Potty training tips for 3-year-old?

i forced my son to wear underwear and brought him to the potty. gave hi. cookie. puck up on training in less tge a day

Leave out the big girl potty and more time. No demands or pressure!! You are great mama kids are different that’s all

Just tell her the diapers are gone… so its pullups, undies or commando from now on and she has to use the potty in order to go fun places.

I’m gonna be complete opposite of everyone else here and say don’t push it. My daughter has been trained since a few weeks before her 4th birthday. I’ve been on and off trying to train her since she was 2. She would scream and make her legs stiff every time i put her on the potty (big one, little one it didn’t matter) I tried the 3 day potty training thing where you let them run around naked and it just resulted in pee all over my rugs, floor and couches . We took a break from trying and then out of nowhere I told her I would give her candy if she sat on the potty (not even pee just sitting) then we went to if you sit on the potty for with no diaper I’ll give you candy ( 2 m&ms nothing crazy lol) and then sit on the potty for 2 mins . After her first pee we had about a week where she had accidents and since that we have been in the clear! She goes on her own now too without being prompted . We are not trained at night but I don’t care I’ll take it! She also wouldn’t wear underwear unless it was over her diaper. Then we slowly made it to wearing underwear all day. Some kids are just not ready :woman_shrugging:t3:

Yell at them if they pee on the floor or pants. In 2 days my kids were pros in going to the bathroom lol

First go to the doctor to make sure there is no physical reason.

My two year old has her days. She goes once in a blue moon. No rush. When hmshe ready

She might not be ready yet or she could be scared and feeling rushed or forced to try.

Put the diaper back on and don’t speak of it for 90 days. Try again.

I’m having the same issues with my daughter…

Quit giving in she will quit crying after a while tell her no going anywhere till she puts on the panties

How about dont let her wear anything lol. No pull ups and no underwear until she goes to the toilet? I saw this somewhere so im not just saying


Oh crap potty training is amazing. No rewards & no pull-ups and works so well

BRIBERY!!! Favorite candy ( we used gummy savers)

Dont force it. She’ll do it when she’s ready

Utube videos w elmo potty training.

This is my life right now! 5th baby. She just wont do it😞

Spank her ass make her sit on the toilet till she shits or y’all have another one of these kids running the streets yelling give me give me

I agree with Ashley Tavai. Her body will tell her it is time. Mine was over 3

Make her wear one or punish her

No pants at all, all day

Haha take all of it off and embarrass her or smack her ass

It may sound bad, but try bribing her. I bought a bunch of little suprise gifts from the dollar store and got a big suprise bag, everytime my son went on the potty and peed he was allowed a reward, then when he started getting good it was 3 potties and then 5 potties then a suprise. Poop was a suprise each time. Then eventually he was a natural. But every kid is different I’m sure you know having quite a few… May not work for you, but you got this! It’s not you Mama.


My son wasn’t fully potty trained until 4. The parents as teachers teacher said "Trust me he will not go to Kindergarten wearing a diaper " I finally made him wear big boy underwear and when he pooped in them he had to clean it up himself. After one time of that did the trick. He would always go behind the recliner. They catch on in time you know that though. My 5 year old granddaughter has been wiping her own bottom for awhile now. But when she comes over to my house she tells "grandma I pooped " she knows I will wipe it for her. Lol

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Oh crap book is amazing

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Lauren Wyatt David, maybe you’ll find some ideas.

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keeping it real cut ass works

Every kid is different, i worked in childcare have potty trained probably around 100 kids and my son didn’t potty train till he was 4. Thats when he was ready. Woke up one morning and handed my his diaper and said he didn’t need it anymore and that was that. Don’t force it, it just makes it worse for all of you.

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I let mine pick out their own panties it mattered more to them when they chose them and wanted to wear them. We also picked out some new special books to read while we spent a little time on the potty. Every time we had a drink or a snack wait about 20 minutes and then try. I did give a treat, just one m and m as a little bribe. If you can stay home and not go out for a couple or three days it will give a better start. It can be scary for them so let them see you use the potty. LOL Although I am sure you don’t much get any alone time with toddlers. :slight_smile: Hang in there.

Girl my son turned 3 in March and I’ve tried everything I can do to try to potty train him. It’s hard . He’s my only boy my girls were easy to potty train but I just can’t get him to go. He will sit on his potty chair but like for a sec then get toilet paper throw it in there and flushes it . But he won’t sit there long enough nor stand .

My daughter (3) absolutely refused to potty train. We just kept asking every so often if she wanted to try. Finally one day it just clicked. She went in the big girl potty and we called all the Grandma’s who all praised and congratulated her. She’s not wore a diaper since. I think all kids are different and will do it in their own time.


Try the reward system. Get a box and put stickers and stuff like thst in it. Tell her that everytime she uses the potty she can pick something from that box. But don’t stress about her age. Everyone is different. She will go when she is ready.

With mine it worked to have 2 jars on the back of the toilet… one with their favorite candy for #1 and the other jar had their favorite toy for #2. Now mine were boys so it was Hotwheels. I was real relaxed with it. They would keep picking up the jars and asking… I would just say those are special treats for when they went potty. I had one potty trained around 2 and the other was 3. They all do it when their ready

For my daughter she was obsessed with a stuffed cat so I used the cat to my advantage by putting the cat in underwear… the school also gave her skittles each time she sat on the potty and then washed her hands

Honestly, I see this a lot at work with kids who have sensory issues. I work with kids. Just be patient and keep trying slowly.

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My daughter absolutely refuses to go on the potty too. This girl will sit there for 5 minutes and as soon as she gets up goes and sits on a chair or couch or whatever and pees. Idk what to do either mama but, you’re not alone in this struggle. She may be afraid of the potty though, some kids do have a fear of falling in or being flushed away. Others it’s because it’s “taking away” something that belongs to them where in the diaper it’s still theirs (if that makes sense).

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With my daughter when she was potty training I had the potty seat across from mommy’s potty. I was also pregnant at the time so I was using the bathroom quite a bit. Every time mommy had to go potty she had to come in and at least sit on the potty. Eventually she started to mimic me and basically potty trained herself simply by watching me… I know I know no privacy. My son on the other hand I had to put Cheerios into the toilet to give him targets to aim make things a little more fun for him as he had no interest in the potty otherwise.

Best of luck

We did sticker charts for our daughter. And when she got so many stickers she got to pick from a trinket box. Worked wonders she was the same way

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Let her cry. Stop giving in, that’s why shes doing it.
Positive reenforcement like candy or stickers
Dont punish her for going in her pants or she’ll learn how to hide it
Let her run around naked
Set a timer for 15 minutes and get her on the toilet, make her stay (I’ve heard using a white board marker on the inside of the toilet seat works to get them to stay)

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My son didnt potty train until he was 3
But alot of that was laziness
I had to do the sticker board and i baught like a video game for him (he has a ds and we have a joint ps4) everytime he went potty he got a sticker and after a week he would get something as a reward it worked for him until we got him the big action figure than i told him i know you can do it no excuse
He gave in after that

Charts, stickers, special outing, rewards… bribery works. Or just leave her alone and she will train when she’s ready. No one goes to college not potty trained. :wink:


I bribed my youngest haha does she like fruit snacks? Chocolate chips? Or make a sticker chart and if she gets so many cool stickers she gets a prize.

My daughter was exactly like this. Left her with her grandmother for a couple days a d it was over. She vame home potty trained. Thankyou Elsie Counts (Chuck Counts).

I’d suggest a relaxed approach. If she doesn’t like anything right now, that’s ok. Just ask every day if she wants to wear her big girl panties. Maybe even on top of her diaper. We had great success with putting a potty seat in front of the TV. My kids grew up on PBS kids shows, so every time their favorite show was on, they got to sit on the potty to watch it. Being the mommy I knew the show schedule, but it was a surprise to them :slight_smile: I also provided sippy cups with juice during potty time too. My son (now 12) would go on the potty during show time, but never any other time. When he was 4 we had a talk about stopping what you’re doing to potty is the most important thing. He was so stubborn!!! I had 3 kids in diapers at that point. I just took the diapers away and told him he had to use the potty all the time from now on. It actually worked…but he was old enough and he already knew how. Just go with the flow with your daughter. Make it a happy time. Sounds like she might be stressed and that certainly won’t help.

He is 3 you say?
you are draging the chain :thinking::frowning::frowning:

My grandaughter was the same. They do it in their own time. Goodluck.

They are all different…this is your challenge! :see_no_evil: good luck!

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She wants to stay the baby.

Every child is different

Pot training ? 3 year olds shouldn’t be doing pot

You make the rules and that’s it! I would just put nothing on her. I have four and my 2.5 year old wear underwear during the day but is not night trained yet since she’s not ready to give up her sippy before bed. Naked worked but i usually put a dress on her since I have a boy in the house. Now she tells me when she has to go and I get the older girls involved ( ages 8 and 9) because it is a family effort. So she tells them too when im busy they help. She will not poop in the potty yet basically goes in her underwear. But she’s starting to get grossed out by it so I think it will just be a matter of time. By 3.5 they are fully potty trained.

Read “oh crap potty training”. It is a complete game changer.

Every child is different, my middle son was a week shy of 3 when he potty trained. We actually just told him they no longer maid pull ups and he figured it out.


I was babysitting this little boy. He was about 3. His mother had brought diapers for him. Informed me that she hadn’t started potty training yet. (Also, he had the runs,) .I told him that the bathroom was magic. If he used the tolit, like a big boy, he could see magic. The handle was the magic. He did #2 . I let him push the handle. When it flushed, I gave him a big hug five. When his mom picked him later. He had the biggest smile. He was screaming 'Mommie I’m big boy. I know how to do magic. Do you want to see? Mom said sure. He ran to the bathroom. Pulled down his pants, did #1. Push the handle. Screaming magic!.

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My daughter wouldn’t wear anything but her nappies, we tried lots of different things to support and motivate her (stickers, little prizes etc) and would find she would have the odd day where she would try wearing knickers then would insist on the nappy the following day. Then we tried being firm and we felt that made it into a bigger issue for her. In the end we backed off completely and after a few months she just decided to do it herself after her friend had been to play at our house. She said she wanted to be more grown up like her friend. This was a couple of months after she turned 4 and 2 months later she was dry at night too.
We just needed to wait until she was ready x

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I have to Laff…a small bucket that could be carried N.Y. her arm worked for our daughter. In her case t was a horse vitamin bucket! And books in the bathroom. She wanted to copy her father…lol…hay whatever works!!! Mine didn’t like diapers or pull ups so if she did it in her pants or shorts t was NOT comfortable. Sometimes lack of comfort ushers them to change.


No pampers at all
Take him or her to toilet every 10 mins everyday till he or she gets use to it I did it with my three toddlers they were all potty train exactly at 2 years older. For night I make sure they pee and don’t drink anything two house before bed night

Sunrise her a box each time she goes toilet she’ll pick a little sunrise toy from the box if she seats down and pee

I worked in a daycare for a whole bunch of years as the Toddler (1-2) but mostly 2 year old room. And hear are some tips I’d give my parents so we could work together. If they fight coming out of a diaper, take them underwear shopping. Let them pick out their favorite pack then talk to them about keeping them clean, don’t TT or Poop in them, so let me know when you need to potty. Tell her that she can still wear a diaper at night time but big girls wear big girl panties during the day. She may be scared of falling in. I had one girl that was convinced something was gonna come out of the toilet and get her. I got a toilet hat (like you use at the doctor for urine samples) put it in the toilet so that nothing could “get” her. If she is scared of falling in or not wanting to poop, sit her on the toilet backwards like riding a horse. She has something to hand on to plus she can use erasable markers on the toilet seat to pass the time. Rewards paint, stickers, fruit pops or what ever is her favorite when she has a success.

Give her a sticker if she does it right or like a sunrise box if she does it right she’ll get a surprise

Let her run around naked when you see her about to go put her on her potty

When she’s ready she
will go she’s playing u
Give it time :crazy_face:

I have 3 daughters and I had the same problem with all 3. The first on I tried from the time she was 2 til 4 and i had so many issues so i honestly just gave up and she came to me about a month later and said mommy i have to potty and I told her she had a diaper on and she told me she wanted the potty so i told her she knew where it was let me know if you need help and she went to the potty all by her self and never wore a diaper again or had an accident. With the other 2 i tried for about the same time but it didn’t go like the first so at about 4 and a half I put panties on them or let then run naked and had a potty talk and told them if they didn’t use the potty and they potty on the floor they were going to clean it up. Of course i would have helped but it was kinda a scaring technique that worked. They both were potty trained in a day. I wish you the best of luck potty training is not easy.