RH negative and pregnant

I’m Rh negative and pregnant. I’m spotting a little just wanted to know if that’s normal


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Call l&d chances are youll need an early Rhogam shot

Yes it is. I’m also RH-. A lot of blood is one thing… spotting is another. Is this your first or second child?

Call on call. I started spotting at 10ish weeks and they gave me rh shot. To be on safe side then I got another at 28 weeks (which is normal) then I’ll have one after delivery

I’m the same and any amount of bleeding at all you’ll need an early rhogam shot so I’d call your dr asap.

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I’m Rh neg. Had spotting, was told by doctors there’s no relevance to that, unless you’ve fallen and bumped yourself etc.


I’m RH- and they told me if I show any blood I need the shot


Call your DOCTOR… Don’t ask for medical advice from Facebook.


Yes call your local
Hospital ASAP x

I had the Rhogam shot, but contact your dr., they’ll direct you in the healthiest direction.

I spotted at 11 weeks. Baby is now 8 months old.
I did call and get checked out just to be sure.
When is doubt. Get checked out!

Definately call or go in. Former OB nurse here.


U need a rogram shot

Its normal but always call your ob. You may need a rhogam shot

Any bleeding during pregnancy you need to call your OB


No not normal, you may need progesterone. Also, A Rhogam shot will only protect you in your next pregnancy so they say. But if your baby is a positive factor your body may be trying to reject it. Worth a shot (literally) to get one.

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Make sure to let your doctor know. You should get Rhogam to be safe. Also ask them to check the fathers blood type. I had numerous rhogam shots with pregnancies until they realized my husband was the same blood type as me so it wasn’t needed.

Oh my hell naw sorry Moms Question I’m RH negative person has problem with having a kid i had 1 marrcarriage last year then one in January and now a third one naw frfr I need to know I’m trying to convince

I’d call the doc and get in asap. I needed the shot with a unterine tear with my second pregnancy. Also, it was such a must have that i had to find the rhogam myself at a pharmacy and bring it in for the shot myself.

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I spotted a little and needed to get the shot.

No it’s not normal you need to go to the hospital or call your doctor to get a Rogam shot ASAP


Call your dr should be the only answer to this question.


You need to call your dr. ASAP how far along are you? They will probably give you the rhogam shot.

I am rh negative I had a little bit of spotting in the begining of my second pregnancy but not much. Did you already have your shot? Also it could be nothing you can spot even if you are not rh negative.

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Spotting depending on the colour of the blood can be normal, darker red/ brown is typically older blood and is usually just the lining of your uterus shedding. I would go to doctor if its bright red as that is typically newer blood and could be a sign of misscarriage

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Anytime you have ANY bleeding during pregnancy, while RH negative, you need a rhogam shot. Make sure you notify your doctor ASAP so you can get in for that!


i always needed a rhogam shot

If you haven’t gotten shot for RH factor you need to asap, I am RH negative, had to have shot during and after, spotting is normal, long as it doesn’t become a flow and no pain, if that should happen call your OBGYN immediately for advice or go to ER, good luck :pray:

I’m RH- I’ve had 3 children with no issues. No miscarriages. I did receive two Rhogam shots during my pregnancy and before deliver each time.
Now has a mother I always tell everyone if you feel off, if you feel uneasy about anything I always suggest contacting your doctor. Never leave a maybe in your mind. They are there to assess and help. Don’t sleep with doubt, it’s always better safe than sorry.


How far along are you? I too am rh negative. Experienced a little spotting discovered my lining was thin best to just call your ob. First rhogam shit isn’t given till about 28 weeks. Just breathe, think positive, and call the doc asap. Emergency room will just through words around that’ll scare you so best to go to ob unless you are bleeding bright or super dark

As long as it doesn’t get heavy it should be okay but I would call you OB just in case!

Spotting is normal especially after intercourse. Best to call your OB. But when I had spotting, I didn’t need an extra injection.

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No its not normal.Some women have it some dont.You should get checked


I’ve had 4 pregnancies and I am RH negative. Bled twice with two pregnancies. One went to term and one was an early miscarriage. I had other pregnancies with no bleeding. Everyone is different and every pregnancy different. Has little to nothing to do with RH- but the person you should consult is your OB with any questions

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Depends on the color and the amount…I am also rh negative and I was spotting for the first 5 months of my pregnancy with my now 4 year old. If it’s bright red that’s typically a red flag and should be checked out. If it is pink or brown that is usually just old blood being released. Also if there is any pain associated with it definitely better safe than sorry

I’m RH- and had brown spotting at the beginning of my second pregnancy. If it’s bright red, then it’s new and you need to go be seen.

I was told each pregnancy if I had any spotting or bleeding to call and be seen and get the rhogam shot.

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I’ve always had to have a rhogam shot or I miscarried. See a doctor asap if you haven’t had one.

Both of my pregnancies I had subchorionic hemorrhages that resolved on their own with taking it easy. I am rh negative

I would go to the hospital and tell them your bleeding and RH negative

Call your physician asap :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’m RH negative and that’s what they told me.

I’m RH-, I have had 4 miscarriages, but no one can say that’s what caused them, I have 4 children, received 1 Rhogam shot during each pregnancy and 1 Rhogam shot after delivery each time… if you’re spotting you should call your doctor… it could be normal or it could not

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For the negative u should be getting a shot I usually bled went to the hospital and they gave me a shot

How far along and have you had rhogam?

Best to call you Dr for opinion

If you havent had a rhogam shot with this pregnancy yet go in and let them know you are spotting. They will do an ultrasound and give you the rogham shot just to be safe. At least thats what has happened with all of mine.

How far along are you? My dr didn’t give rhogam shot until 26 weeks with both pregnancy. I had some spotting in the beginning but dr was never concerned. Just told me if it became heavy to come in.

I’m Rh negative and didn’t have a problem, however I received a shot after each delivery because my kids weren’t Rh negative.

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How far along are you?

Yes but you need a rhogam shot

I spotted and rh- if you’re scared of the spotting specially after intercourse definitely get a ultrasound done, depending on how far along you are , you need the shot.

I am RH negative. Miscarriage, 1 full term baby, and another miscarriage. I had Rhogam with my daughter in the middle of my pregnancy and then again after giving birth. Also had to have it with my 2nd miscarriage(apparently should have had it with my 1st but never received it). If you have spotting, call your on-call and see if they want you to been seen at the hospital. Better to be safe and always follow your instincts.

First thing have you gone in to see your Dr so that the or she can give you the shot so that your body accepts your baby’s chemistry makeup?

I’ve had to have rhogam shot early with 2 of my pregnancies due to spotting. I was 9 weeks with first baby and 6/7 weeks with third baby. I still received them at 26ish weeks and after delivery with all 3 of them.

I am rh negative. Call Dr discuss the rh negative etc. Go get checked. I wasn’t given rhogam until much later in the pregnancy and then after the birth. You will need to get one after any miscarriages also. I never spotted. I had 1 baby then a miscarriage then another baby. Miscarriages are very common side note 1 in 4 pregnancies so don’t think it’s only bc of that if that ever does happen there’s tons of reasons why. But yes get checked and go in.

You need a shot during pregmancy and after birth. Call your doctor

Some spotting can be normal but its best to check with your Dr. I spotted some with my 2nd pregnancy and I’m rh negative. You’ll have to get the rhogam shot but around me they wait until at least mid pregnancy. Talk to your Dr about it

I was RH negative and had a healthy baby. She is now 24 years old. I had the rhogam shot and her and my next baby were perfect. Call your doctor asap if you have concerns!

I spotted with both of mine and everything was fine :heart:

I did with all three of my pregnancies but I wouldn’t call it normal or say it has to do with the rh factor. You need to let your doctor know so you can get checked as well as your rhogam shot if you haven’t gotten one already

Being Rh negative or positive has nothing to do with spotting. Call your OB immediately or go to the hospital

Got to get checked out you’ll need a shot every time you spot

Rh negative here spotted with both my pregnancy very early on and due to spotting early they give you the shot early call your doctor and let them know and they should give you the shot

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You’ll have to get the Rhogam shot or you could miscarry if the babies blood type is different from yours. I would go get checked to be on the safe side

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I never heard this before, One has nothing to do with the other, The only risk factor is the baby having a positive blood type, the mother would need RhoGAM after giving birth to protect her other future babies & herself

U need to get ant D injection Rh negative any kind of bleeding to get check out

And it has to be made up with your bloods

Spotting can lead to Isoimmunization. Please go see a doctor

Soon as you start bleeding you need the shot, so id go now. If you cant, maybe look at going to emerg? My friend did that before

Every time you spot you need the shot. I spotted 6 weeks into my pregnancy, I went to the ER and they said my placenta had torn and if I hadn’t gotten the shot I would have lost my son.

I’m Rh-…but so is my husband. I didn’t need Anti-D. Any spotting should be checked out but it’s often a sign of stress rather than an actual worry. If you know your partner is Rh+ then do mention your status as it could be a factor x

Call your doctor. rH factor has nothing to do with spotting. Just that you will need medication between this baby and the next so there isn’t a reaction with blood types if the baby’s father is rH positive. Spotting can be a problem. Better safe than sorry.

I would go to the doctor I spotted at 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks my body was trying to reject the baby. Thankfully I was able to keep him but he was still born 10 weeks early. I am RH negative because of my spotting they started my rhogam shot at 6 weeks.

I had to have the shot because I’m Rh negative and her father is Rh positive. Turned out she is Rh negative like me and his positive antibodies could have caused her to be stillborn or could have caused a miscarriage. I’m glad I read about it.

I’m RH negative to an I spotted with my last daughter when I was 14 weeks. I ended up going to the ER and they did an ultrasound and it was just some blood on the placenta they did scans every week for a couple weeks and did blood work to make sure baby was ok. But with my other kids I never spotted. I have 6 kids

Spotting is normal during any pregnancy, it just depends on color and how much

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How far along are you? A little spotting is ok but not an extreme amount. Rhogam shot usually is given around 28 weeks. I’d call your OB or the L&D floor at your hospital and see what they suggest. It may just be nothing. I’m also Rh-neg and did spot a little but I was also diagnosed with placenta previa so I needed to watch for extreme amounts of spotting. Now am fine at 37 weeks but also have had the Rhogam shot.

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I’m rh negative and had 4 episodes of spotting and bleeding throughout my pregnancy
My advice is ring maternity triage up ASAP or the early pregnancy unit
Better to be safe than anything x

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The normal thing would be to call your Ob and ask a real dr this not facebook.


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Contact your doctor immediately. You will probably need a rhogam shot

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U should be under control if doctors its bad when mother is rh negative

Did you get the shot yet? I would call your doctor immediately

spotting is normal in the first couple months but if there’s cramping maybe talk to your OBGYN.


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Look, I don’t mind giving words of encouragement or advice to other moms…HOWEVER, some of you really need to stop going to social media for medical advice. :woman_shrugging:t4: That’s what your OB is for. They can answer all of your questions. Going to social media is just going to confuse you more.


Is the father a positive blood type? My mum is negative and I am positive. Her body tried to kill me. Because that’s what it does. She was pregnant before me… lost the baby at 6 months… chance are he was a positive baby too. You need to go and get the Rh shot until you give birth, think they give you one after too. Doesn’t change your blood type but just makes it so you can gestate and birth your baby without your body trying to off it.

I had spotting throughout beginning of my last pregnancy and then it turned heavy. Turns out I was 27 weeks and my water broke. RH negative just means you need RhoGham at 20ish weeks so that way if baby has positive blood the body won’t attack baby

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I’d go in and get the rhogam shot if you haven’t already, same thing for me and I lost a baby due to not having it.

I’m rh negative and spotted my entire pregnancy

I had to get the rho gam shot at 12 weeks because my body was trying to reject the baby early. I was spotting at first then a Lil more, then while having sex I started gushing blood. Had to go to the ER and was passing clots big as the palm of your hand. Was admitted and given fluids and I begged for the rho gam and Dr finally agreed. I don’t think you’re supposed to get it til 16 weeks though.

Get the shot as soon as possible.for the babies health and yours. I didn’t have any issues with it once i had the shot. Should have had it was sooner.

You need the shot. Its for your babies wellbeing . If you dont have a 100% certainty the father is also negative you need to go get the shot asap. I was given the shot each time I bled to ensure the safety of my babies. It’s never a good idea to not seek immediate advice from medical professional the minute you arnt certain that your baby is 100% safe. I dont know the rules where you are but I was given the shot every bleed for all 8 of my pregnancies .

I’m Rh negative & had 3 healthy boys. But I had the RhoGAM shot with every kid. I had spotting too with every pregnancy… Just talk to your doctor & everything should be fine.


I bled kinda significantly in the beginning. rh negative. Got my first rhogam at 6 weeks pregnant because I went to er. My son was born b+. I got one shot 6 weeks. One end of second tri and one after he was born I believe.

First time pregnant shouldn’t be an issue. Call your gyn tho