Needing recipe ideas

Last week I started back at work and now am completely clueless to what meals I am able to prep for my partner to put together or just throw in the oven. I really don’t want us eating all store bought frozen meals so if anyone has any suggestions if meals I can prep for him that aren’t too expensive/hard I would be very grateful for any suggestions!


I food prep! And I love it! My favorites are chicken pie. With the chicken cooked but not the crust, meatballs and gravy, baked spaghetti and meatloaf. All can be frozen and super easy to make and freeze multiple at the same time.

Crock pot meals! Beans, roast, chicken and veggies with a couple inches of water.


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I always make more than I need to freeze…takes same amount of mess so why not…
If you make spaghetti sauce… do lots…freeze…easy for lasagna or spaghetti…freeze gravy .meat…
Ribs, soup, stew…easy to prep then. Use veggie bags prep veggies for days instead of just one meal…use crock pot…

Everyone has always loved these meal creations

Cook mac n cheese n ground beef mix em I call it “Alaskan food” you can do the same w sausage.

Dirty rice mixed w ground beef sausage and chopped potatoes

Pastaroni u can buy at Walmart

If you can get an Instant pot or two and join a few instant pot groups you’ll find tons of yummy meals and it’s really sooooo easy too :blush:

Homemade Frozen casseroles

Check out the facebook page , Eating on a dime!

Pinterest…look up meal prepping tons and tons of ideas

I cook & put food in single-serving containers or on plates & put in the freezer so all anyone needs to do is nuke it. Add salad & fruit. He can make spaghetti w jar sauce & frozen meatballs (bought or homemade), salad in a bag, those 90-second rice or grain packs. You can toss leftover meats, vegetables and cheeses with eggs in a pie crust for quiche, or roll leftovers into crepes (Bisquick pancake mix w 2x the milk). I use chicken, celery, onions & tarragon in a white sauce as filling for crepes, roll them up, wrap in plastic wrap, put them in a large zipper bag & freeze. Can nuke them but if you cook them in the oven to heat they get crispy. :yum:

Send him to cooking class!

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Partner doesn’t cook? Get the box meals, Makes a great dinner and normally lasts for a couple of days. The box includes everything you need. I used to get them on sale if I could. Packaged salads are great.