Needing words of encouragement due to going back to work

Next week I go back to work after being off for 8 weeks with my new born daughter I am so not ready to leave her please words of encouragement I am feeling terrible for having to leave her but I know we have to have the money as well.


I feel you. I only had 6 weeks off with my baby! This too shall pass.

You’re a Great Mom due to the fact you are in need of encouragement shows the care you have for your child… Just know you’re not a bad mom for choosing daycare. You’re doing what’s best to support & provide for your child. I Pray all the Encouragement you receive from all of Us gives you the strength that’s needed. :pray::kissing_heart::muscle:t5:


Please don’t think yourself as a “bad mom” for going back to work. You’re going back to help provide for your baby. And it’s not easy. But I promise it’ll get easier as they grow.


I sobbed when I dropped off my firstborn on the first day of daycare, but when the other moms asked the daycare person what was wrong she just said, “First time mother” and they all nodded sympathetically.

You’ll get used to it, your child will have a good time, make friends (really! My infant son had a little “girlfriend.” They would coo at each other and cried when one was absent for any reason), and they will gain socialization and other skills.

Your child will benefit from the wisdom of other caregivers and seeing different but positive ways of doing things. You will be spared some super stinky diapers and tantrums as you enjoy less noise and chaos & get adult conversation at work. Plus you get to enjoy breaks and coffee uninterrupted!

If you are breastfeeding, workplaces are SO much more accommodating than decades ago, even if it’s not ideal. Hopefully you don’t have to pump in a bathroom stall. Pro tip: drink lots and lots of water during the day as it makes it easier to pump. Then taper off water consumption for the commute home.

Just give you and your baby time and grace to reacclimate at the end of the day as you will both have big emotions. One preschool administrator called it “hell hour” when you’ve battled rush hour, scramble to pick up your child, have to think about dinner, maybe a companion animal who is also anxious to see you at the end of the day, chores and the work of the “second shift” of household tasks. And everyone in the family can be tired and hangry. If you have a partner it can be helpful to have one of you do drop-off and the other do pick-up so you each get a tiny break at the beginning or end of the work day as each can be hectic.

And don’t worry if your baby is crying when you leave for work; they often stop once the door closes and something catches their eye. Just make drop-off short and sweet and it will be less painful for everyone.

You’ve got this, and if you have more children that letting go is SO much easier the second time around. Just be sure you thoroughly check out the day care & do occasional unannounced drop-ins to be sure things are going smoothly. It gets easier, I promise, and sooner than you think.


Any mumma would struggle… it’s so sad that us mums have to do this these days…
Just know that you are doing the best you can for your baby 🫶🏻🫶🏻


You are going to work for HER! It’s very hard I remember clear as day as well as very guilty each time I left and “missed out” but at the end of the day u doing it for her and the family. You are not alone!


You must be in the USA. I am so sorry you have to go back so soon! I did as well, it hurt, it sucked and is not fair!
Let me also say, my Son is now 27 years old!


You are a wonderful mama! But,