rofl:

If we have pets all our kids have done it, WE all did it, our parents did it, they’re parents probably did it, and so on and so on

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How often do you clean the bowl???

Beats me. I turned around at the vet and my 9yo nephew was eating dog treats :woman_facepalming::joy:


Sara Cost I love kids :rofl::rofl::rofl: xx

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Well he will probably eat dirt someday also …. So there’s that.

Found my daughter in the backyard snackin on a turd one time :grimacing:… she’s fine, I’m sure your kiddo is fine :sweat_smile:

Next thing he’ll be outside eating dirt!


No your boy is getting fluids he won’t turn into a cat


lol when my son was 2 and 3 he was obsessed with fish food…yes the flaky kind lol


Don’t be concerned… Unless he starts meowing! Then take him to the vet IMMEDIATELY!


Nah I wouldn’t worry
It wont hurt your son one iota
(Raised 2 kids who are now adults)
I used to make and taste mud pies
With them all the time)
Kids need to develop their bodies natural antibitodies
In order to start their bodies to fight viruses
But if we as parents and grandparents
Stop that process
Kids will become prown to viruses

:joy: kids are so gross
Honestly all of mine have at one point or another been caught either eating dog food or drinking out of their water bowls . They’ve all lived .
I mean they’re weird kids but they’re healthy


Kids are gross and do not know boundaries, they will eat pets food , play with their poop , eat food from the trash etc .

No, your cat will be fine…:smiley:


I use to jerk the flowers out of my Grandma’s flower pots and eat the dirt,she said I was probably missing some vitamin or mineral in my diet. I’m 65 now and I’m OK and I’m OK,ok,ok,okok…:+1:

Kids ear cat & dod food at that age

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As weird as this sounds, that’s normal :rofl:
I’ve totally done it as a kid, my brother used to eat cat food…lol!

This made me laugh so hard

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He’ll be fine. Immune boost!

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I caught my 2 year old granddaughter dunking her Oreo in the cats water dish and eating it. She is 22 years old now.

My daughter once took the cats food and was eating it like popcorn… she was fine.

Idk if he starts sitting in boxes and being wildly moody constantly under your feet every time you turn around howling at 3am and you catch him in the litterbox he may have made the full transformation to cat. :rofl:

I mean… I drank water from a hose. And I’m just fine. I’m sure your kid will be ok

Oh he’ll do a lot worse than that, just wait :sweat_smile:

Not gonna lie I have very vague memories of drinking out of the dog bowl and eating dog food. I’m sure your kid will be ok

my girls have eaten the cat or dog food this was at there grandparents house all survived dont know about the water but food yes .

Kids​:rofl::rofl::rofl: sharing is caring ahahaha
They’ll be okay! Build the immune system more hshsh

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Nah, my sister at from the dogs bowl when she was little, she’s in her 30’s now. Builds the immune system.

Mine has eaten a ton of cat treats probably more than I’d like to admit and drank out of the bowls like a dog. She sometimes meows now and shits the floor but all is fine. Don’t be dramatic.

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LOL. I guess it’s not a big deal unless he starts meowing

It’s just a lil cat spit. He’ll be fine. Lol

Not unless your pets eat raw food. Then I would be worried

Once upon a time kids actually played outside in the dirt and mud. Probably where animals once trod or worse. They also drank out of water hoses. They had better immune systems for this. JS

My kid drink from our dogs bowl :neutral_face: I have two big Shepards.
Don’t get me wrong, I try to stop him but sometimes it is what it is.
He’s fine. Strengthening his immune system. :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:

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My brother used to eat dog food, he turned out normalish :rofl:

He might identify as a cat now :kissing_heart:

He’s fine
Alil germs ain’t gonna hurt

My nephew is 45 an when he was 2 we caught him sucking with the kittens he said momma milk good we still aggravate him to this day

Is he pooping in the litter box? If so, be worried.

he’s 3😐 teach him that’s not what he’s supposed to do. he’s still learning

Would only be concerned if he started using litter box or starting peeing a corner

My kid ate dog food once and licked outta the water bowl the wild child :rofl: still alive & well

My 9 yr old Gra son thought it would be a great idea to fill up the bowl at the dog park and take a drink :face_vomiting: he could t tell me what it possessed him to do this… kids

Yes , did you know cats carry more bacteria than dogs and can cause Schizophrenia.

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Naaa… builds up their immunity