Questions for mamas who work full time

This is for the moms who have to work full time if not more:
just curious how all you working moms including single moms dealt/deal with trying to handle the EVERYDAY go go goos and stress!! As it never stops. And also handling the ONE THING AFTER ANOTHERS? Dude. Literally lately I feel as though “the sky is falling” right on top of my head. Literally one thing after another. I need a good laugh or something to distract from the constant go go go for a moment. Its only going to keep going. I mean the world still turns but what drastic measures have the working moms on here taken to get a little peace and quiet and time to yourself?? I feel eventually something has to give and go right lol. Just curious. I swear anything that can go wrong has possibly gone wrong. No matter what the circumstances.


Therapy and put your kid(s) to bed an hour prior to their bedtime so that you can take a bath, read, watch your show, call someone or whatever before bed. Also wine. One glass per day.

Take few minutes to yourself before daycare pick up to just breath and relax pack there stuff the night before so u have a few minutes in the morning to yourself

I’m a single parent and I work 35 hours a week I have learned that asking for help (even though I hate doing so) even if it is just to take a long shower or run to the store my mom had helped alot and her dad takes her overnight twice a week so I can sleep I understand not everyone has help like this but have a friend that you trust come over for a bit while you do stuff you need or see if they can visit grandma and grandpa one weekend so you can sleep. you got this it’s definitely challenging and stressful but just remember that your doing the best you can and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

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A good schedule is important. Pick a bedtime for the kids that you can stick to. For me, 8-9 elementary school kids should be in bed. This gives you time to get ready for the next day. Be it get stuff done or relax on the days you can before you pass out. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help or take help offered. Family and friends should always be willing to help those in our circle. Don’t be too hard on yourself. One person can only handle so much. Learn what your limits are and don’t be afraid to say no sometimes.

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I’m a grandma taking care of grandchildren ages 5 3 and 1 every day with a full time job
Just remember to take deep breaths and definitely get that extra hour after their bedtime for yourself it will make a difference

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So I get this vm from my hubby saying " uhm. babe don’t panic but I cant get to our house because of a fire truck and fire rescue is sitting there. Love you please call me back." (Got the vm 45 minutes after he left it because I am trying to work at this time) So I am assuming the worst right. I immediately call him back in panic asking if he’s ok if his dad is ok only for him to say “oh the neighbor fell asleep and started a small kitchen fire everything’s fine here no need to be upset it’s not our house.” He also said the home owners association somehow got involved? But yeah. Life at its finest lol. I think some wine may be in my cards tonight. And the kiddo… grandmas house he goes. (my mom his mother in laws) … MEN I swear sometimes lol… you would think he could call me back asap knowing our house was ok. He was inside watching t.v. because he got off early. :woman_facepalming: I’m like… is this happening. Pinched myself. Yep. It is. :ok_hand:

I never have time alone or a break. It’s crazy but I love my girl and wouldn’t change it.