Needing baby girl name ideas, any suggestions?

I’ve found out I’m having a little girl but it seems she is trying to come way way to early, the problem is I can’t seem to think of a name for her and it is super important to me that I have one chosen incase she does come, I’m supposed to have 17 weeks to come up with one but it might not work out how it’s supposed to, I just can’t seem to pick one, the middle name is going to be Jane so any suggestions is more then appreciated. TIA. xx


Maybe you need to wait till you hold her in your arms and then you’ll think of 1.



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Before my oldest son was born, we had decided on Abligal Noel (last name) for a girls name. Means fathers gidt

One of my favorite people in the world is named Natalie Jane

Make a list of likes and dislikes. If want a certain letter to start the name etc. We have all S names for the girls and E names for the boys. Look at meanings of names. Google girl names. I liked Serenity my husband didnt for our last, was a boy so didn’t matter.


We just found out we were having another boy. Our girl name was going to be Louella.


I have a Tomi Jo as my daughter… She is names after my mom who passed 4 years ago and always wanted a namesake. My aunt is Jo and sadly she passed this year on the same day my mother did. My grandma said my moms name was supposed to be different but when she saw her she said she was Tomi Jean… You might pick out a name and change your mind when you see her.

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Well, Mary seems the obvious choice, but old school. I like Emma. It’s a strong, yet graceful name.


Esma, Gianna, Addalynn, Addison ,

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Victoria, Charlotte, Annabelle,

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Nataliya, Mckeena, Paisley

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No name ideas, but sending positive vibes your way for the health of you and your little girl. :two_hearts:

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Don’t stress about it until she’s here! If you stumble on a name before hand, then great! But if you don’t, she can be Baby Girl (Last Name) for a few hours or days even!

My oldest had a name before she was born, but my youngest was Baby Girl for almost 2 days while her dad and I tossed around ideas. She has a perfect name now, and I still call her baby girl as a nickname :blush:

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Reba jane or Barbera jane

Sophia or Scarlett :heart:

check the Bible for names.

Castyn (Cast- tin) Delaney, is what I named my daughter 16 years ago. I love different names though

I love Aliza for a girl
Or Ezmyn

My daughter’s name is Eliza and everybody calls her Liza Jane I really like it but now it’s too late

Everly Jane sounds pretty. I love the name Everly but boyfriend hates it :sob::joy:

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don’t fret, the right name will come to you and if she is born and you get to know her for a day or two before you pick that’s okay too, I didn’t pick my second daughter’s name until like a week or so before she was born.

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My daughters middle name is Jane and her first name is Alice . So I vote Alice Jane :grin: I also like the names
Quinn Jane
Penelope Jane
Ember Jane
Ashley Jane
Lydia Jane
Kora Jane
Kimberley Jane
Elizabeth Jane
Victoria Jane
Stella Jane

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Avery, Layla, Alyssa, almost any first name goes with beautiful Jane :heart: prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy

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I always liked the older names Evelyn, Lillian, Alice, Julia. Ally Jane is a good one. Good luck picking a name :blush:

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Layla Jane
Olivia Jane
Kennedy Jane

Ellie Jane
Emma Jane
Raynah Jane :two_hearts:

Everleigh Jane
Tinsley Jane
Landry Jane
Emory Jane

My great grandma left me with one best advice. “ the first gift you give a child besides life is a name. Choose wisely” that has alway stuck with me even though she has been gone for many years. Though I don’t have any names to offer. The one person that can answer your question is you. Look in your heart and you will find a perfect name


Layla Jane is pretty, Miranda Jayne is pretty…Olivia Jayne.

Kayla Jane
Kennedy Jane
Naomi Jane
Bethany Jane
Natalie Jane

Harper Rose
Zoe Rose
Emma Rose

Janelle Jane
Jezlyn Jane
Mary Jane
Miriam Jane
Margaret Jane
Margot Jane
Annabelle Jane
Hannabeth Jane
Jenna Jane
Alissa (Alyssa) Jane

Brynlee Jane
Bralee Jane
Tessa Jane
Raynie Jane
Britta Jane
Jessa Jane
Jaylie Jane

Sophia Grace
Misty Rose

Lilah Jane
Emma Jane
Avery Jane
Summer Jane
Kaylee Jane

Vanessa Jane
Kaitlyn Jane

Emma, Riley and Ava sound good with Jane

Amelia Jane
Melissa Jane
Ivy Jane

I like family names. Look back at grandmothers or great grandmothers first, middle, maiden or married names. If you’re into masculine names for a girl, you could do the same with your grandfathers.

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Emmaleigh Jane, Sarah Jane, Lillian Jane, Madyson Jane, Leslie Jane, Lola Jane,

Sarah Jane
Bella Jane
Marly Jane

Amanda Jane, Ivy Jane, Taylor Jane.

I’m partial to Victoria Jane.

Depends on your last name…, so it flows… Also if you want the name to mean anything in particular, eg: precious, strong, etc…you can google…:-))

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Kimberly Jane dennie

Cassie Jane sweet jane

Esme Jane, Fiona Jane,
Layla Jane, Harper Jane,
Isabella Jane,
Mariah Jane, Olivia Jane,
Piper Jane, Scarlett Jane ,

(You can’t tell me I’m the only one that automatically went to Mary Jane lol )Emory Jane ,Haley Jane

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Augusta Jane
Laine Jane
Eliza Jane

Melodie (Melody) Jane

My daughters are Briley and Everly

Sophia Jane, mine is Paula jane

My daughter is Nova Jane, or Christa Jane, Mandy Jane, Laura Jane

Carlie… means STRONG

Get one of those paper back books with baby’s names. Has the name and what it means. Also google girls names. I really didn’t like the most popular ones tho. Wanted mine to be unique. But had a boy and husband named him. I got to choose middle name tho.

Jorja Jane, Emma Jane, Irene Jane, Destiny Jane, Annie Jane, Malanie Jane

Nirvana Jane
Cherie Jane
Brianna Jane
Laura Jane
Hayley Jane

Ella Jane
Madilynn Jane
Makenzie Jane
Kayson Jane

Makenna, Emma, Cierra, Melissa, Kendal, zoe, Chloe

My daughters name is Aubriella Jayne

Trust me 17 weeks is not enough time. My son came 15 weeks early. We named him Atlas Jordan.

I recommend:
Skylie or

Amelia, Sadie, Gracie

Nevaeh it’s heaven spelt backwards and my daughters name is nevaeh Mary-jayne :heart:

Ruby, Samantha, taryn, felicity,

Nevaeh… Heaven spelled backwards.

My daughters name is Lorelei. There are many ways to shorten it-Laura, Rory, Lorel.


I like the middle name to have the same Letter as the first name.
Josie jane
Jillian Jane
josephine jane

I chose Miranda Jane for my daughter years ago!

Olivia, Rosie, Rylie, Anna, Emma

Sophia Jane, Emma Jane, Stacy Jane :crazy_face:

Lillyana Jane
Trinity Jane
Amarie Jane
Autumn Jane
Rosealy Jane
We were hoping to have another girl and we picked the same middle name those were names we came up with but instead we had a boy so instead of trinity Jane or son is Tristen James

I have a Sara Annette

Marilyn, Victoria, Serenity

Growing up my favorite candy was Mary Jane darn they were good

Mary Jane so classy x

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Melissa Jane
Sara Jane
Sienna Jane

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Good luck mama!

For some reason I love boy names for girls… my oldest girl is Codi Ann… so I automatically went to Dustin. Dustin Jane… (you could call her dusty or DJ for short)

Emma jane
Lily jane
Eleanor jane
Loretta jane

What about Taylor (I spelled my daughters name Taelor)

Just get list of names you like then see what goes together with jane. But in all honesty have few names as my first girl left hospital as jazmine. She didnt look like a jazmine now called freya lol.
Second gorl left hospital a karla and week later changed to alisiya x


Jolena (pronounced joe-leena) jane

Betty Jane, Charlotte Jane, Porsche Jane Skye, Abby Jane, Scarlette Jane, Maya Jane,

I have a Lucy. I think Lucy Jane sounds really pretty :blush:

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Paisley Jane! This might sound funny, but when I picked my boys’ names out I had to pretend I was yelling for them to come inside from playing to make sure it sounded good together. Good luck mama!! Whatever your little girls name is, it will be beautiful!

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My sister’s name is Kayla Jayne, think it goes really well together :blush:

We love our Sara Jane :heart: congratulations on your baby girl.

Casara Jane or Gracie jane

Olivia Jane :heart: thats my daughter name

Ariya Jane is my daughters middle names her first name is Felicity

Annabelle. Ebony, marlie

Catalina Jane or Katharine Jane.
Annabelle Jane, Lilly Jane, Layla Jane

Hailee, Isabella, Veronica…just a few I like😊

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Ivey, Rebecca, Ramona, the old faithful Mary (Jane).

Olivia Jane, Elizabeth Jane. Alissa Jane.

Wait until you see her She will name herself


Amaya Jane or Anaya Jane. Or maybe Liza Jane like in the childrens song :heart:

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