Number of kids decisions

Ease my frustration :triumph::expressionless: and heartbreak :pleading_face::broken_heart:

So I have 2 babies. A 2yr daughter and 8 mo son.
I want more. I’ve always wanted 4. Childhood dream.
My husband however wants to stop at 2 or wait until our son is 3.
I don’t want my kids more than 2 yrs apart. My kids currently at about 21 months apart. I love the gap!
The original plan was to try for our 3rd when our son is 18m.
I know in my hearts of hearts that my family isn’t complete with just 2 kiddos.
I’m 27 and my husband is 24.
My goal is to have all my kids by 35.
I’m really frustrated by this new decision of his. :confused: and disappointed.
Obviously I can’t do anything about having children without him so now I’m stuck emotionally and mentally.
Has different opinions about how many kids you and your SO want ever broken your relationship? :pleading_face::broken_heart: