Needing help getting rid of fleas in my house!

Please help me. I’m having the worst flea problem ever. I’ve tried literally everything. I have deep cleaned my entire house washed everything that could be washed sprayed everything down with flea spray that could be sprayed, bathed and treated all of the pets, and I don’t have any carpets. I have no idea how to get rid of them. I can’t use a fogger because I can’t leave the house for the amount of time that you need to given the fact that my car is in the shop being fixed after an accident. I need as many tips and tricks as you can give me. ASAP!


Following. We bombed our house and they’re back in the basement again :rage: the old tenant the left their cats which had fleas, and even after getting rid of them and trying to deal with the problem they came back.

What are you using for flea meds for pets? Vet tech here. Fleas have a 3 week life cycle and most preventions tell you to treat once a month. Get a good flea prevention from your vet and treat pets every 3 weeks for months in a row. Also get the flea spray from the vet

Use table salt. Sprinkle it on your carpets or floors just before you go to bed and vaccine in the morning. Also get a cake tin or some metal pan that’s really shinny but a mix of dish soap and water in it. Leave it on the floor and put a light on it and leave it there. They jump in and die from it

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We dealt with a horrible flea case a few years back,finally we went to petsmart and asked for the best way to cure the situation, it wasnt cheap but they showed us great products and it worked

Borax laundry soap powder is harmless

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Get pets the sorento flea collar. It transfers/kills fleas everywhere the pets go, not just on the pet. It works.

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You could try growing your household plants inside a sealed grow box this will help keep insects at Bay

Neem oil spray. When I went to my dad’s house to help after his heart attack he has flees and mosquitoes so bad that my son, 8 at the time, was being eaten alive. A friend told us about neem oil and it was a miracle. Keep the bugs off the kid and helped me get them out of the house!

Capstar for the cats and dogs then preventative meds or fleae collars.

I sympathize, I had that problem myself… I spent a fortune trying to get rid of them. I finally resorted to using an old fashion method. Borax detergent inside an out…it’s important to treat your outside property as well. Good luck.

Nobody could pick you up for a few hours to bomb the house?

Vacuum house every day and empty bag out, because they will just jump out of it. It takes 3 months (at the least) of dosing all pets with name brand (not generic) flea medicine. (Frontline GOLD for cats and dogs, but Nexgard is best for dogs). Pick as many fleas off of animals as you can every day until you don’t find anymore. Make sure you kill the fleas. You can get a flea comb, it works wonders. Also make sure pets are dewormed because they will keep re-infesting themselves by chewing on themselves and accidentally swallowing flea eggs and then they hatch in their poop.

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Use diatomaceous earth food grade. Sprinkle on your floors, their food and on their bodies. Look it up. Just did this at my fiance’s house. Works


K9 advantix was the only thing that worked for my dog years ago

They may be under the wood and in the walls bomb crawls space and your entire home and then deep clean then bomb again

  1. Blue dawn dish soap for bathing the animals.
  2. Wash all soft material things in hot water. Bag up other things that can’t be washed.
  3. Vacuum floors and furniture.
  4. Seresto collars for all pets!! They are costly up front, but are soooooo worth the money. I adopted a puppy who was INFESTED with fleas and caused a huge infestation in my home. 1 week of Seresto collars on her and my INDOOR cats and the fleas were gone! We tried every other topical, pill and collar available and nothing worked.
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I’ll bet you my last dollar you have not treated your cars interior, and the pets are bringing them right back in.

Tea tree oil diluted with water … keep spraying on everything including yourself


I bought a house in south Carolina and it was infested with fleas. Someone told me to get seven dust and sprinkle my carpet and furniture and leave it overnight
I did that and I vaccuum ed next morn, floors and furniture . Never had another flea problem.

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Your gonna have to bug bomb your house and vaccum like twice a day. Same thing happened to me once and it was really the only way to get rid of them. Also if you have pets get them on the flea medication. It’s a pill so that if there is any left on them, they will die to

Diatomic earth (safe for pets) and dawn dish soap and water in a shallow bowl or frisbee on the floors.


Have you treated your yard?

Flea medicine for the animals but you have to get it from the vet and also a can of flea spray they sell at the veterinarian office. The stuff in the stores don’t really work.

We used Dawn diluted it a bit sprayed all the outside of our hm, mopped daily if not twice a day for weeks till they were gone… we only had ading and bathed her daily with dawn soap as well! Good luck

Go to do it yourself pest get the powder and spray. only thing that works. and capstar pills

We were completely infested this year!! We use these 3 things!!! NOTHING WORKS BUT THESE. Spray for 3 days, then use 1x a week

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You’ll need to spray your yard and bomb under the house too, if you do get to bomb inside, and maybe do it again. My vet told me.I had to break the egg cycle. Our cats got them BAD after moving into a new place. Fleas suck. Im sorry.

Tea tree oil spray it around the house i have 3 dogs with carpet and thats how i keep fleas away plus i use adams on my dogs

Indorex spray, lasts for 12 months and can be used on mattress quilts, everything. Spray and leave for 3 days and then hoover up. The warmth and vibration of the hoover causes any eggs to hatch and the spray kills them instantly. Also flea treat your animal like clock work.

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I have the same problem right now… make sure when treating pets it’s the treatment from vet. I asked my vet what I could do to get rid of these damn pests!! She said to go every 3 weeks to get the treatment and treat pets, use fogger… on the bottle says to clean house first … literally move couches vaccuum behind it, fleas like to lay their eggs in pet bedding, sand, dust… she said they could even live in baseboards under fridge… any crook and cranies… I’m in this process right now. Fleas have diminished alot but when I comb my pets with the flea comb I’m still getting a few that are alive. Hoping the next few treatments for pets will solve problem completely.

Fleas are the easiest pest to get rid of, thankfully. Just put salt all over your floors overnight and vacuum it up in the morning until they are gone. Tea tree oil in shampoo.

Seresto flea collars. They are pricey but u can cut in half and sew inside normal collars. Worked for mine. And advantage flea spray. Spray your whole house several times over a couple weeks. The collars will help kill the fleas that keep getting on the animals. Vacuum multiple times a day. Steam clean if you can to help remove and kill eggs. Make sure you wash and dry any animal bedding.

If you live in a humid warm climate, you may have to keep treating repeatedly until they die off. I ended up tearing all my carpet up after 2 years of nonstop fleas. It wasnt just fleas for my decision though, my daughter has a severe allergy to dust and the dust stays trapped in the carpets.

Flea bombs always worked well for me.
I’m sorry I know it’s horrible

I had the same happen to me nothing would get rid of them I looked up online ways to get rid of them and it actually worked put a small bowl of water with dawn dish soap or any type of dish soap and put it under ur couch and beds the fleas will go into the bowl and the soap makes it so they get trapped in it. Empty every day an repeat water with dish soap under furniture.

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Sprinkle salt on your carpet at night leave it vacuum in the morning!!! It drys them out

Treat ur yard and raid Sarah Faye what all did yall use to get rid of the fleas

There is a pill I got from the vet that lasts months. We literally saw the fleas jumping off the dog. Fleas don’t bite people so, if you treat the animals with this pill (it’s like $60 for one pill but it lasts several months) and just vacuum a few times like normal, you should be fine. You don’t need to treat the property outside -the pill will repel the fleas from the animal and they won’t come back and once there is a freeze (which I think there’s one coming this week for kc), they’ll be dead/underground in the yard.

Yes dawn for the pets and I always use a shampoo after the dawn just as a second wash plus it helps moisturize the skin because dawn can dry out the pets skin but it will for sure kill the fleas and works miracles! I’ve used it on my cats and dogs! Also they have outdoor sprays you can attach to the hose to treat your year as well as pellets you can sprinkle in the yard like ant killer. I’ve used that around my yard its available at Lowe’s in the garden department. I treat my yard twice a year just as a precaution.

Get your pet’s to a vet so they can get a pill for fleas and have your house sprayed by a professional it will end your problem

Lemon spray is good too. They lay eggs which can lie dormant until you disturb them, ie with a hoover up to months later. Boil wash everything Inc Bedding and towels.

Put glasses of water with a drop of blue dawn dish soap around your house. The fleas will jump into it and die. Also wash everything you can with dawn

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Most effective method I’ve ever found was an animal with flea prevention/medicine on or in their body. They go everywhere the fleas are, the fleas jump on them, the fleas die when they try to bite them.

You need to have your house professionally sprayed and it will have to be done multiple times. You have to kill the fleas and all of the eggs. The eggs could be in several stages that’s why you will need multiple treatments. Fleas are hell to get rid of.

Use diatomaceous earth that you can buy from home depot or Lowes on the yard. Just keep animals and kids inside when putting it on the yard bc even though its nontoxic after its put down you don’t want to breath it in. For the animals bathe them in blue dawn. It will kill the fleas. You can also put garlic in their food to repel fleas. You can use salt or baking soda on fabric, let it sit and soak in and then vacuum up and that kills fleas too. Hope you get some relief

100% Cedar oil/ Mix one part cedar oil with nine parts water and spray. Wash clothes and bedding as usual and dry on high heat two consecutive cycles. Bag up clean clothes in plastic bags until done. Spray carpets, couches, beds, and all areas. Mix a small amount of cedar oil in the shampoo and bathe animals. Leave it on 5 mins and rinse and condition. If you have cats you will have to use tea tree oil instead to bathe them. Repeat all this 2 weeks later and as necessary. Use Front Line Top Spot on your animals every 3 months afterwards. You can even spray the yard with the cedar oil if it helps. Good luck!

Treat the outside (yard), under the house as well as the inside all at the same time.

These will help after you get it under control and I use diatomaceous earth around the inside and outside of my house

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Fleas definitely bite humans

Salt on the carpets left over night then vacuum up. We got rid of ours within days. Plus dawn dishsoap mixed with water with a light over. Wash pets with the dawn dish soap.


as i read these comments some of them worry me because i dont think they know the dangers of some of these things suggested. the only safe thing to use is diatomaceous earth, dawn soap (blue) or ask your vet. please DO NOT USE: tea tree oil, garlic, borax. these can really harm your dog and or cat. especially tea tree oil. cats and dogs are highly allergic to this oil and can most likely cause fatality. borax can burn these paws especially if they get it on their and lick it and itll be digested. and garlic if they ingested can be harmful too.

Make dish soap traps (1 tb of dawn 2 tbs of water and battery operated tea light candles) the light attracts the fleas and the soapy water makes it so they cant jump out so the basically drown. you can look up natural remedies to mop your hard floor with too. And most of them you can spray on your pets and furniture. If they have already has flea treatment I recommend using another option as well. My cats get the pill and a topical once every 2 months and they get flea collars on the in between vets will tell you the same things you should use two preventatives for the best results. I’ve also had to treat out side around my house. Doing all these things together was the only way I stopped the infestation in my house. It took 2 weeks but haven’t seen anything since. Hope this helps!

Sevin dust POWDER not capsules. Sprinkle in the yard & on hardwood floors. Let it sit on floors for at least 30 minutes then sweep it up.

Get a good topical flea drop from Wal-Mart & use for at least 2 months.

Then get Home Defense bug spray & do the entire perimeter of inside & outside.

I live in the county, with 5 dogs who roam 7 acres. & have blankets all over my floors & furniture. I do this routine every spring & fall & we have zero fleas & ticks.

It makes a bit of a mess but vacuums up nicely… I’d would but it on the furniture let set then vacuum… great stuff, safe to be around, food grade so if the animal try to eat it, it won’t hurt them… it’s definitely odd you have fleas with no carpet… you can always sprinkle this in you yard as well

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We adopted our dog from a shelter whom was covered in fleas. That being said, getting rid of the flea infestation is the biggest pain in the butt!! Fleas drop up to 2k eggs on their host. That can include you too! Fleas can only live up to a week without their host(s). Try boarding your pets for a few days and get them on nextguard, or some kind of other flea killer medication tablet.

Vacuum, sweep, mop everyday. Spray your house down with “advantage” flea killer or “sentry” flea killer. We used Sentry and it worked in our home. You have to spray the house down everyday for 7-8 months. We sprayed it down for a year to be on the safe side :sweat_smile: We also used flea killer in the yard. We put our dog on Nextguard. Once your pets are infested, over the counter products you buy at the pet store won’t work on your pets. Studies show that most over the counter products for flea prevention on your pets, the fleas are amune to so 9/10 it doesn’t work. Just keep at spraying the house and bathing your dog in blue dawn dish soap along with a prescription flea killer chew/tablet. Blue dawn dish soap kills fleas on contact. We did these baths every other day for about a month. Fleas suck!

Dish soap and water in containers on the floor

Getting rid of them depends on the treatment used on the animals. Cheaper flea treatments don’t work as well. But if you get Frontline Plus (or equivalent) the fleas will be gone in no time.

Speaking from experience here. When I’d go into the laundry room in the basement, they’d literally leap on me. Tried cheaper flea treatments to know avail. Bought the $50/ pack Frontline Plus and they were dead within a week. They can’t breed on humans so Once you get rid of the host/breeding ground they will die off in a very short time.

Keep vacuuming several times a day. I had this a few years back. Took 3 months 2 get it under control. I did the animals once a month n kept using the foggers. And vacuuming all the time. It gets a lotta them up.

Every single thing you basically own from bedding to clothes to stuffed animals you need to bag in huge black garbage bags dump Borax in them and let them sit out in the sun for 24 to 48 hours then wash everything. Then deep clean

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did you flea bomb your house

nematoads in lawn n well watered got rid of my flea issues n every cupla days flea shampoo the dogs. no instant fix !

Ripe off carpet

It’s the only way

Wash everything in blue dawn.

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Flea bomb doesn’t wk

treating your yard or any areas they spend time outdoors is just as important as indoors.

Dawn dish soap!!! Bath dogs, and mop floors in Dawn dish soap the original blue kind.

I’ve heard salt onto your floors also wash your pets in tea tree oil

We took in some strays and got fleas. Take your animals to the vet and they can give you advice on what to do. Ours gave us a recipe for a bleach bath or whatever name for it is.

Put some dish soap and water in a bowl and put it under a lamp and the fleas will jump in it

I kept doing my non carpet floors with hot water mixed with lemon juice and would switch back and forth with vinegar

Flea beacon from home depot. Start in the worst room and move rooms when the pad has just a few on it. Also treat the animals. Eventually the flea light will have no fleas and it caught them all. Only thing that has ever worked for us.

There is something called nature bath it’s a powder I mix it with blue dawn and kills the fleas on dogs fast washed bedding in it too.

Prescription strength flea drops for the pets.

You also need to kill the flea eggs… the animals need a pill

Vac up some moth flakes then vacuum the moth will kill them as they are vacuumed up this was told to me by a vet after a puppy I bought from a pet store was riddled with them and of course my carpeting became infested it it worked no fleas the flea medicine took care of the pup the moth flakes took care of the house

Pinesol is excellent for this! Spray your baseboards afterwards

You need an exterminator and follow his instructions to the letter

Plant lavender and lemon grass around home.also can make pouches and place along edges of home.lemon grass is safe for pets lavender is safe in milder forms

Use Seresto flea collars. Vacuum everything the pets get on and their bedding. Do this for about 3 days and you should b good. Those Seresto collars are expensive but they do work.

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Any and all materials need to be tightly bagged to smother them for two weeks. After two weeks wash all material things in hot water to rid of bodies and kill any existing eggs.
Wash everything in the house thoroughly including couches (in all crevices, corners etc) clean mattresses, pillows and any other material items and inside all cupboards, drawers and closets. Spray every crevice, crack and surface with bug spray. Shake out every book, they like to live in the creases inside books. Best to keep you and animals out of the house for a few days after you spray bug spray until you clean it up. After washing all materials keep anything you can live without double bagged tightly for a month. Wipe clean surfaces and areas of bug spray and bug bodies and eggs from anywhere the animals have contact with/access to.
I’ve done it twice once in a friends place, once in mine. It sucks but you’re place will never be cleaner lol

This is what we use when our house had an issue with fleas. Only thing that seemed to work. But when you do it. Take the animals out of the room you spray and leave the house for a bit. Then vaccum when you get back. And vaccum daily and wash all bedding due to eggs, until you’re not infested anymore. If you live near woods, you cant fully get rid of them esp if you have in and out animals/people that go in or near the woods. They can track them in on themselves. Hope this helps.

I sprinkle boric acid around baseboards

Get the flea pill from the vet that lasts 1 month. It worked miracles at my house in 2 days the fleas disappeared

Use Bravecto. Kills all fleas and flea eggs in a few hours. Give to all the animals at one time.

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There is a flea med pill you get from the vet. It killed all fleas in 3 days.

Salt your house my veterinarian told us that EVERYTHING furniture leave it under your furniture vacuum it after a couple hours. Furniture appliances e everywhere won’t hurt anything

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Put your pets out side

My mom had a really bad infestation this summer and even bombing her house didnt get them all. She got plug in pest control things and its gotten so much better. My poor toddler was getting eaten up everytime we visited her now he barely ever gets a bite.

even use it on your pets

Advantus flea pill chews. They are the only thing that work for us.

Baby powder will smother them. Sprinkle it in your bedding, rugs, floors and leave it for awhile and then sweep it up. You can even sprinkle it on you pets.

Go to the vet and get bravecto. That is really the only way in my experience. I tried all sorts of other things including bombing and the only thing that worked was the prescription.
It is expensive but I spent twice as much trying to rid the fleas with out the vets help. It is worth it.

1: what are you treating the pets with
2: try knockout spray

Do you have a cellar with a dirt floor? If so you need to treat just as much as everything else or nothing you do will work.

The only thing that worked for me years ago when i had that problem was a fogger but I’ve eucalyptus oil works

They must have hosts… Find those!

Get your yard sprayed also

You’re going to have to get a hotel room and get rid of your pets🤷🏻‍♀️ I love animals but personally would never own one


Wash your Kitties w/ Apple Cider vinegar. 1/2 vinegar & 1/2 water! It was the only thing that worked for my cat!