Needing Christmas gift ideas for my man!

So my man has given me Christmas gift ideas for him…and he keeps mentioning a certain music artist who also creates art (already has a sweatshirt, but he does canvas art, hats, etc) HOWEVER this art is not the greatest. What would you do?? Get him something from them anyway?? Get him other things on his list? And what about practical gifts that we need? I stink at gift giving! Help


His work may not be the greatest which is why he may like the person. What he sees may not be what be what you see. Get him what he wants


Get him what he asked for? Just because you don’t think it’s great art doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to like it. It’s not your gift, it’s his.


His present should be something he wanted


Don’t get him something “we” need. You would be upset if he did that to you if you made a list of things you want. Its Christmas get him something from the list even if you don’t like the artist, he does, its for him not you.


I agree w/ the other ladies ~ get him something he wants . You can always buy the things you need later. I mean just imagine the look on his face when he opens up that gift ~ like a big kid.


*the best gift would be to get the tshirts/hats of the artwork if you dont want them put up on the walls. Just because you dont like it doesnt mean that you get to dictate what he does or doesn’t like.

*practical is fine to a point. If its something he needs and wants. But dont buy him a vacuum because the household needs a new vacuum.

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Art piece that he can hang in his man cave, office space or garage?? Also I think you should do what makes him happy…

Gifts should be something the person receiving it wants. Thought and care should be put into it as well.

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Get him what he asked for…not a practical gift because it’s convenient for you…

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Buy him a refurbished PS1 and NHL97

I say give him what he wants

I get my man Dr. Squatch, he loves the gift box. Especially with the exfoliating soap bars. He also smells great after use!

Get him what he wants. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, it’s what he wants.


Just make sure it’s not something like a canvas you have to put up in the house if you hate it!

I don’t understand why his work not being that good (in your opinion) would make a difference in whether or not you get him what he wants for Christmas? If there’s things that you think would be beneficial for the both of you then maybe you could ask him for said things as your gift. Best of luck :blush: