Needing advice about my daughters gluten intolerance

Hi ladies, I am running into a small problem Google could not help me with. Ya, see, my little girl is 6 with a gluten intolerance. I got what looked like yummy gluten-free pita bread; I just don’t know what to put on it. I literally asked Google, “what can I put on pita bread?” And it gave me sites for recipes to make the pita bread. Help, please.


My girl loves hummus on pita bread. All hummus is is ground up chick peas and some lemon juice if you want to make it yourself


Georgie Trujillo maybe could help.

Hummus, sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly…

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Peanutbutter and raisins are really good on pita bread if she’s into that! Or PB and honey.

You can stuff it with anything she likes pb&j, ham, and cheese, make pizza pocket, blt , chicken, tuna banana and Nutella. Google pita fillings fo kids or just pita fillings you’ll get a bunch of ideas

I love chicken salad and egg salad in mine

Make them into sandwiches
Cream cheese
Almond butter

Humus, salsa, cheese, literally anything. Jam, nut butters, egg salad, tuna salad

Hummus, mini pizzas, sandwich, cut them into wedges and toast them to have with guacamole and veggies.

Hi, I have been gluten free for 2 years now. Due to celiac. I don’t like most gluten free foods from the store. I buy Better Batter Flour ANF bake what ever I want. J have found recipe books " On a shoestring". The recipes are good and easy to make. They even have girl scout cookie look at likes. Also “outside the bread box bakery” has the best bread, cookies and bagels. Hope this helps

Chicken/celery/grape saled sandwich, ah-mazing