Potty training tips for 3-year-old?

Hi, I need some potty training tips for my three-year-old daughter. She’s my 4th child, so it’s not my 1st rodeo. She doesn’t want to wear training pants, panties, or pull-ups. Anything that is not a diaper, she cries and cries till we give in and take it off. She won’t sit on the toilet, so I bought her a potty and won’t sit on it. We’ve literally tried everything. All my other kids were potty trained around their 2nd birthday, so this just makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong.


Sticker chart? She gets a present when she gets 5 stickers or whatever.


The first problem in this whole scenario is giving in to what your child wants. We just give a schedule- after waking up in the morning, before and after nap, and before bed. And when they eat, they sit on the potty a couple minutes after eating. And we stick to this routine. They might scream and cry because they aren’t used to it, but constantly giving in will show them all they have to do is cry to get what they want. Maybe emphasize treats and goodies for wearing the pull up and definitely praise the hell out if your child for doing good. There can never be too much praise.


I did a fruit snack every time they go. Two if they poop…

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Give her time. She will go when she’s ready!!


Every kid is different. Fighting it will just stress you both out. She will when she is ready.


It can be very difficult, it is the 1 thing that your child can control in her life, to pee or not to pee. You control what she eats, wears, sleep, etc… so sometimes they just say no not doing it. Be patient she will get there. Just dont make a big deal about it. Give it another month.

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Once mine hit three I told them that once the package of diapers were gone I wasn’t allowed to buy anymore. It worked. On my fourth. He refused to use the potty until he turned three


I highly recommend the potty watch from Amazon! Best $12 I ever spent! You can set it for every 30 60 or 90 minutes (start every 30 for beginning) my son loved it! We had him trained at 2.5! Super easy! When the time goes off it plays a little tune and every time I make up a different song to make it fun lol

I gave my son an M&M everytime he went for the first week or so.

Go commando for the weekend


My 3rd was a shit-show, she held (well still does sometimes) her bladder until she pees herself. We tried starting at age 3, then baby was born around 3.5 and the little we had accomplished was GONE. Then close to her 4th bday mom i want some character underwear and that was that. She is 5.5 now and literally everything has been on HER terms.
We still have to remind her to go, when you get up, before lunch, in the afternoon and before bed.

Do not buy anymore diapers, so she knows there aren’t anymore. Reward when she goes, obviously by 3 they understand.

Biggest thing I’m reading is that she’s not ready. Everything I’ve ever read or heard is that you don’t push them or it’ll be worse down the road with bed wetting. I’d let her tell you. You’re not doing anything wrong, not every child is the same.

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Elmo’s potty time movie. They have a song about toilet paper, washing hands and it’s amazing!

Cotton dresses and no panties at all. A few potty chairs around the house. Tel her the diapers are gone and she can’t have panties until she potties like a big girl

I just did the naked thing but I have all boys.

If she’s fighting it that hard then she’s probably not ready. My son was 3 before he was fully potty trained. My youngest is almost 2 and he’s no where near ready but he’s showing interest finally. Try getting her excited about it by letting her flush when you go and giving a high five(after washing your hands) after you go and she flushed for you.

Did you try the potty seat that goes on the big toilet? my daughter has been at a halt with potty training on her little one but she would go on it sometimes so I got the one for the big potty and she has went all day on that bad boy!! Best $12 ever. It has her favorite character too

My 3rd child had really no choice to use the toilet cuz she ran out of pampers and we live in a isolated place 1hr drive to our local town… but she picked up fast from seeing her brother n sis using the toilet

My son is 3 and I’m trying to potty train he hated underwear for awhile. I tried bribing him with candy and treats and stickers and toys. And none really helped. He wears underwear all day now. But he has like 4 accidents a day. Which is a lot but if I don’t use underwear he won’t even try to use he potty. Some kids take longer. I learned the more I tried to force it the more he didn’t want to do it so I stopped forcing t and just kept encouraging and now he tries to remember to go

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She isnt ready. Just bc you are ready doesn’t mean she will be. She will let you know when she is ready. I bet she will be potty trained before she starts kindergarten


I tried with my daughter at 3 an she simply must not of been ready, … I just kept asking her if she needed to go to the toilet.
Then about 3 and a half she started going.

A couple of times she just sat on the potty and I just made her know that it was in the toilet for when she needed to go.

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I had the same problem and thought of candy bribes being only for going in the toilet. Then i bribed him to wear the underwear and it was all systems go from that moment.

Following. Hugs to you mom <3

Yes, like somebody said every kid is different. I tried with my daughter at 3 years old and couldn’t make her do it. When she turned 4 (I know very old) she was ready. No accidents and wasn’t scare of toilet anymore. She learned in one day. I think kids are just ready at different times.


“When we learn this, you can do this”. Works pretty good. Otherwise she’s just not ready. She’ll get it.


Put her in the potty sitting backwards get her some washable markers and let her draw on the potty seat while she is sitting on the potty keeps them entertained while sitting there. Seen this in another parenting group and they said it worked for them


All kids are different…there are only 2 options. Put your foot down or let her have control over it. I’m not saying one way is better than the other but the only thing that worked with my Son was to give away all his diapers and refuse to buy more. If he wanted to leave the house, he peed and put on underwear. If not, he was stuck at home


Hi! I just potty trained my 3 year old son (he’s almost 4) and my best advice would just be wait until they are ready. Each child is different. I’ve tried on and off since he was 2 and it was a nightmare every time. I started just putting him on the potty every morning, after he would see me go, (he didn’t always want to), and tried to make it part of our morning routine. After about 3 days, he just decided he was ready and hasn’t had an accident since.


My son not my first wasn’t potty trained until he was 4. Lots of talking and bribing worked on my other babies. Not him but maybe your little one. No rashes, a big gift usually their first big girl bike but they have to be fully trained. How other kids will see them and think wow what a big girl.

My daughter was having nothing to do with potty training she got pretty big girl panties and everything was that age 4 she decided she wanted to wear big-girl panties I figured we get that done I knew she wasn’t going to go to high school wearing diapers she excels and everything else so I just let it come and she’s a beautiful 20 year old girl now


If she refuses to wear nothing but a diaper, I’d say don’t let her wear one at all! If she has to go pee, and she pees on herself, she will eventually get the message that she has to use the potty/toilet! Hide all the diapers! So she knows they no longer exist. And say to her this is your last diaper and mommy is cutting it in half! No more diapers! You’re a big girl now lol :sweat_smile:


I took my 3yr old knicker shopping and got her to pick out a few packs. She would wear them and feel great. When ever she had an accident I would change her into a pull up. She hated going from knickers back to pull ups so after maybe 5-6 accident and putting her back into pull ups made her not want to wet her pants. She now takes herself to the toilet

I had gotten dollar tree things and put into a bag. When she went she got to blind grab something. 1 thing for pee and 1 for poop. She loved the idea and was trained in about a week or so.


I’m in the same boat with my 3 yr old son. We tried the potty training when the shutdown started and the first week when amazing. Over time he just flat out refused so now we’re back in diapers at night and pullups during the day. Nothing is working. He’s supposed to start preschool this September and some won’t even accept if they aren’t potty trained. But I will say each kid is different.

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You are a great mom. She is just not ready. My son only wanted diapers too. He did wear underwear. He would pee. But when it came to potty he had this routine. A diaper, a certain TV show, behind my dinning dining room table and then in front of the TV. Words he would mumble. So just keep up the good work. :wink::green_heart: Then one day we were in the Cape at a restaurant and all of sudden he had to go and went. And after that he would go. He was 4 or almost 4. And my two older children I didn’t have this hard of a time. Hang in there

My mom said she taught me to pee outside :grimacing::joy: not sure if this is helpful and might not be super appropriate in everyone’s opinion all the time… but since everyone is just at home these days maybe give it a shot ? :man_shrugging:t2:
I hope you find something


I put undies under pull-ups for my step son who was being very stubborn. It worked really well and really fast! He peed and it still caught them in the pull-up but he could feel the wet undies and didn’t like them.


Granted every kid is different, but most actually know what they are doing. I never pushed it with my 3. They were all 3 and just did it on their own. I hid the diapers/pull ups and put underwear on and we just went with it. It can be messy for a day or two but they tend to catch on


I had to totally spoil my son
I bought like 5 really big toys that each cost like $30 at least and then some smaller ones
Then on a sticker chart after he filled up a line of 5 he would get a small toy then when he filled up the whole chart of like 4 or 5 lines (each box got a sticker of course) he could pick one of the 5 huge toys.
It worked he’s now fully potty trained. Well still working on the nighttime

My grandaughter did the same. We finally figured out she just wasn’t ready. About 2 weeks before pre school started she said, ok I am ready to use the potty. Never 1 accident.

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You’re not doing anything wrong. Give her more time. If she is not ready yet, all of the focus on it now will potentially make it take longer in the long run. Give her a few weeks and then try again. If she is really physically and emotionally ready for it, she will learn fast just like the others, she’s just going to do it later than others :two_hearts:.


I just stopped putting anything on my two year old. I told her one day that she didn’t need a diaper anymore and encouraged her to use the potty. It’s been 6 months and we are still working on it. We officially have the peeing in the potty down where she notices “Hey I need to go like now” and runs to the toilet but pooping… she’s always been weird about pooping. Now I think my 18 month old told me today that she’s ready to start so I’m going to strip her little butt here in the next month or so if she keeps showing signs of being ready.

I did the potty bootcamp with mine. Told them diapers are done on x day. Then put them on potty every hour. Huge celebration if they go. He was potty trained in one weekend. We had a few accidents at first but then he got it. We used the potty app where he got to call Rachel and she congratulated him on using the potty

I thought boys were supposed to be easier to potty train but my 3rd kid is a boy and omg… why doesn’t he want to use the potty?!

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You aren’t doing anything wrong. As you know, every child is different. If you can afford to, I suggest you let her wear them a little longer. Maby try again in a few weeks, she might be ready then. If not, try every so often to put her on the potty.

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My two younget sons I gave them money for their piggy banks every time they went in the potty. And when their dad got home he doubled it.

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I did a fish bowl with a label “potty prizes” small candies and party favor toys. Mastered it in 5 days. Also had little books in there for her to read as well

I had 6, and the easiest to potty train were the ones I used their ‘favorite’ treat
For the last one, her ‘currency’ was M&Ms. So she got 1 m&m for trying, but she had to try for a couple of minutes. If she peed, she got 2-3. If she pooped, she got a handful. I did NOT use pullups for nighttime, this confuses them.if you dont have a mattress protector, use a couple of trash bags under the sheet so the mattress doesn’t get ruined. I potty trained 3 of my own and 2 grandkids with this method. They were all potty trained within a week


Let her run around naked (in the house of course) she probably won’t pee on herself, and if she does it’ll be just once!


I am actually going through this now. My son is going to be 4 in November. We have been trying since he turned 3. I told him that all the diapers were in the trash. And he is finally getting the hang of it. We are only 3 days in but it seems to be working this time around. Don’t give up there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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I bought my daughter some little party favor toys and put them in a jar. I let her pick one when she potties and would put it back in the jar when she was through with it. She was EXTREMELY resistant before.

Stickers!! My daughter would sell her soul for stickers! Draw up a chart, every pee gets a silver star but a poop gets a gold one! When she has a full line (maybe 4 or 5) she gets a magic surprise! (This box on the chart needs to be glittery)
Bring her to the shop to get “whatever she wants” usually an icecream, small toy or a sweetie. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

She will let you know when she is ready. My son is 3 and half and potty trained but my daughter took longer. We also told her that they don’t make day time nappies in her size only night nappies and that’s when she wore them at night only

Try naked training. Let them run around naked and they have to clean up any messes. Don’t give in and give them clothes and make sure you give plenty of sugary drinks so they pee a lot. Usually a 3 day weekend is long enough.

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take her shopping and let her choose her own new panties, then make a big formal deal at throwing away all the diapers. YAY youre a big girl now

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My daughter was like that so I had to run around naked and put the potty in the livingroom in front of her cartoons and had to ignore her for her to use it. She is going to the big potty now or her little potty in the bathroom

Old fashion diapers and rubber pants. Let her cry when you put them on. She obviously doesn’t like being wet. Give positive reinforcement. Should be quick.

I don’t push my children- when they are ready- they are ready. I also designate books with flaps(hidden pictures) or books where you have to find something hidden in the picture.

I don’t reward with treats because you don’t do that with sitting, walking, eating. It’s a body function.

I just would have the child sit on the potty naked and sit on a stool and talk about the pictures in the book. Then all of a sudden: potty.
Praise and move forward.

Show her she has no more diapers. Let her pick out the underwear. They have potty training undies that have plastic on the outside so it doesn’t leak. Do a treasure box

I started potty training before my daughters 2nd birthday and it was hard but from what i read in the book its easier to potty train if you do it at a certain age. I used the book - Oh Crap Potty Training - and it seriously worked for us. Took us about a month and she had it down. After 3 months we started sleeping without diapers. I really recommend reading the book :black_heart: best of luck momma you got this!

My friend only lets her kid have her phone while she’s on the potty so that she’s entertained with videos and will sit there and it’s kinda like a reward to get the phone she she’s usually excited to go to the potty so she can watch her videos

They do it when they’re ready. Just drop it for a while, especially during these unusual circumstances. Too much emphasis on it will only drag it out anyway

It will happen when they are ready. Not a second before. If they don’t want to and you force it. It will take even longer.
Good luck. Potty training is a beeee lol

My 2 year old is doing good with the potty watch. It talks and says its time go potty. She turned 2 may 4th and is almost completely potty trained. We have gone over a week and just 1 accident

Maybe she’s not quite ready yet. All kids are different. But with my grandson at 3 we bought a mini toilet potty and a book of his favourite character stickers. Everytime he sat on it and did a wee he was allowed to flush (it has a handle and real flushing sound) and allowed to pick out a sticker to stick on it. At end of week he was bought a small reward. It worked really well. Trained fully in 3 weeks. He’s 4 now. But every child is different so it’s just an idea for you. Hope it works out but don’t get stressed. They pick up on that.

My daughter was just like this finally I took the diapers away and wouldn’t let her wear them during the day. She messed a few times but she learned right quick.

reward policy.SOMETHING SHE REALLY LIKES WHEN SHE GOES. WORKED GREAT FOR ME.mught have to try it 3 or 4 times before she gets it

I potty trained my daughter at 3. She was very very stubborn but the trick for me was using these potty training pants that had a hole in the crotch. My daughter didn’t pee bc she was cold going bare bum. Also had to get her the nice imitation potty

Will she go commando? That’s how I trained my 2.5 year old. Its recommend in the book Oh Crap! Potty Training

I got a little longer dresses and at home she didn’t wear anything under them.
Then, she just might not be ready.

Make pooping and potty training a game . First make sure she is going to tell u when she needs to use the bathroom . Then you can create games or characters even the pee or the poo and tell her she needs to send them home and wear special diapers in the process

Start w/ putting her underwear on top of her pamper. My nephew just turned 4, and he was the same way. Also we started w/ candy rewards and favorite character underwear…

Stickers helped my son want to go potty because if he wanted a sticker he had to potty in the potty

Wow is this my story? My 3 year old daughter also my fourth child refuses to wear anything but her pull up undies are “creepy” she cries until I give in I’m at my wits end if something works for you please pass it on

Maybe she’s not ready. Every child is different.

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When lockdown is over, take her to visit some babies and point out they wear nappies. Make her feel like a big girl so she will want to leave them behind

I never wanted to fight about it so my two oldest were 4 when they learned and they only learned because they wanted to go to school. My youngest was newly three and he wanted underwear and then he pooped in them. I told him if it was an accident it was ok and he said he knew he had to poop and he just didn’t care. I Acted mad and called him a poopy head before going into work when I came back he said he was potty trained and it’s been that way ever since :joy::joy::joy:

my son was impossible then we got a basket and a bunch of little things like gum and little army guys and wrapped them up every time he went potty he got a present at the end of the week if he did really good he got to pick a bigger present like an action figure, something special. he was trained in a couple days (but I had bought enough for a month or so, so I just kept giving them to him😂)

All kids are different , my now 5 year old was more stubborn with it but he was my first and wasn’t fully potty trained until he was around 3 my now 2 year old has been using the toilet confidently for a few months BUT when I first attempted potty training with him about 6 months ago he was exactly the same as your daughter he wouldn’t even sit on the potty, I just kept trying , I actually did a really stupid voice and drew eyes and a mouth on his potty and told him that the potty was thirsty/ hungry :rofl: he seemed to like this idea a few days later he just did it out of the blue and it was only a week on the potty until he took himself to the toilet! Don’t get stressed about it she will do it but I know it can be frustrating at times. Another thing I tried was got his brother to show him how to use the potty , would that be something you could try with one of her siblings? Good luck !

I used to sit on the potty a few times myself then throw contents down the toilet in front of them. This really worked.

I would try a “Potty Pop” take some suckers or whatever her favorite snack is an turn it into a potty pop that will help teach her to potty she can get her potty pop wen she pottys in her pottuchair an to get her to wear undies I would show her that big girls wear them so can she show her its not scary or its not bad to wear them my daughter wouldnt wear them until we told her the only way she can go to school is if she pottys an wears her big girl undies

I put my sons potty in the play house outside. Loaded him up with his favorite forbidden drink and trained him outside in the weekend. He basically had a long T-shirt in most of the time.

Let her free ball and she will probably get tired of being cleaned up. Bring her to the toilet every time you go even if she dosnt sit on it she will get there eventually

As soon as you think they’re going to urinate or poop put them on their potty pot and be consistent good luck💯

Don’t push it, she will potty train when she is ready

My granddaughter has a sticker board in the bathroom. She gets 1 for pee and 2 for poop. When she gets the board full, she can trade it in for a toy

Well training is just that they work up to from around second birthday is great to start and start to train to go potty or toilet , you need to take them at least every hour to the toilet /potty no nappy at all and there’s no way a crying fit should change that don’t like it too bad a child of 3/4 knows exactly what they want and how to get it so if you give in to the crying/tanty it’s your problem .
Life doesn’t always give you what you want so lessons learnt you are not getting a nappy and that’s that at FOUR esp this day and age a child will be more than ready IF YOU let them.

My daughter was the same
So i went out nd got a doll called babby alive set
Sat it on a potty feed it the play dough it came with nd watched it wee nd poo on the potty nd next thing my daughter copyed it now she out of nappys completely 2 nights running iv have dry bed
This is the second day of 0 bed wetting
My daughter is 4 years old

Take her to the store and let her pick out her pull ups & big girl panties. The you buy some dollar tree bribe. Rewards. Might work!

Its funny how kids all train differently. I have 3 and the oldest my daughter was a bit slow (went little and often) so going out was an issue. The next my son was trained in a flash. Day and night. The next, another son and he is completely different again. Waits till he is bursting to go and night time has been really slow (he is 7) we are getting there now but its a completely different. I think I tried him too early for daytime and it took longer. I was told night time is down to a hormone developing. In some kids its early and some its late. So maybe daytime is similar? We can force them all we want. But if they are not ready it will most probably fail. There must be a reason why she is so against it. Could someone or something have scared her about it? My middle boy likes to wind up the youngest and often tells him stories (lies) which have affected things the youngest does. Its meant as a joke but being kids he isnt understanding the impact it has. Maybe someone has said something to make her feel upset? Good luck

I think just let it go and she will tell you when she’s ready, mine both toilet trained at 3 1/2 but I tried so much with them and they refused until I gave up. I think sometimes they just want to be in control.

My son did not want to sit on the potty, but he became friends with the toilet… I’ve lett him wear nothing and in a few days he got it

Put a paper towel inside her diaper. She will still get the wet feeling when she pees. And hate it.

So this was forver ago, but my daughter was almost 4 when she FINALLY potty trained. She had better things to do lmao, until we moved houses and I told her straight up that since we get this nice new awesome home, mommy can’t afford diapers anymore and she has to use the big potty. Ill be damned, but she started using the potty that day. I was shocked! She’s always been that kid though, she has to understand WHY we’re doing something, and THEN she’s down for it. :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:

My son was also very difficult but I took him every 20-30 mins and got the the seat that goes on the toilet so he couldnt run off he got it got within 2 weeks

I would put her in cloth diapers, when she feels wet she won’t want to stay in them. She will start to ask for the potty

Don’t put a diaper on her. Don’t put anything on her. Plan a weekend to do nothing but potty training.

Buy panties of her favorite TV character and tell her that she cannot pee/poop in them