School lunch ideas?

Can we see some of y’all’s children’s school lunches? Sometimes I make my child’s the night before depending on what I make her. She does eat everything and nothing goes soggy overnight.


Hummus and crackers then snacks of your choice

My daughter eats fruit salads, Granola bars, carrots and Broccoli, pb crackers (home made), Goober sandwiches, cereal, tuna, and occasionally a lunchable. That’s mainly all she’ll eat for lunch.

Last night’s dinner warmed up and sent in a thermos. Throw in an applesauce and a granola bar and we’re good. If the dinner was a pork chop I’d cut it up but mostly rice or noodles were super easy for her to work with. She liked having a real meal when the other kids were eating lunchables.

But it all fell apart when she started getting the free lunch the school provides for the kids that didn’t have anything to eat. It was cooler than eating what your parent packed.

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For one kid I do chicken strips , buttered noodles, and other similar stuff. He’s in a contained class and has access to a microwave to heat stuff up. He also gets fruit and a snack. My other kid gets charcuterie type lunches haha. Rolled up salami, fruit, veggie sticks, a treat. has some good ideas