Pros and cons of a VBAC?

I’m currently 8 weeks pregnant with my second baby. My daughter was born via C-section over 6 weeks early due to her placenta dying and we were dying as well. it’s been well over 16 months and I’m now being told I have the option to do a Vbac. Any of you mommy’s had one??? What’s the best option? C-section again or try for a Vbac?

I’ve never had a c section, but I had a friend that did a vbac and did just fine.

If you have only had one C-section it is safe to have a vaginal birth

I have had 3 sucessful VBACS. It was an amazing experience. Yes it hurt but the healing took days not months. No limitation on my activities, i could drive, carry groceries, i didn’t have to worry about taking opioids…
C section moms are bad ass but there is something incredibly natural about a VBAC
I should mention they induced me sucessfully 3 times to.
There is alot of, you run risks with inductions…
There are literally risks with everything when you are pregnant. :roll_eyes:

I had an emergency C-section with my son after 30 hours of Labor in 2015 my daughter was born in November and they gave me the option to do a C-section or a vbac and I decided to do a C-section it’s whatever you feel comfortable with I know with my second C-section I felt a lot more comfortable I actually got to see them pull her out with a plastic drape skin-to-skin right away it was awesome

I did vback twice after a csection. Recovery was much faster and way less pain.

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I had a vbac. Was 41 weeks pregnant and after two sweeps no sign of baby moving so organised for a section. Went into natural labour the day before I was scheduled to go in and had my daughter after a lot of pushing.

I had three C-sections and then a vbac. All natural. It hurt like hell. But baby and I were just fine.

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Join VBAC and Birth After Cesarean Facts – Evidence Based Support and post this there. There’s a lot of good, solid info from people who’ve either actually experienced it or are going through the same thing now. They have some good, solid info and are supportive of all safe births.

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I would try a vbac before csection

VBAC’s are pretty amazing if you have the option and support:

This was my story:
I labored for 20+ hours, completely natural after having a dream of a pregnancy. Perfect in every way. I got to 8cm and stalled. His heartbeat was going really high and then really low. I either continued how I was going, and if it didn’t change for the better, that an emergency c section would happen. I wanted my husband with me and skin to skin so I opted for c section then instead of waiting and risking. It was VERY heartbreaking. I never even considered a c section. My son was born 100% perfect… the umbilical cord was blocking my cervix and blocking his exit… hence the stress on his heartbeat. A total random fluke.
20 months later, I had an all natural VBAC at 41 weeks 5 days. They wouldn’t let me wait any longer. I was scheduled to be induced that night ( very upset about it) and Lucien came all on his own that afternoon instead. 9lb. 11oz natural and very successful VBAC!

GOOD LUCK!! Stick to your guns on what you want :heart::heart::heart::heart:

My 3rd aaaaand 4th both vbacs. Very smooth delivery. I’m a weenie so I’d never opt for c section again. My 2nd was emergency C and the recovery was awful for me. Laboring is hard but shorter lived… I will always encourage moms to do vbac.