Needing advice on custody in Texas

Hi. I am a mom of two. One of my kids I have no issue with the custody and following the paperwork. Now on the other hand for one of my children the other parent refuses too. I am in the state of Texas and was told if the parent does not show up with in five minutes of the court ordered time they are considered forfeiting their time. Has anyone else heard this? I have not done that yet. But I am to the point it’s getting close because of so many other things going on with the situation.


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Five minutes is still pretty early. If they have not reached out to you and said hey I’m running late then that’s where I see the problem.

I’m in Texas and I was always told 30 mins. Not sure of your situation, but that’s what my paperwork says.

This is something you should directly contact the court about. And get it in writing. Especially family court in Texas. It should be common sense to contact the court with any Court paper questions.

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No. 5 minutes is not a reasonable amount of time. :roll_eyes:

  1. Do not believe everything you hear.

  2. Regardless of whatever other factors are going on, do not interfere with court ordered visitation (that’s a really quick way to be held in contempt).

  3. $hit happens and everyone runs late at times. If you have other plans, have the opposing parent meet you wherever you are.

  4. Communicate in writing and document when they’re late and for how long.

  5. Breathe and try not to stress over minor issues. {HUGS}

Ours is 30. But as for your 5 minutes, there shouldn’t be an issue if you are communicating. “Hey I’m stuck in traffic”…“hey, there’s a wreck and traffic is backed up”…“hey, I’m running out the door late but I’m on the way”. If you’re communicating that you are on the way, then I don’t see how you will be forfeiting your time.

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I was told 30 minutes and I’m in Texas

Soooo… Is the 5 minutes and excuse to not have to see the other parent because they continue to mess up, or is it you don’t feel like waiting any longer. If the 5 minutes is the only reason to cancel the visit, I’d say that’s a terrible excuse.


I have only heard 30 minutes. 5 minutes is not a reasonable amount of time for refusing visits. On your theory if you’re 5 minutes late picking the child up they could say you never showed 🤷 it’s 30, don’t be petty.


Normally most states say 30-45minutes

Don’t take your frustrations with the other parent out on your child. It may not seem like it at the moment but not allowing them to see a parent who is 5 mins late because you’re upset about something completely different they did wrong then you are hurting your baby not the other parent. That baby doesn’t know what their parent does wrong unless they are legit neglecting or abusing them so don’t be the parent who makes the other look bad on purpose in your child’s eyes. Let them see you did everything you could to have a working coparenting relationship regardless of how the other parent acts. When they get older they’ll know what’s up and who’s who :two_hearts:

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It sounds like you and the other party need to go back to court or at least contact your respective attorneys to have your court order revised or updated.

However, 5 minutes is not a reasonable timeframe for margin of error in the meeting time, especially if either party is traveling a significant distance


I live in Texas and my lawyer told me 30. If they don’t show up and there’s no communication, go home.
On the other hand my husband texted his ex we were running about 10 minutes late and they stayed about 2 minutes and left… so we went to their house to get him.


First, stop thinking about it as thr other parent’s time. It is your child’s time with their other parent. They deserve that time unless the other parent is unsafe. 5 minutes is ridiculous. 15 to 30 minutes is the standard for this and that is only after it is put into a court order.


5 min is cutting it close. What about traffic? Just off of work? Anything.

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5 minutes sounds ridiculous even if that was law I wouldn’t only wait 5 minutes

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Ask your lawyer I wouldn’t trust Facebook because if you are wrong you are in contempt of court and it can cause serious issues


You were told by whom? 15-20 minutes is usually customary. Unless they call or text you.

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My husband’s papers were done in Texas and he has 30 mins.

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5 minutes…no way. I’d definitely look that up further. 5 minutes could mean hitting red lights v not.


In Indiana you have to give a 15 minute grace period.

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5 mins is ridiculous. Life happens. Hell traffic can hold them up


I’ve always heard 30 minutes. But you have to have it in the court order.

Have you tried talking with the other parent about the meet up time? Maybe a little later would be easier for them.

It is 30 mins . But here is the Kicker if the other parent shows up 31 mins late and you do not let the child leave you are in Contempt. All I can say is it is a civil matter . Keep modifying visitation if the keep messing up

Ask a lawyer not facebook

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Google to find out laws in your area or reach out to your attorney

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Does it say that in your paperwork? If not then I would ask a lawyer and get the judge to put something in the documents next time. I wouldn’t just do it cause it’s something you heard.

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Tennessee they have a 20 minute period, due to traffic, emergencies, etc.

Michigan we have to wait 30 minutes . Call the foc and ask.

Do you not talk to them?

It’s 30 minutes in Missouri. I highly doubt Texas is much different on a time frame like that

Never with hold the child during the other parents time. If they are outside of their court appointed time then by all means. They got it in writing just like you did :+1:t3:

So if youre 5 mins late picking this child up does dad get to keep the child additional days… you sound very childish only giving 5 mins.


It’s usually 30 minutes, not 5.


Sounds like a legal question - check with an attorney.

Don’t you have a save haven there so you can make the exchange …you both save alot of this questions and problems

5 min is a stupid short time. It’s usually 20 to 30 min


I’m in Pennsylvania and mine is 20 mins unless they have good reason of being late

5 minutes?! Foh that’s some bullshit and petty if you bounce after 5 min. It’s like 30min in almost every state but yours.

You have no right to withhold time with the other parent. If your having issues go back to court to work it out. The child isn’t a pawn in your game. U sound like a bunch of unnecessary drama. I feel for the other parent having to deal with U.


Kind of B.S. aboyt the 5 minutes when school bus stops and road work can put you behind in Pa where Im from it was like 20 or 30 minutes.

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Not 5 minutes. 15 to 30 minutes is the grace period.

Be the bigger person for the sake of your child.


Give us the whole story .if the other parent isn’t good for the child or is irresponsible then go back to court .if that parent is decent then dont deprive the child .


I know you can have a clause in your agreement that states if they’re late by a certain amount of time they forfeit. 5 minutes seems a little harsh.


I think Texas is 30 minutes but as long as I’m given a heads up, It’s not that big of a deal. Communication is key

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I would wait 15. I worked supervising visits. We had to wait 15 minutes, then we could leave… (were supposed to) but this is in BC, Canada.

How about the reasonable answer of communicate and work out the time. Your issue without actual details appears to be, because you do a separate exchange with the other child between another parent, you lost likely try to coincide the other exchange at the same time which may not work with the other parent due to work or scheduling etc. Let’s be grown up and make every effort to make this work for everyone involved… It only stands to benefit the child long term.

Some of y’all are real bitter baby mommas. You want to take away visitation because he was 5 mins late?! I guarantee that him being late isn’t what this is about at all, but it’s the first time he slipped up and you could use it as leverage considering that last sentence.

I would double check on the time thing. Most states it is more like 15 minutes to 30 minutes unless the other parent contacted with a legit reason like stuck in traffic due to an accident on the highway or car broke down etc.

Mine says 45 minutes

I’m in Texas and have dealt with this. Nothing you can do but to keep record of it and get a lawyer. Cops don’t get involved in this stuff and neither does attorney general. Only through a lawyer can you get this resolved. And in my paperwork in says 30 minutes.

Keep a record date and time of everything including all text messages Hire a lawyer

This is a question for your lawyer.