Routines to stay on top of housework?

Hey yall, I need advice/ideas… for the SAHM and the working mom who is pregnant. I have 2 kids already and expecting baby 3, what daily routines do you have to stay on top of the housework??? I’m the one who posted the other day about having 0 energy so I’ve been a crappy housewife lately lol but right now I’m SAHM I’ll be going back to work in the next few weeks so I just need ideas on routines for housework lol


I would make a daily checklist of things that needed done everyday and then pick a specific chore that would be done once a week. Like Mondays are bathroom day, Tuesday for laundry (pick a second day if you end up with a lot to help stay on top of it), Wednesday do window cleaning / surface wipedown/ dusting or however you want to do it. That way you arent over worked by trying to do everything in one day.
But that’s the other way you could do it. Make a list of everything that would need done in the house and pick a day to get it all done once a week. Aside from maybe dishes, which I try to do everyday but everyone is different. Good luck, mama, and congrats!

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Do it when kids are in bed and while there eating dinner etc i also get ilder ones to help with chores x

wash, dry and put away one load of laundry every day. then you’re never behind on laundry and overwhelmed.

I detail clean the kitchen/ fridge the day before payday and I clean the bathrooms the day before trash day. Laundry on Saturdays & Wednesdays. I sweep, wipe down counters and keep the dishwasher going everyday. I take 30-45 minutes everyday to do something. Once a week I vacuum and mop the entire house.

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For dinner…a crockpot is a lifesaver! Check out pinterest for recipes! Also…their are great articles for SAHM. I learned alot how to manage my time. :blush:

Don’t go back to work. Strip down to bare basics. Downsize for a few short years maybe. Find other smaller side jobs maybe for a bit of extra cash. Maybe even take care of a couple kiddos during the week for working mom(s). You will learn to adjust.

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Dont take it all on by yourself. Give your kids some responsibilities around the home… Your husband is grown and capable of some home chores… Do what your able and learn to be ok with it if its not all done.

Yes you need to keep up on house work!!! Omg if I get super sick my house falls apart. My kids have certain chores that need to be done everyday. My oldest does her own laundry. It gets easier and cleaner when they get older!!! Also minimize toys and stuffed animals itll help alot!

I wake up drink a cup coffee n pick up living room b4 baby wakes up then I feed her n myself then do dishes and kitchen after that I let her play get ready then we go do our hour class n shopping for the day. Come home we both take nap cuz I’m pregnant again we wake up eat lunch any errands otherwise we do then n after that cook dinner for dad after that baths n set up everything for next day. N I sell Avon on the side. That’s about it