Pregnancy announcement ideas?

So I need pregnancy announcement ideas. Specifically for grandparents/family that lives states away. Something we can send them that’s not a onsie. This is our 2nd child and it’s aa huge suprise for us, as we didn’t think it was gonna happen again. We’ll it’s a huge suprise for me :rofl::rofl: haven’t told my husband yet, waiting for my doctors appointment for 100% confirmation. But looking for ideas to send for my in laws. They live far away and we don’t get the option to see them often so I wanna send them something once confirmed from Doctor. Spam me with all cute but fun ideas!!! I’ve googled a ton but haven’t come across to much that’s like yes that one :rofl::rofl::rofl: help!

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When my sister in law found out she was pregnant the second time, all of us knew except my mom. She gave my mom a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce with a pink and blue bow on it… :slightly_smiling_face: It took her a few minutes to get what it meant lol

Send them a onesie with a saying !

We got a card from our niece with an ultra sound picture. It was really cute!!

What about getting your oldest a shirt that says big brother or big sister est 2024 and sending them that picture

Mail them a positive pregnancy test,you can seal it in a plastic bag.

Send in laws a cute package!