Opinions on the Name Bundy

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"Hey. Just wondering what people think of the name bundy. I'm so inlove with it but im sick of being told I'm naming my child after a serial killer. Which I have no idea about or alcohol. Which I don't drink and haven't for over 10 years.."

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"Oh I just wouldn’t. Even if you really love the name, you have to think about the fact that they are the one that has to live with it. People are mean and will always find something to be nasty about, but don’t make them such an easy target x"

"Remember your child has to grow up with that name."

"Please don’t do that to your child"

"No! The answer is no!"

"There are some names that live in Infamy. That is one of them."

"Your Child Will Be Teased Tremendously Don’t Do It…"

"I agree, don’t name your child that. Maybe get a cat and name him that or a hamster or something but don’t do that to your child."

"Maybe as a middle name but not a first name."

"You might like it, but your poor kid has to live with it."

"Yeah, I don't like to tell people they can or cant do something. You should look up the serial killer and find out a few things. You will be setting your child up for a lifetime of unwanted persecution and stereotype. I strongly encourage you to explore other options."

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