Needing sleep advice for an 8 month old

Wondering if I can get some recommendations regarding my 8mo sleep. He used to be really good at napping, but now the longest I can get him to nap for is 25 min. Is this normal? I have 2 kids but was a working mom with my first. I check his diaper temp everything is good. The only thing I can think of is he is teething but he doesn’t sleep even if I give him Tylenol. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!


My youngest slept for 20 minutes at a time all day and night until he was 3 years old. Good luck

My little just turned a year old and only takes one 1 hour nap a day now but she also put down 10-12 hours a night of sleep. My husband is working around the property and my son now does online schooling so everyone is home and loud. When it was just me and her during the day she would take 2 naps about 2 hours for each one. Also try rocking them to sleep. I have been sleep training so I will put my little down for a nap or bed time but from time to time she wants to be rocked to sleep. Also try a darker room. I put a blanket over par of her bed to help block out the light from the windows. I hope this helps.

How many naps is he taking? Perhaps he’s ready to drop a nap.

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Babies go through sleep cycles just ride it out it will likely change :blue_heart:


Maybe this one doesn’t need as much sleep as the others…

some just dont sleep or take naps my 7 year old at about a year just stopped napping all together and slept throu the night my 4 year old had to have a couple naps and still does sometimes while my 9 month old takes one 2 hour nap and is good

Could be a sleep regression, happens sometimes when growing

Depends on the amount of sleep at night when bedtime and waking up is
Every kid is different

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Good luck.

My grandson was the same way, now at almost age 3, we are definitely dealing with hyperactivity and focus issues… & very little sleep…
Even with cold meds when sick, even the few times we’ve tried melatonin, he doesn’t sleep more than 6-7 hours per DAY :sob:

Quit giving him Tylenol. It’s a sleep regression and it’s normal

Sounds like teething. Try Motrin every 6hrs for a day or 2.