Quick weight loss ideas?

What are some ways I can fit into a bridesmaids dress before october? it zips but its so tight that I can barely move and feel like it will unzip when i sit down or even move…i maybe need to drop 15lbs…quick weight loss ideas?


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No fast food
No soda
No white anything
You get the idea.
And full water bottle when you are hungry. Before you eat.
Good luck

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Fast for 3 weeks liquid diet no sugar

Drink a gallon of water a day and warm water with lemon juice first thing on an empty stomach everyday


Limit everything you eat

It’s depends on where it’s tight. If it’s like your stomach then sure but if it’s around your breasts/rib cage then you need to see if the seam allowance is enough to let it out. If not then you need to order another dress ASAP! Did you order this dress thinking I’ll just lose some weight or did it fit and now it’s doesn’t?

You can drink coffee but don’t drink juice. Coconut water and broth and lots of water for 3 weeks. No food. Fasting is healthy if you do it for up to 30-40 days at a time.

cut gluten out. I’m allergic to gluten and when I stopped eating it I dropped weight FAST. It was bad ( for me. I’m underweight to begin with)

Omg why not get a bigger size?? I hate seeing these posts u dont need to fit the dress the dress needs to fit you


Get a colon cleanse. Possibly 5 lbs or more right there.

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Only drink water. I am not kidding. I cut out literally everything (drink related) except water (okay, I did replace energy drinks with coffee that had no sugar and a sweetened creamer only mixed in once a day, and no more than like a tablespoon of creamer) and changed nothing else about my lifestyle and went down from a 14 to an 8 in a year. And I was a person that had been a 12+ since I was 14 years old until I did that. Ended up the smallest I have ever been. Lost my motivation after getting pregnant with my third, but it lasted a while at least lol.


Lots and lots of water

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Just do keto and add a 30 min walk to your day. You’ll fit into that dress by the end of august.


1C GFJ, 3TBLSPN ACV, 1TSPN, MIX, AND DRINK IN THE MORNING BEFORE BREAKFAST AND AT NIGHT BEFORE BED! I lost 25 lbs in 4 weeks before my wedding after I had my dress fitted. It was huge on me. My mom was sooo mad… :joy::joy::joy: it works though​:blush: good luck​:grin::sparkles:

Cut out breads and drink lots of water and walk!


Go to a gym, work out on the weight machines, muscle burns fat faster, and it shapes your body.

Just eat salads with protein and no dressings until wedding, you will loose weight and also no sugar except piece of fruit.

I used to do the 3 day military diet (google it) its probably not healthy but it worked great for me honestly you lose between 5-10 lbs every time you do it.

Herbal life I just done another 21 day challenge and lost 7kgs in 21 days.

Lady shakes rapid weight loss.
Follow that along with a 40min walk each day.

Chicken cucumber tomato spinach or smoked salmon cucumber tomato spinach will strip you quick

No starchy carbs like pasta, bakery goods, corn, potatoes, no sugar or soda. Eat lots of veggies and healthy meat. Get a food trackibg app like carb manager. Consider keto do research to get a good understanding of keto from Dr Eric Berg and Dr Sten Ekberg videos on youtube. Good luck.

DONT cut food out like carbs and don’t do a fad diet for gods sake… There aren’t no magic pills.
Calorie defecit, plenty of movement and steps every day and lift heavy weights!!! Youl change very quickly. I know this, I’m going for bodybuilding in 2024.


Infinitely hula hoop. Cardio work outs and calorie deficit diet. Don’t cut food out. Drink plenty of water. Don’t try fad diets. Your body still needs food to survive on

Keeps an actual count of your calories. You need to burn more than you eat to lose weight.

If it isn’t altered yet you should see if you can just get one ordered in the next size up. I don’t know where you went or how long it has been since the dress was purchased but if the bride went with the big box chain for dresses they can sometimes get sizing exchanges done for people. It never hurts to ask.


Maybe get a bigger size?


Drink a ton of water and intermittent fasting. Jump start with a 24 hour fast. Nothing healthy about that but it works!

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Get rid of the Zip…
Easy …
Go shoe lace style

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I sell pruvit ketones I lost 20 pounds in about 4 weeks;) it has been a life changer with so many other benefits you drink 2 a day they are yummy and these are NOT DIET DEPENDENT would love to help you

I always loose weight fast when I skip dinner… kind of like ‘intermittent fasting’

Intermittent Fasting

Don’t buy any chips, cookies, pop or junk food in your groceries. Stop eating when you’re full. Go for walks. And drink lots of water.


Water.and plenty of it.one meal a day.just a few months.

The only way I’ve managed to love inches is to walk twice a day and stop drinking all sodas including diet. You should be able to lose 30# by October.


I changed my diet to include protein, fat and fiber in every meal. Along with 3 to 4 workouts a week and lost 35 in 4 months.

Ok. October is still a month and a half away so six weeksish. If you aim to lose weight at two pounds a week it’s easily doable without crash dieting. If it’s doing up you might find that even losing six or seven pounds will make a difference. Use a food diary app and try not to eat more than 1200 calories a day. Don’t eat less than 800 as otherwise you might not actually lose any weight! Limit carbs and try to get your calories from fruit and veg. Eat no more than 100g of protein from meat or cheese a day. Don’t worry if you get all your calories from a burger and a milkshake one day! Try to go out in the evening for a walk rather than watching TV. You should feel your heart pumping so don’t stroll. Don’t jog because that will push you into cardio rather than fat burn. Muscle is smaller than fat so you might lose inches rather than weight. Good luck!

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15 pounds by October isn’t rapid weight loss. It’s normal. Reduce your calorie intake and increase your energy output. Start eating small portions of whole foods. Avoid processed and junk food. Avoid empty calories.

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Oh dear, spill something on it and claim insurance…get one that fits you…You’ll be miserable by the time the wedding comes around if you worry about losing weight


Don’t eat anything white or white-ish (ex: chips, potato, rice, gravy, noodles, oatmeal, cereal, etc.) or drink any soda at all. I did this and dropped 60 lbs in 4 months. Basically anything high carb. Drop it.

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Results are made mostly in the kitchen and working out will tone muscles.
Calorie counting will help lose weight but it can also cause malnutrition if it’s not done properly.
Start by cutting back on carbs and eating lots of whole foods. Pay attention to the nutrition facts that’s in all processed food and make good choices :slightly_smiling_face:

1-2 pounds a week is healthy for weight loss

I’m working on a similar goal and doing workouts from home. Feel free to message me if your up for an accountability partner

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Apple cider vinegar with mother and lots of water.

You’ll never loose 15 lbs by October,you should of bought a dress your size.

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Counting calories and lots of water, get an app either my fitness app or even a fit bit and and start counting the calories

Keto! My friend loses 5 lbs or more every 2 weeks

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Maybe get it taken out some.

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Cut out sugar, drink water,
Calories counting can be very effective, walking for 30 mins 2 times a day.

Also no eating after like 7 pm.

KETO :muscle: No sugar, intermittent fasting


Cut out as much processed food as you can. Shop the outside of the grocery store, lean meats, lots of veggies and water. Watch those empty calories in drinks. Up your protein. I lost over 11 lbs in one month, my first month, using my herbalife shakes and balancing my meals, (not typical, but possible).

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Just eat clean. Lots of veggies and lean proteins. Have carbs and fruits, but only in the morning so you have energy to burn throughout the day. Go for a walk daily for 30 minutes too. Preferably early in the morning before you’ve eaten. 15 pounds by October is doable and you dont have to go to extremes, but you have to be consistent.

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Check out grow with jo on YouTube. Her workouts are great! Healthy eating! Lots of water. U got this! :muscle:

There are no safe and long term quick fixes or miracle pills

Be ready to gain it back if you stop

Avoid sugars , sweets, coke … eat more salads, veggies, just make better eating choices . You must do cardio - go for a 30 minute walk then start cardio if you add a little weight lifting like 8-10 pounds at least 3 -4 times a week . You can also fast .

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Military 3 day diet. I have used it. Super easy Google it and the menu is online for the 3 days.

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Depends on your body type sadly, some ppl it food, some is cardio

If your allowed by the bride Bring it to a Seamstress and change the backing to lace up corset vs zipper that way it won’t matter few extra pounds or less

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Get on the shakes healthy mummy and herbalife are great for a quick weightloss but not to maintain it

Calorías counting works
Tedious, but scale doesn’t lié.
Used Noom Weight…
Not Free, but Worked for Me to Lose 10 stubborn pounds.

Andrea Monique Byrd when your titties were about to pop right out of your bridesmaid dress :joy:

get the book The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno and follow that diet–it is longer than 17 days but goes on 17 day cycles, I followed this diet and lost 50 lbs --lost 10 in the first 17 days, it really works and is healthy, I was also never left feeling hungry. I also walked a mile or more each day with the Leslie Sansone Walk At Home DVD’s.

Corset, ice baths, running

Not sure about your eating habits, but most often we don’t actually eat what is considered a serving size.

Make sure to eat something in the morning. It kick starts your metabolism for the day. Nothing big or heavy.

I also used to have a small plate. I think it was 8 in. It sort of tricked my mind into thinking I had more food than I actually had.

When dining out, get a kid’s meal or Sr. Citizen. The portions are smaller and it’s often cheaper.

If you have a family doctor, and no health issues, as for a script of Phentermine. It is a diet pill that you take once a day.

Don’t eat after 6pm. If you do happen to get hungry (I used to stay up till 11-12 studying after putting my son to bed, and I would get hungry again. I would eat a bowl of special k cereal with 2% milk. Oh and I did measure out 1 cup serving. Other than these little things, and it made a big difference.

Good Luck!

Quick weight loss doesn’t tend to be sustainable. If you want to lose and continue losing, just remember, burn more than you consume. Higher amounts of weight loss will happen if you have a bigger deficit, but that’s not always the best approach.

Most people go for a 500 calorie deficit, and this will give 1 lb per week weight loss. You don’t have to drop any foods that you like, unless you want to for whatever reason. You basically just eat what you always have but in smaller portions. That’s the most sustainable way anyway. If you have lots of weight to lose you could go for a 1000 calorie deficit (or 2 lbs a week), but for most people this is just too little to eat and make them hangry.

You don’t have to stick to certain time frames for eating either, whatever works with your schedule, you do. You can do 3 meals for all of your calories or you can do 1 meal (OMAD), they’ll have the same results if the calories are the same. So figure out what works with your schedule and reduce calories, but to a sustainable amount, don’t give yourself 1000 calories or something low like that per day, because while you may be able to do it for a few days it’ll lead to a binge/restrict cycle, and can undo your progress anyway.

Weigh most of your foods to get the accurate counts, and if it makes it easier for you, use an app like MyFitnessPal or Lose It or even Fitbit to track your intake.

If you start now you’d lose 8 lbs at least by the beginning of October.

You can add exercise if you’d like, and it would increase the amount you burn per day so that you can either eat more or create a larger deficit, up to you. You don’t have to exercise either.

Good luck!

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Ok this is what you do. You take the dress and fold at the seams. Make sure to make no creases. You can even roll it. Gently place it in a garment bag. Leave it in the bag. Drive to a store and get a dress that fits because clothes are made to fit you not us made to fit in clothes. Get a bigger size. Don’t change yourself for a dress.


Cut out anything processed, fried, or carbonated. Stick to whole foods, water is your friend. Walking is also your friend

Intermittent fasting


This is why dresses are fitted to you. Did you purchase something smaller than your size? That’s on you. Get the dress taken out or go get a bigger one.

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Don’t eat anything White.

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Stop fizzy drinks and cut on sugar completely! Eat fruits, quinoa and oats instead of breads and cheese. I lost 14 pounds this way.

Walk every day. Like 3-5 miles. Do grow with jo home workouts if you need to instead of going outside.
That’ll help you slim and tone and help you get into the dress a bit better.

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Zumba and lots of it

Cut out sugar! Very low carb.


Juice fast. Go get a juicer and only consume what you can juice, and water.

Carnivore diet, meat cheese eggs ONLY

Plenty of water & walking I lost 11 pounds

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The only answer is eating clean, unprocessed foods and exercise. But people who look for quick fixes are, usually, unwilling to put in the work required. You could easily drop 20lbs in two months with a little bit of dedication to a lifestyle change. Good luck.


Low carb like under 30 a day and tons of water and move YouTube workouts

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Low carb diet and cut out sugar.


Calorie deficit. Just upkeep water stay in a calorie deficit and you’ll be good


Low carb (no bread). Lots of water!! Walk.

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Low sugar Smoothie diet

Low carb /keep. Walk every day even if it’s just a mile. Cut out pop. Water water water

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Intermittent fasting I did it to where I could eat 8 hours of the day but wouldn’t eat the other 16 hours. Lots of ice water. It’s been the only way Ive been able to lose weight without exercising hard.


Can you take the dress back and size up?

Cut out sugar try to look at drinking only water , look at the sugar and calories in what you drink .

Add ground cinnamon to everthing you can. I lost 180 pounds in a year.


Honestly if you want to lose 15lbs quickly stop all sugar intake and soda. Lay off some carbs


Lots of water, no snacking late at night! Cut out breads and sugar.

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Gluten free clean eating. Down load the under armour app to track. You basically eat fruit veggies and meat nothing processed.

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Cut back portions. Cook fresh. Snack on cucumbers and ranch etc.

For cutting portions I suggest a smaller plate. Makes it easier. Don’t drink your calories. No alcohol.

Intermittent Fasting!

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Water. Drop all other drinks and just drink water until October and you should be fine. No diet needed.


Even if all you can make today, walk down 3 houses and back, Check if your parks and rec has an indoor track to walk. Ours charges $10.00 nto sign up and no chaege to use the track. Every bit of movement helps.

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Lots of water 2-3 litres. Don’t over eat. Walking/running 5days a week. However at the end of the day it does depend on your body type.

Water water water cut carbs and walk

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