Should a baby go to the beach?

How long would you have a 4 month old baby at the beach under an umbrella for?


It just depends. If you feel they’re too hot then take them somewhere cool. I had mine at the lake under shade for about 6-8 hours and he did fine!

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Not too long, esp if its hot, bc why???

Wait until next year.

As long as the baby is comfortable, as long as you’d like to stay.


20 to 30 minutes at a time

I personally wouldn’t. I didn’t take my daughter to the beach until she was one. Babies can get over heated very easily.

I wouldn’t take between 9 and 3

We are beach goers and when using our sun tent we would stay for a few hours. Pick a beach with a good breeze and watch how baby is. We don’t get exceptionally hot here though. But warm enough for a beach day. (Canada)

All day if you want just keep baby out of the sun and cool. Spray bottle with water. Cool cloth wiping her down. I’d take her temp hourly to make sure she doesn’t overheat. 98.9 or under.

I would get a good sun tent as well as a swimming costume for the baby that protects from the sun (long sleeves).

My son had one of these for when we went to the beach it worked wonders keeping him out of the sun… my son is 3 now so he doesn’t have it anymore (got ruined and torned some how)

Put a sun hat on them, apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior over all exposed areas including hair, make sure all the clothing can breathe and that the sun is not in their eyes and I’d say depending on weather 30 minutes then take a break but if your going to be there all day idk I’ve only ever had my baby out in our yard but if you feel hot baby feels hot.

How long would YOU allow your 4 month old to be at the beach under an umbrella? None of us know your baby so none of us can give you advice acceptable enough for you to take. Do what you feel is best for your family, and learn from the experience so that next time you will have a better idea on what works for you and your baby.

Fresh air is so good for them!

It’s really up to your baby. They will let you know when it’s time to go. Some kids can stay all day others not so much. We took ours to do things like that all the time. As long as, they are under an umbrella covered in sun screen and relatively cool you should be good. You can even maybe get a small toddler pool for them to sit in and put under your umbrella, too

I had my 1 month old under an umbrella with one of those spray bottle fan things and we never had him out more than an hour at a time. We were there bc my step daughter got married. We are taking our 18month old twins soon and will probably be no longer than 2hrs tops bc it just gets so hot. But I always bring my spray bottle fan combo bc helps cool us down faster. They’re pretty cheap at Walmart.

As long as baby isn’t overheated.

Well I wouldn’t take a 4mo old baby to the beach