One month old constsantly screams

MOMMIES PLEASE HELP before anyone suggests she does have a doctor’s appt tomorrow.

My one month old constantly screams. I’m not exaggerating if shes not sleeping shes literally screaming. Not a spoiled cry this is pain. Tears falling. She has been this way probably two weeks after we brought her home. The doctor said she most likely has colic. I have tried gripe water, gas drops, warm baths, belly massages, tummy time, anything that’s safe for her I’ve tried. She constantly acts hungry which i know alot of it is comfort sucking. They’ve changed her formula from similac pro advance to similac total comfort then nutramagen (I definitely didnt spell that right) she is literally throwing up 3-4 times tonight not your average spit up it’s extremely thick and chunky.

I’m emotionally exhausted and I dont like that they keep changing her formula I seriously believe something may be wrong. She is up to 4 ounces and wants it every two hours and I damn near have to hold her pacifier in her mouth because her doctor said she doesnt need to be eating that much that often so to make it to atleast three hours holding the pacifier in her mouth is the only way. If anyone could have advice please feel free to share.


Maybe reflux. We had to do meds. Also had a milk protein allergies. All three if kids could only handle Similac alimentum. The one you said with the n didn’t even work


Turn your clothes dryer on and sit her on top of it. If it is colic, it may help. It worked wonders for my niece.

maybe she has reflux. Poor baby. My son had it, sounds similar. After I couldn’t produce enough breastmilk for him I had to switch to formula and we had such a hard time and many spit ups and projectile throw ups later we finally found the right one. Hang in there momma

That’s definitely too much formula for a 1 month old. She probably has a stomach ache from that, on top of whatever else is going on. And I’m sure that’s part of the reason for the vomiting :disappointed:

Sounds like reflux, my daughter had it and she cried until she was 6 months old, all day everyday. She would throw up massive amounts, and then would cry even more. She was put on reflux meds but truly the best way to help reflux babies is feed them .5/1 ounce at a time, before burping, then continuing, sitting them upright for at least 30 minutes after eating, elevating the head of the crib (rolled up blanket under the mattress works great), and time. Talk to your doctor, and keep her on nutramigen. Formula changes can take up to 3 months to work so continuously switching will only make everything worse


Try using a formula that’s free of all dairy, all soy & all gluten. If she has any reflux or digestion issues those three things make it 10x worse. Good luck mama. I’m so sorry you & baby are going through this. :cry:

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I would say reflux, as well. My son had it, and he only slept 30 minutes a night. He also threw up a lot, and once his lips even turned purple. I would get a 2nd opinion. They did a Barium test on him, and gave him medicine. The doctor also changed his formula to Soy because he also has a milk allergy. He also would take a lot of formula, just like your baby girl is doing. I hope you find some answers soon. Poor baby

No experience but maybe her bottle ? Too slow or fast flow ?? Try rice ( too much liquid seemed to not fill my son up enough and upset his belly …

i would talk to ur doctor about doing soy formula she might be lactose intolerant, which would account for the fussiness and throwing up


If your doctor isn’t doing as much as you think he is, maybe go get a second opinion. Also even though you don’t like changing formulas sometimes that is what you have to do. Have you tried a lactose free formula?

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Could be colic maybe consider a chiropractor plus too much formula could be upsetting the child. Reflux could also be a factor consider tilting the head up more when eating and for sure getting a good burp. When it comes to formula too it’s all the same mostly in the end just depends on what brand you want to buy. I went through so many soy brands and now my son can barley tolerate cow’s milk and we stick to almond now.

Gastroenterologist and a chiropractor might help.

Rice cereal and oatmeal has worked wonders… In his bottles I’ve used it since he was 2 mo maybe 12 weeks actually

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Maybe reflux…? When my daughter used Similac her puke was really chunky and a brownish color. She has a cow’s milk allergy and is now on Enfamil Prosobee.

I’d guess either it’s a lactose intolerance or reflux.

Babys don’t know the difference between a stomach ache and being hungry. It probably is colic and she’s over eating to compensate. Years ago my pediatrician had me put a small pillow under his butt and hold his feet up near his forehead. Gas travels up and could escape more easily. It worked for all my babies. Good Luck

Try a few bottles, also a swing was a life saver. He could literally be screaming his head off and calm down in it.

My son did same thing we discovered his collar bone was broken in delivery. He was over ten pounds

Get tonsils, adenoids, and ears checked out. Play Bette Midler music help a friend of mine with her colicky baby.

I’m not sure if it’s excessive. But honestly one of the things I learned as a mother is that baby’s cry! A lot! You can go through the possibilities. Wet or dirty diaper? Hungry? Maybe a random hair got wrapped around the baby’s toe and is cutting of circulation? If you do the checklist then rest assured you have a baby. I think conversations and information on the web give the impression that it can always be fixed, determined, that you can figure out the reason. That’s not true at all. Babies will cry! Babies will be upset! There isn’t always (or mostly) the possibility of fixing it. Do what you can but please take the cries with relaxation. Babies cry. I wish I wouldn’t have racked my brain for so long trying to
Fix things. It’s a baby. End of story

My baby ate that much that young, and it was never a problem. By one month, he was eating 6oz every 3 hours. If your baby is hungry, feed them… it could be that she is hungry from spitting up so much. We also started using Avent Anti Colic bottles, and they were life changing for his vomiting and spit up.


Take her to a pediatrician

Have her sleep with her head propped up so it helps not come back up and bother her so much. Also it could be lack of acid in the stomach. Causes similar symptoms.

My daughter did this around two weeks and it was bc I was shaking the formula up and immediately giving it to her. Luckily I figured this out in less than two days. How is the formula being prepared? Also,my son did this when we went on vacation and I used Florida tap water to prepare his bottles. When I switched to distilled water he was fine

My son screamed ALL the time too. Switched him to soy formula and gave him 1ml. Of Mylanta twice a day and he became a happy baby!!

My little one was just like this and it was acid reflux. We also found she could only tolerate carnation good start concentrated

Chiropractor, and check babies mouth for thrush maybe?

Roll a towel and put her on her tummy, draped across it. She may be lactose intolerant.

Poor baby…I hope you find relief asap

Try giving her vitiame D milk that happen to me and my doctor put her on vitiam D whole mild, wont hurt to try that.

My baby was the same way. Had to use playtex ventaire bottles as they are a slower flow bottle and take out all the bubbles! That used with nutramigen and I had a different baby after a few days!! Good luck hun it’s exhausting

Just an FYI (not to scare you but to make you aware) IF your little stops breathing you can flip her an a downward angle and hit the bottom of her foot and keep hitting until she catches her breath - has my husband not known this my little girl wouldn’t be here. Good luck and I hope you get some answers keep your head up you’ve got this momma!!!

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Sounds super like Reflux! my daughter had it and it started getting bad for her a around a week old. Took until 5 weeks old for them to figure it out. They can prescribe a medication for it, but you will also have to keep baby’s head of bed elevated so not laying flat, don’t lay down directly after eating, stay upright at least half an hour, and formula needs to have the baby rice in it. Also The Soothie pacifiers are good as they help the tummy. Hang in there, and definitely ask the doc about reflux!

It sounds like he has a digestive issue with the formula. My oldest was switched to 4 different formulas until we found the right one. Mylicon drops help and I will suggest taking him to a pediatric gastroenterorologist.

Our baby just had bad gas, we went with earths baby sensitivity and love to dream swaddle pods were a life saver…srsly…she would be screaming murder…get her zippered in and she’d stop, happy as could be

Reflux or maybe allergic to something.

My youngest baby was colicky. If u know she isn’t hungry give her ejisy a couple ounces of warm water. It satisfies her wanting a bottle but doesn’t make her belly hurt after. I know a lot of people advise against it but it was a life saver for me. And a swaddle was also a saving grace for me!

Try a soy based formula.

My daughter was hospitalized with chronic diarrhea instead of vomiting , it maybe more than colic ! Follow your gut

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Sounds like she has reflux. Suggest that to the doctor they will give you some meds for her

My daughter did this and I thought she had an allergy to her formula. It was GERD (acid reflux), the flap was under developed and was allowing the acid in stomach to be released. we had to give her and some meds 30 mins before she ate to help neutralize the acid and she out grew it by the time she was one.

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Sounds like I’m reading my daughter’s first month until we finally figured it out. Acid reflux was the problem. Switched to enfamil ar and zantac shes was a whole different baby.

Sending up prayers for this sweet mom. I pray you get answers tomorrow at the doctors appointment. And hopefully you will be able to get the much needed rest. Happy Mother’s Day! I wish you and your lil family the best of luck. :heart: you got this

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Try Dr Brown’s bottles. Also, if the puking started after your formula switch, it may not be the best formula for your baby, if she’s already been puking, it may be reflux

Wrap her tight and hold her tight my son was that way and I wrapped him tight and he would go right to sleep!! His Dr said it was because while he was in me it was tight and maybe wrapping him would soothe him and it worked!!!


Sounds like acid reflux. Too much acid churning in her belly and coming back up. When you go to the Dr ask them if that could be the problem. You may have to change bottles or formula but it will be OK.

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Contact a Homeopath please

If ur baby is hungry feed her don’t let the doctor tell u different I don’t feel like that’s why she’s screaming though maybe reflex but you said you feel she’s in pain listen A MOTHER KNOWS so be assertive with her doctor if that doesn’t work get half ass aggressive do what it takes to make the doctor hear you…I’m definitely going to pray for you and your precious baby :pray:

Look up the period of purple crying. Sometimes just because a baby is crying doesn’t mean there is really anything wrong.

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Goats milk is the only thing that worked for my brother and his kids they have it in a formula at walmart now

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We went dairy free while nursing and now use dairy free formula, took 3 1/2 very long months of gripe water n stressful days trying to figure that one out. Pedestrians go to is colic instead of finding the real issue

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Ask them about a Tucker sling and wedge

My son was a big eater. He was drinking 8oz. every two hours at two weeks old. I took him in for his two week old appointment to the doctors. We had to wait forever and he was her last app. She wanted to feed him and he drank the 8 oz. and was screaming for more . She had me start feeding him out of a spoon all the first fruits mixed half with car three times a day, and he was happy.

Reflux or maybe allergic to something.

Kylee Elizabeth Martinez

Hope you find out what this is

Definitely sounds like reflux. There’s medicine to help baby not be in pain! also, hold upright for at LEAST 30 min after feeding, smaller feeds more frequently and burping every ounce or every 5-10 min if nursing. :two_hearts:


Lactose intolerant? I had to switch to soy

My son was colic and I would put him in his bassinet in the bathroom with the exhaust fan on…

Sounds like reflux.elevate her when she sleeps.

I bought a bunch of different brands of colic relieving/gas drops and did many colic remedies my doctor suggested when my little one was younger but Gerber soothe colic drops with probiotics helped her the most. A little pricy but worth it for the peace.

See another pediatrician… My daughter possibly had pyloric stenosis and she would throw up constantly. If I’m correct you said that just started tonight so possibly due to the formula change. If you think something is wrong then have her checked out either by another pediatrician or take her to ER. Colic can be constant crying, gassy, ect. But I believe in always Making sure and second opinions never hurt nobody.

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I also added cereal to his formula…it’s not for everyone but you will find what works regardless of what everyone else says

My now 19 year old would do the same thing. She had colic.
Her pediatrician suggested I put Mylicon drops in her formula and it helped.

I have a cousin that had to thicken his sons formula with baby rice to help with reflux.

ur child is most likely allergic to formular. try goat milk. in store u can get help with price

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I put mine on iron free formula. It stopped.

I am going to agree that It sounds like reflux to me. My son was on a Hypoallergenic Formula because he also had a protein allergy so he was miserable but I also wanted to tell you but you brought it up you can’t spoil a baby I promise you that.
Because she is throwing up now It’s important to get it in check she may need a special formula and medication.
Another thing to consider is that she may actually be hungry my nephew was a month old eating 4 Oz a feeding and his doctor told his mom that nothing was wrong with him that he just had a healthy appetite and as long as he didn’t have any other issues like projectile vomiting or Diarrhea. He is also on reflux medication and the same formula you are.

My boyfriend had 4 girls one was colic he would place her in a car seat on the washer and it helped

I would have a blood test to check for a milk allergy. My son started vomiting (projectile) in the middle of the night when he weaned at 8 months and we supplemented with formula. Also, if she’s 1 month, has anyone ever suggested a chiropractor? When mine was a couple months old he would scream, try to nurse but not want to at the same time. 2 visits and his shoulder popped. Sometimes things can be put out of place form them coming out of such a tiny place. Hoping you find answers!

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How long is it after she eats that she starts throwing up? Maybe contact a GI specialist.

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Coming from a mom of two, both of which had severe reflux issues, you need to be referred to a pediatric gastrointeroligist. Both my boys projectile vomited starting about 3 weeks old, cried and fussed in between feedings and eventually I started seeing the mucusy diapers. They both had to end up on special formulas, my oldest on Nutramigen and my youngest is on Alimentum. Zantac did not work for either of them. Honestly I would ask for the referral and go have her looked at. Pediatricians are great but a pediatric gastrointeroligist is amazing. Also my youngest was a big baby and was eating 6 Oz by a month old. Every 2.5 to 3.5 hrs.

Take her to the chiropractor… Its very helpful.

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Have her doctor do an x-ray before you go to a chiropractor. Sometimes, when babies are born, they dislocate and even break their clavicle or another bone in the arms…

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Could be a vaccine reaction


My son had bad colic and the only thing that helped was giving him watered down chamomile tea. He was around the same age as your baby, and while people will rave about how you shouldnt give a baby that young tea it was a life saver for us. We tried gripe water and a handful of different medications as well as formula and the tea was literally the only thing that helped. Alimentum ended up being the softest on my sons stomach and we stuck with it until he was one. We also added cereal to his formula once the tea started to help and he was a lot more content.

And my son has cow milk allergies and wouldnt fuss because the antibodies are in over drive but he would throw up all the time. He was put on a zantac (ranidine(sp)) type of heartburn med right away too.

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Is there a pediatric gastroenterologist u can c?
Sounds like ur dr.isn’t exploring other physical issues.just changing formula.
My daughter had pyloric stenosis &needed surgery.


Acid reflux for sure!! Takes me back to my firstborn and everything matches up! The dr put her on a baking soda based acid medication and within 2 days she was sleeping through the night and a completely different baby! Her pediatrician told me it was colic 3 times until I diagnosed her myself and went back demanding him to help her…there is nothing worse than feeling helpless for your baby who clearly is not ok, I feel you 100% on this! Go back in asap and don’t leave until they give you the prescription…good luck to you :heart:


My first baby did this. Absolutely nothing consoled her. It was hard. And it was like clock work. She screamed from 9pm to 3am. Every night for 3 months. Then it stopped suddenly. OCCASIONALLY, swaddling and holding her near the kitchen sink with the water running helped. I think maybe she liked the sound. Best of luck

Ask your doctor about putting the baby on a different formula my brother-in-law had that when he was a baby and when they change formulas it healed up

Is it possible you can nurse her

Might need soy formula or goats milk works as well


My son cried for the first 3 days we had him home in 1974. Dr decided he was allergic to milk. Dr put him on Soybean Milk. That did the trick. He was fine right away. We introduced him to real milk years later & he could tolerate it. Good luck.

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She may have gurd, its acid reflux for babies, that’s wat I went through with my son, so the dr had to give us stuff to mix with my breast milk, or the formula, to weigh it down so it wouldn’t come up

My niece took her baby to the chiropractor she got adjusted and no more crying

She is throwing up half of her bottle so she probably is hungry sooner because of that… My daughter 3mon old and i just went through this. I tried ENFAMIL NEUROPRO & I added rice cereal :two_hearts: worked like magic, cured all the issues I was seeing. Check if your doctors have samples or buy some it was great.

Have you tried corn syrup in her bottle?

Have you tried skin to skin contact lay her body tummy down across your bare chest it may soothe.

Omg is this my post? Seriously I feel like this is me writing this (it’s not)
My daughter is 4 months old and still screams alot fyi.

I’m confused, if the baby is throwing up the food why wouldn’t the baby be hungry still. I’m not sure if the doctor is right on this one. I was giving my daughter Infamil but every time she finished it a few minutes later she through it back up. They are changing the formula but are any of those formulas lactose. I put her on Goodstart Soy, she got so chunky from lacking food for a month, eating was so vital to her. When I had originally explained it to my doctor he thought it was acid reflex and that my daughter throwing up a few times was normal. It might even be a skin thing, what if the baby is irritated by the fabric softener or soap. Keep thinking, you’ll figure it out, if she doesn’t improve then you know it’s gotta be something else.

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My doctor told me to add rice cereal. She is on nutramagen also. She is four months and eats 7oz. It’s worked. She doesn’t vomit as much or ever really

I can totally feel your pain. If it colic or reflux. I’d talk with the pediatrician about medication. My daughter had it so bad she came home from the hospital on 2 meds. One was zantac and the other was infants anti acid. The combo worked wonders until she grew out of it. Babies bellies are still underdeveloped even after full term delivery. She was also switched on formula. Her final formula was Enfamil A.R. (added rice). I also, would feed her and hold her for 10-20 minutes after she ate (sometimes longer) to help aid in digestion and she slept at an angle, not flat on her back. We had a boppy pillow but they make angled wedged for the cribs now. Best of luck to you Mama. But remember it will pass. I know it’s frustrating not being able to help the baby and not having sleep yourself.

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Try similar aluminum the purple can!!! Only thing that worked for my son when he was like that!! Good luck

Reflux. My daughter screamed 18 hours a day for 6 months

If nothing else works make sure the doctor rules out pyloric stenosis. It is diagnosed by a simple barium swallow study.
Is she gaining weight on target with her growth curve?

  1. Deep breaths momma. Newborn stage is exhausting.
  2. My daughter reacted same on anything that wasn’t soy formula. I literally tried and failed with everything but soy. It’s easier on the tummy. Not so harsh as normal formula.
    My daughter would cry and scream constantly on Similac. Even sensitive brands. She would be so constipated nothing would work. I would even take her to the dr so they could give her something to poop. Just hrs after shed be back to screaming again after feeding.
    That’s when my pediatrician told me to try soy formula. And it worked.

I really hope your little one starts feeling better soon. And you too momma. Deep breaths. It’ll get better :purple_heart:

They had to change my daughter’s formula a couple of times before they found one her Tummy was ok with