Pain after episiotomy

Just a curious question for everyone that’s had an episiotomy, do you have pain in your vagina/pelvis?


Had one. You need to be specific as how long ago since birth are you asking about the pain? My kid is 22 months now. I honestly feel nothing from it…it will obviously feel tender after birth though for a bit.

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Only for a couple weeks after birth

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Ive had one. But I agree you should be more specific… Right after , yes … Now , (my daughter is 6mo) no…

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I ripped bad with my last daughter… Almost all the way to my bum… My daughter’s just over 3 months and no pain no problem… I thought it would never heal and was so scared that my junk would never be the same again… But its all back to complete normal… if it’s been past the six to eight weeks I would definitely be checked out just in case

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For about 5 weeks after yes, once its healed then no.

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I use to my episiotomy baby is 13 so not much anymore but i use to

I had one. I popped 2 stitches, had 2 silver whatever chemical burns to try to weld is shut again and it didn’t. Oh well. I have pain sometimes during sex.

I did. I apparently had sex before it was fully healed and teared the stitches again. I also had some pain during intercourse for months after, dr recommended pelvic floor therapy. I never ended up going, it went away on its own.

No. Never bugged me after birth either

It’s done to prevent rectal tears, but they found out episiotomies don’t really help, so you may want to request not even having one. They heal fairly quickly, and any subsequent ones are done in the same spot, so hurt less.

Long time ago, no pain,.better than tearing.

I want to be honest Jim had it done after my last son day after I had him I will never forget the pIni had worse then having three children.