Pinworm treatment?

Has anyone ever had to deal with pinworms with their little ones? My 4 year old spent the week with her grandparents and came home with pinworms and I’m freaking out. Also how can I go about saying something to my in-laws about this issue?

they do have a medicine, now, I think they sell it over the counter for that, but it comes from eating like old candy, things like that, my mother used to give me a clove of garlic, you know, cut it up and take a clove of garlic and that got rid of them

you know, being Italian now I’m always eating garlic l O l, but it does work still talk to a doctor, it’s no big deal, kids get them all the time as so do grown ups, sometimes your dog can lick your face and you can get them it’s no big deal

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My son got pinworms from his daycare once and I treated them with Reese’s pinworm treatment from Walmart.