Needing cleaning inspiration

Hey if one of you beautiful mamas that loves to clean can give some motivation and energy to me I’d be very appreciative!


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Put on a housework Playlist, open your curtains, open your windows, then clean, and reward yourself bc who could do all that but you😘


Get the music on and put some good tunes on ,get your hair up and maybe a drink :cocktail: lol . I’m gonna start now .I also have a cleaning business so my motivation is getting paid :rofl::rofl: but at home I have no choice it’s gets done or I live in a mess with kids in the house .


Put some music on and start something small like windows. The reward at the end is amazing. Nothing is better then a clean house it really soothes my soul.


Tbh I’m a cleaning lady and find it hard sometimes to do my own house…but I have OCD and it bothers the F outta me. Lol. I have a certain Playlist I play that for some reason puts me in the mood to clean. Try that


Do one room at a time no pressure then :ok_hand:


I have my own cleaning business and once I’m home it’s difficult to get motivated but I love when all my candles are lit afterwards. That’s what my end goal is lol.

I enjoy podcasts so i turn on my favorite true crime Podcaster, make a list of things you want to accomplish and that helps me get in the zone!

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I love to clean! I usually make a list of everything I want to get done, pull out all of the cleaning supplies, open my curtains and put my music on realllllly loud.

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I love watching YouTube videos while I clean! Tiffani Beaston is a good one, or Tara Henderson or Caitlyn Neir. They all organize and clean in their videos and I find it helpful when I clean!

Always Ned some good dance music going. And I split the house, main floor on mondays second floor on tuesdays Wednesday is my over flow day, leaves Thursday and Friday for me/kids/errands

Hard to. Clean my own house but like helping others clean if they need it.i just relax then make myself play me some music get me pumping.

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Don’t do it all yoursef. Put music on and get your kids to do whatever chores they can. If my kids do an amazing job then I take them out for an ice cream cone.

I put on my favorite Playlist or my current favorite podcast. Open the curtains & start in the back of the house (which is my kitchen.) And take it one room at a time and take small breaks (without sitting down bc then ill lose all the motivation i gained lol) so I don’t get too overwhelmed.

I gave up & economize elsewhere to afford a cleaning person. ADHD means I get overwhelmed so easily. Even paying a service just a few times a year can help you feel caught up.

Other ideas: find a friend to clean with. You do both homes but together so it’s a social thing too. Or trade chores with someone. I’d happily cook for someone if they’d clean for me.

Break things down into small tasks. Commit to 1/4 of a room at a time, or start with just organizing the linen closet. Usually once you get started you’re more likely to continue. Or set a timer or alarm for however many minutes you can easily do, like 5 or 10 minutes. It’ll get you going & you can see progress and feel accomplished enough to then continue. Reset the timer as many times as you can stand, possibly for longer & longer times.

Set a schedule of what you do most days so it becomes a habit. Designate one or two days to catch up when you can’t get to a task for whatever reason. Mon: laundry Tues: floors Wed: bathrooms, Thurs: kitchen Fri: dusting/polishing Sat & Sun: finish what you missed.

Also find motivational music that peps you up. Dance as you run the vacuum or wield the feather duster.

Use the time to talk to friends hands free on the phone. Cleaning is muscle memory; you don’t have to concentrate so much so you can carry on a conversation. Or listen to books on tape, a podcast, or whatever will engage your mind as you clean. Only listen while you’re cleaning so it’s your motivation to clean to find out what comes next.

Turn on some upbeat music

I don’t love or even like to clean… but you gotta do it! I crank up the music (80s or country) and pick a small section in the room- for deep cleaning. ((Not a whole room)) Also, I’ll set a timer and do things quickly for 15 minutes. Years ago, I would do a chart… Mondays/Thursdays, I would this and that. On Tuesday/ Fridays, I would do ____ and ___.

These are some of the things I will do when it seems overwhelming. And my kids had daily, weekly, and monthly chores too.

Look at the suggestions from everyone and see what will work best for you. You got this!!

I start in one corner and work my way around the room

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I love the smell of Clorox with cleaning - and I love comet and pine sol - my must go to cleaning products don’t know why I love those smells but that’s what motivates me to :sponge:

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I wake up before my family and do as much as I can. I turn in the news or a book or just something to listen to to keep my brain busy and let myself go. I cleaned for a living for years so I will say it helps to work top to bottom in any room like take your swifter and get cobwebs then work your way down, dust, clean glass, pick up toys, garbage etc, wipe down furniture if it needs it, sweep, then mop. Do one room at a time. That’s important. Also if you have laundry built up let it run while you are doing other cleaning. Don’t stress yourself out about it. If you can only manage the living room and bathroom in one day that’s ok it’s better than it was. If it’s too bad just make yourself do a little every day because anything is better than nothing. Sometimes I have to do myself like I would a child and say hey self no screen time (or whatever) until you accomplish X. You got this!

l Get paid over $130 per hour working from home. l never thought I’d be able to do it but my buddy makes over $17798 a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The possibility with this is endless.

Go to This.

I set time limits for things. Like
dishes = 15 min.
Clean the bathroom = 20 min
take out trash = 5 min. It keeps me on track lol

Down Sizeing on dishes and bedding, towels etc helps

It helps me to listen to either podcasts or audio books, it helps me focus. Another option, have someone come and talk to you while you clean, that also helps me

Oh and it’s okay to split tasks up into halves if it helps you get stuff done too

Watch a few episodes of Hoarders :joy:
Stg it gets me worked up to clean like I’m cleaning for my life

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I clean for a living and have no motivation to clean my our apartment

I follow this on IG and it helps motivate me

I watch Emily Norris and Aurikatariina 's cleaning videos on YouTube while drinking a coffee, put on music then go to town cleaning my own house.

Pick a room to work on each day or a specific area

It helps me to focus on one area at a time, the one that’s been bothering me the most first. Put on my favorite upbeat music and just zone into what I’m doing.

Zack Williams Playlist

17 weeks pregnant I finally vacuumed the stairs of nasty dog hair that I haven’t touch this whole pregnancy :sweat_smile: you can do anything! I’m about to go dig out a tree!