Needing some gender reveal ideas

I’m looking for some ideas and recommendations! My fiancé and I will be finding out our baby’s gender the week of January 11th. With that being said, it’s most likely going to be cold outside, so what are some things we could do indoors to announce the gender?


I’ve seen people do the raw egg reveal, they hardboil all but one and whatever color is raw is the gender, or cupcakes or balloons

I know you said January but for my first we found out 3 days before Christmas so we did a lighting of a Christmas tree!


Don’t cause a forest fire and burn down a state :woman_shrugging:t2:


Greatest gender reveal, when the nurse
places the baby on your chest and the doctors says to you, “congratulations on your beautiful baby boy/girl”


My sister did an indoor one once. She had a color bath bomb and dropped it into a fish bowl

We had my parents each open a bag with an outfit in it. We are expecting twins so we had to do something to announce both babies. We took a video of them opening it.

The cake, confetti balloons (make sure the vacuum works first), I did mine by flavor of the cupcake and just handed them out. Berry mix if it was a girl, and caramel green apple for a boy. Just use a white icing on top and fill with a flavor. You could do a face pie the same way :rofl: Fill it with a colored filling that will represent the baby and smash it into your significant others face, streamers wrapped tight that you can pull down in one go.

Not sure if you have other children but I always thought it would be cute to have the older so a cake smash with blue or pink icing in the middle

i did a bath bomb with my third and let the two older kids drop it in… i personally didn’t want to find out bc we already had a boy and a girl but my husband needed to know … it’s nice for me to pick the name before hand it helps me connect with this little being on a different level

When we got pregnant with our fourth child our boys were older. so what we did was after we found out we went to the store and bought an outfit and put it in a gift bag and let them open it so they would be the first ones to find out. My parents were here when they opened the gift bag so they found out as well everybody else we just told.
They are now 18, 17, 15 and 5. Oldest 3 are boys and the youngest is a girl.

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Show the ultrasound.