Question for parents who have kids with an age gap

My girls are 17 & 8. I was worried the whole time I was pregnant they would hate each other due to the difference but they don’t. They are super close, pick on each other, stand up for each other & oh my Lordy!…Let someone mess with either one.

My mom had 4 children close in age by 27 with her first husband, then had twins at 37, and finally me at 47! :joy: My oldest siblings were already married with kids when I was born. They felt more like the cool aunts and uncles. My siblings that are 10 years older than me are my favorite people. They were still annoying like all siblings can be to each other, but they are my favorite people…and still are today. They are loving, supportive, and really like second parents to me.

I’m 35, my husband is 33, he had 2 when we got together 7 years ago. The oldest two, are now 12 and 10, 20 months apart. We have a 19 month old.daughter and will have another baby in a month. The oldest age 12 and our daughter are best friends get along great, the younger age 10 had been an adventure, during the first pregnancy the boundaries were tested and attitudes and behaviors became overwhelming at times baby was Born he calmed down. When pregnancy happened again behaviors were worse than befor at times. He is a very outgoing rambunctious child lots of energy so he hasn’t had the easiest time with calming to interact with younger siblings. Well worth it but definitely an adventure.

I had my first son when I was 31 and my second son 2 days before my 41st birthday. He will be 2 on 11/24 and I’ll be 43 on 11/26. Yep never thought I would be in my 40s with a toddler but here I am. The 9 year gap has good and bad things. Pros: my oldest is at school doing his thing which gives me time with his little brother. Cons: your 11 year old will feel pushed aside for alittle while because the baby will need you so much.

I have a lot less patience with my 2nd and him being a wild man doesn’t help.

Oh and I had no complications with either of my pregnancies. I was only considered high risk because of my age not my health

I have 7 kids (20,18,11,7,4,3 and 20mo) I am now 39 :woman_shrugging:

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Had my first at 32, second at 35, no problem other than the usual sleepless nights. My mom had me (first baby) at 45. I was premature because she had a giant undiagnosed uterine tumor (1950s, so no constant monitoring like today) so I was extra work after I got out of the NICU, but she and my dad managed.

My friend had kids 10 years apart with 2 different dads. The boys are really close and my kids and the brother were delighted with the new baby and loved spending time together. It helps to have friends and family to lavish attention on both kids so the older one isn’t resentful, and to prepare the older one. I had presents on hand for my firstborn when people got presents for my newborn so he wouldn’t be jealous.

I was 33 with an 11yr old when I had my twins. It was definitely harder being older but my first born really helped with the twins a lot. They are 7 now and my oldest is 18. It’s like I’m doing everything all over again and I’m TIRED. I wouldn’t recommend that big of an age gap but that’s just me. I feel like I’m too old for this shit now that I’m 40 with two 2nd graders.

Me & my younger sister are 14 years apart an also me an my youngest brother are 18 years apart me & my sister are closer than me & my youngest brother are. My mom has my youngest brother in her late 30s and her pregnancy was fine she did end up with preeclampsia but every women & every pregnancy is different

She waited 11yrs to be a big sister…and got TWINS.

Im not a mom of a big age gap. But i am a child of 1. Im the oldest of 5 on my dad’s side. My sister and I (same mom) are 10 years apart. She’s the 2nd oldest. We’ve always been super close. Then my oldest brother also 10 years apart (papa was a rolling stone​:joy::joy::joy:) he stays to himself. My middle brother we are 11years apart. We are close but not as close as me and my sister. My youngest brother due to circumstances we can’t control. I only met him once. I still love him all the same. I can’t tell you about the pregnancy aspect, but i can tell you the age gap made things interesting and funny. Imagine two 6 year olds and a 5 year old chasing around my high school bf the first time i brought him home​:rofl::rofl::rofl: They are even worse now that they are teenagers. Extremely protective of their big sister. And im just as protective of them​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m lucky enough that as an adult I still get to be a little kid when Im around my siblings. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I have an 8 year old a 6 year old and s 5 week old baby, the older ones love helping with the baby and it’s been a hard adjustment to them but it seems to be going well, it was really hard on my body though not being pregnant for so many years but I’m recovering now… If you want another one then do it!!!

There are 13 years difference in my boys and they are very close. I was 32 when my second was born and I had a lot more patience and understood quality time a lot better

I gave birth to my youngest on my 29th birthday. There are exactly 10 years, 5 months between my children. I also had my oldest in the room when I delivered her sister❤️ I wouldn’t change it for the world! Yeah, they have their moments… but the bond between them is incredible.

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I had my daughter at 23 and my son at 42.

I have 4 kids.
2 from my first marriage 19 and 16
2 from a second relationship 7 and 4
I really did start over again.
My second pregnancies in my 30s (I was 35 and 38) were significantly harder physically.
I find that I’m not as patient as I was in my 20s but I’m also more easy going.
My biggest rule is that I don’t put the responsibility of child minding on my older kids. They are siblings, not babysitters.
That being said, my older ones are very helpful.

I have a big age gap and the bigger kids take the little ones often boys often do gaming night sleep overs. Girl 29 boy 28 boy 15 girl 12

I’ve got a 20yo, 14yo and 4yo. of course their were it’s set of things that got tricky, like how they all have very different worlds and have different needs for their schedules, but honestly it made a few things easier. they weren’t jealous,like kids at a younger age can be, my oldest helped with food once awhile and they all loved to helped with my youngest here and there.

If you are otherwise fit and healthy, there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t. I was 32 when I had my 2nd (and last) baby. I was overweight with a disability. I coped ok, I even went back to work part time. Good luck and don’t worry about the age gap, there is 6 years between my children xx

My niece and nephew are 10 years apart

I have 4 kids 4,14,16,17. I am 34 and can’t have anymore kids and even if I could, I wouldn’t. I hate the age gap honestly. My older 2 like their own space at times and my 4 year old is an attention hound so that can cause issues. My 14 year old doesn’t like my 4 year old they don’t get along at all. We can’t all do the same things together and my 4 year old is very demanding of me and it makes me feel like I can’t give everyone the attention they want and need. I’m more tired being in my 30’s with a younger child and being tired also puts a strain on things. I love all my children but I wish I wouldn’t have had such a gap. Best of luck.