Sex has been painful since I gave birth: Advice?

I had a c section and my vagina feels like it was sown together forget the pain with sex, it even hurt when I was it.

I would definitely say the trauma of the labor plays a part in what you’re going through… but also painful sex is a symptom of endometriosis… I hope you’re able to find answers and relief soon!:crossed_fingers:

If you have insurance I would find a pelvic floor physio therapist. It is amazing how they can help with post partum pelvic pain. It will help prevent issues down the road from vaginal delivery as well. Ie; bladder prolapse etc

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I would recommend trying to find a fascial counterstrain PT or massage therapist.


Pushed the baby back in what??? Thats crazy are u sure? Any living normal human would no u cant do that without serious complications? Is the baby ok?


Omg I’m so sorry you went through this. :cold_sweat:

Please make a complaint! Not only for yourself, but for other mothers


You seriously need to file a lawsuit. That nurse has no business delivering babies. Do it for yourself and for other moms she will be around. There should be no panic at all from a nurse in a delivery room when they see the birthing process play out.


Oh honey! Thats torture. Im so sorry you went through this

I had third degree tearing my first baby and mine healed mostly around 2 and a half months. It was torn through to my butthole and at the top. It hurt to pee, poop, everything. You poor thing! I’m so sorry this happened to you!

But give your body time to heal, you did have bad tearing and it’s gonna hurt for awhile.

I…she pushed the baby back in? “In a panic she pushed the baby back in?”
What did I just read?

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My pregnant emotional ass seriously wants to cry for you… this is not ok, how horrifying. I’m so sorry u had to go thru that. I hope you sue

A woman just won a huge settlement when she sued a hospital for that same thing. Just saying.


I’d 100% go after them, no medical professional should EVER push a baby back in.


Absolutely not normal. Discomfort the first couple of times, yes, but not real pain and bleeding for months after.


While a platform like this is amazing for support, I highly suggest you speak to a medical professional and receive several different opinions. Everyone’s experience is unique and require a personal approach.

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Always always!!! Get as many opinions as possible. And go outside the county for another opinion. Fyi. Find someone who will listen. You know your body. You know something is wrong you listen to it and you make sure the doctor listens too.


This is a medical/clinical question.
You should talk to a professional about this.

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This is not normal, I would go to another doctors office and get a second opinion on the whole situation.


Not normal go to the dr!! Get a second opinion. Discomfort first couple times yes out right pain and bleeding No


First and foremost I would report the nurse for pushing the baby back in. Both your doctor and the hospital needs to know what the nurse did.


Honey you need to go back to the dr!! Something DEFINITELY sounds way off!! Make an appointment as soon as possible…


See… your. Doctor.

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Definitely visit a doctor.


Something is not right go to another Dr.

Wow. A panickey ob nurse. Get them the hell out of there

Not normal see another dr.

get checked by your obgyn could be a reason

That’s not normal at all

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Not normal just fyi uberlube is great

I would talk to your dr hun or go to the hospital

Uber lube! Best on the market and it moisturizes your vagina. I would discuss other options with your doctor but if the issue is the start of sex then I would try the Uber lube. No sticky or uncomfortable feeling before, during, or after

Not normal! Get 3 or 4 opinions if you have to!

Talk to your doctor. I use to bleed after sex after I had my first child. Come to find out I had some raw spots on my cervix like stretch marks. And when hit they would bleed. Please get checked out.

After having my daughter i would bleed everytime after sex. Took almost a year but the docs finally found meds to help with that part! As for the pain i def would talk to your doc again & see!

OMG! That nurse needs to lose her license. What she did was above stupid and she does not need to be near a delivery room. Go talk to an attorney! That’s definitely a legit suit. Also, talk to your gyno about what she did and what you’re experiencing now. Make sure the dr takes efficient notes. That will help you in court if you decide to pursue a case. Good luck and I hope you heal up better.


pushed it back in? sue the shit out of them that could have killed you both. speak to your doctor about the issue and I suggest a little “self love” see what you can handle and what you can’t


Mommy I have had 4 births and the same happened for me with my 1st delivery. In fact I grinned and beared it for the next 3 years till I had my 2nd delivery and it was like the doctor fixed the mess the 1st doctor did as I didn’t have the same discomfort after the healing. My 3rd also needed to be cut because she weighed 4kg and shoulders got stuck but the healing was also fine after that. My 4th delivery I did with a midwife and I didn’t need even a stitch as she helped massage and stretch during the birth. I’m so greatful to her as my recovery was the quickest. What you feeling is definitely not right.

What in the world she pushed the baby back in :eyes: Umm get a lawyer and see what the fuck you can do that is freaking horrible !!! Im sorry u had to go threw that… That shit ia not okay

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I have bleeding/stinging/pain every time
Every. Time.
When I had my first they stitched me up poorly and he’s 8 now. I’ve been too embarrassed to seek help and just deal with it


Sue them. You will win. Happened to my friend. Her daughter, the one who got pushed in by the nurse, now has palsy on one side of the body.


UM WHAT. Go to the doctor (a different doctor!) and also go after that nurse that is insane!!! None of that is normal! Numbing pills or cream are not a solution either!


It took me a 10 months to feel normal again. It hurt so bad
The blood is scary, you don’t seem healed

Sounds like a lawsuit to me. Holy crap.


:confounded: ooooh I can feel the pain… She pushed the baby back in ? That’s absurd ! I would sue.

OMG!!! She pushed the baby’s head back?? I think I just fainted.


I saw a gyno because I had horrible pain up until my son was about 8-9 months they have a numbing cream or pills to help with blocking out the pain. I suggest looking into it

File a lawsuit! OMFG!
Also speak to your gyno about it.


That sounds awful :heart::heart: maybe try pelvic floor therapy? I’ve heard it can help with painful sex, depending on what the problem is. Have you talked to a doctor?

Woah pushed the baby’s head back in? That makes me wanna throw up with how that must have felt for you! I can’t even imagine.

I know it isn’t quite the same, but I have endometriosis and have struggled with dyspareunia a few times in the past and needed osteo and physio plus pain/nerve medication to help relieve the stress. Sometimes traumatic events can make the muscles automatically cramp up.

Your nurse is a bloody idiot. What sort of nurse panics and pushes the baby back in? Mind boggled. Anyway I’d have to say that you should see your doctor or obgyn there’s loads of things they can do to help with the initial pain to make things more comfortable and the bleeding afterwards if it’s bad I’d get that checked out to.

The problem here is because the tears then become scar tissue which doesn’t stretch, ever. I’ve only had one episiotomy with my first and a tiny tear with my second and third. And it took time for it to be pain free. Look into vaginal safe oil to rub or massage the skin to make the scar more supple. And deffo look into a lawyer. This was completely unavoidable.


I had this happen all 3 times this happened to me. Tore inside and out 64 stitches, 48 stitches, and 60 stitches inside and out combined. I have 5 boys and it is still so small my hubby says it’s like a virgin. I’m actually looking into surgery to fix whatever is the cause of it. Don’t know if it’s just too many stitches or my uterus fell and became inverted, no idea. But I suffer the same issues as you do. Never had drugs only local for episiotomy that was pointless since I tore so badly each time. I have to have tons of lube for the entry. And like someone else mentioned the numbing pills. They work wonders, but they don’t help with the bleeding. I thought the bleeding was just from fallen uterus but maybe I should go back and get it checked out

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I am so terribly sorry you experienced that!! What kind of nurse was this human?!! I’d be giving that hospital andd my doctor a peice of my mind

I can’t believe you have had such a very bad time, see a lawyer and as many doctors as you need to make this right, god luck.

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Please see both a different doctor and a lawyer in that order.


Push the babies head back in??? That alone is traumatic just reading that… I’ve never ever heard about that… Babies are meant to come out… Not be pushed back in… how scary… Im so sorry you have gone through that. I would talk to your OB about sex abd the issues you are having.

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Lawyer up girl! She could have hurt your baby doing that causing life long trauma. I had a cesarean so I’m no help in the painful sex department but reading that she pushed your baby back in?!?!?! INSANE.


The pain is normal actually. I had zero stitches with my last and couldn’t have pain less sex. For almost 7 months. Rhe concerning part isnt the sex issue it’s the baby part

You should see a pelvic floor physical therapist . They specialize in pelvic floor disfunction and painful sex.


You need to talk to an obgyn and a lawyer. I can’t believe I just read that the nurse pushed your baby back in. Wth!?!


I had 3rd/4th degree tears all the way to my urethra so I didn’t have as much damage as you BUT I will say sex was painful every time for like a year to a year and a half after birth… and two years later it still hurts sometimes. However, with that being said you definitely shouldn’t be bleeding.

See a new doctor for all the issues because that amount of pain, especially accompanied with bleeding is NOT normal. Also, consult a malpractice lawyer because holy fuck WHO PUSHES A BABY BACK IN?!?!?!

I gasped when I read this. :scream::scream:

I’m so so incredibly sorry you went through this. The extremely painful recovery you endured hurts my heart.

Can you please please report this nurse if you haven’t?!! This should NEVER of happened to you and should not happen to anyone else in the future.
Absolutely terrifying that this nurse did this!!!

Sending you massive hugs :hugs: and I’d also recommend seeing a pelvic floor physio therapist. They are amazing at what they do.

Maybe go see a different OB or a plastic surgeon? That doesn’t sound right, also maybe contact a lawyer!!!

See a different doctor

Oh wow she should not be a nurse at all. My 3 year old was starting to slip put before the dr came in. All the surse said is try not to push try not to push. But was ready to catch him if he kept slipping through. Especially because my then 10 year old was ready to catch him so he wouldn’t fall. I would go after the hospital for that.

What is a “husband stitch”???

My eyes almost fell out my face when I read”she pushed him back in”

My aunt won her lawsuit when her midwife shoved the baby back inside of her. She also tore; 27 stitches needed. Hemorrhaged so badly. My uncle threw the midwife across the room away from my aunty after that. Not sure about painful intercourse, I don’t have the stomach to ask, but you should definitelyyy seek legal counsel!

I would be sueing the shit out of that hospital! That is CRAZY!


The delivery nurse needs to loose her license that is terrible I’m so sorry girl I had 3 degree tear n urethra tear peeing was excruciating I wanted to yelll n would shake in pain I feel for you girl one thing that helped me was making homemade Ice pads use a regular pad put witch hazel and aloe Vera and place in freezer then use when it’s frozen it helped the pain so much ! I hope this pain passes for you soon but what that lady did is just crazy I think you should talk to a lawyer about it it’s just not right !! Plz just talk to lawyer and obgyn about it

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Pushed baby back in??? I’d sue the hell out of them if I were you :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: