Should I be concerned that my child never shows emotion?

My six year old shows no emotion. My 6 year old daughter show almost no emotion for anything. If she does something bad and I punish her, it doesn’t matter how. Rather I yell, take things away, threatening her, telling her how and why I’m disappointed every way I can think of. She just doesn’t care. I can scream in her face. She doesn’t care if we are going somewhere fun, a theme park, maybe to the store to buy her a new bike. I ask her to get dressed and ready she tells me to wait over and over even to go to a theme park. I tell her if she does not get up and get dressed, we are not going, and I mean it, she still tells me to wait. I tell her we are not going since she can not listen. She does not care at all, no crying, nothing. I can’t get a sad emotion out of her no matter if I call her names to scream on the top of my lungs, nothing…Just nothing. She seems like she’s a fast learner. But she doesn’t fear dangerous things like cars. She thinks she always safe nothing can happen to her. She doesn’t listen at all. She’s very lazy and doesn’t pick up her mess. She loves to draw and very, very good at it, but she makes a huge mess and won’t pick it up. She doesn’t seem like she has a mental issue other than her not listening and no emotions almost at all. It hurts. It’s hard, and it sucks. Please help. I am sorry this post is all over the place. I should proofread it, but it’s getting late, and the kids need to get to bed. Anyways my question is what should I do and what could it be?? Is this normal? My son did not do this. I do not yell at her and call her any type of names other than two times as I am trying to see if I can get an emotion out of her. This is breaking my heart.

Yes, you should. Have her seek help ASAP