Should I be concerned I have no pregnancy symptoms?

Ok y’all I’m concerned, my boob heaviness was strong when I first found out I was pregnant two weeks ago and now it’s not there anymore. I have zero symptoms and with my previous two pregnancies boy and girl I was super sick. I am 6 weeks now, should I be concerned?


I had this same thinking when I first found out. I didn’t start having symptoms till almost 7 weeks. Everyone is different. With my first two I knew within 2 weeks I was pregnant. I could feel it. This one is different. Just got to see the heartbeat so I know he/she is fine.

I had no symptoms with any of my pregnancy the whole time, other than my stomach and boots growing, lol.

In my second pregnancy I made it to 20 weeks with no symptoms what so ever! Then they all hit me at once :joy: .

I had very minimal symptoms with my 2nd pregnancy, just occasional issues with certain foods, stopped eating them and then no symptoms at all until my pelvis decided to give me hell towards the end. Lol

If you’re really concerned make an appt with your OB

Every pregnancy is different even if you’ve had similarities in your previous ones. Don’t stress momma let your body do it’s work!


I had no symptoms other than a missed period with both of my pregnancies. If I hadn’t taken a test I would have never known I was pregnant

My symptoms were off and on when in doubt call your dr.

I was sick with 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies. One i wasnt sick at all n had min symptoms. I wouldn’t worry but i also always say if ur git is telling u to get checked than it cant hurt to go get checked

I didn’t really have any symptoms with my last baby he’s 5 months today

RELAX - I had 6 pregnancies every one of them a wee bit different -