Needing a bigger car...thoughts?

Ok mamas I’m starting to seriously look for a new car I originally wanted a vehicle with 3rd row but that’s just realistically not in our price range anymore for the yearr models im wanting (2019+). I’m currently in a Chevy Cruz and it’s just way too small for my family now. Do any of yall have a small suv like a Chevy blazer or Toyota rav4 and not regret it? I have one 3 year old and we only want one more baby. We’re also a tall family so leg room is very important


I have a hyundai santa fe and it has alot of leg space. I love my suv.

I have a Honda Passport. I love it!

I have a Dodge Durango and four kids. It is more spacious than my old Tahoe.

I had a Chevy Cruze & then I traded it in for a Honda CR-V. Best decision I’ve ever made.

I have a Toyota 4Runner and absolutely love it! Before that I had a 2011 Kia Sportage and loved that too! Great for kids and strollers plus everything in between.

I have an 2019 equinox and I absolutely love it!! It’s roomy, awd, turbo for the days I wanna go fast… fits my two toddlers chairs and my 16 year old with plenty of room!

I have a little older but I love my explorer! It’s third row! It’s a 2015. My aunt has a newer one with third row. Everyone I know that has an explorer loves it! If you shop around im sure you can find a good deal! I was also looking at chevy before I got my car. I’d avoid equinox and traverse. They always seem to have a bunch of problems.

Toyota Highlander. Highly recommend!!!

I have a brand new Ford Edge and it has plenty of space. My kiddos are older but they’re tall and the Backseat is great for them.

Toyota Highlander…. Best SUV ever.


If you are only wanting 2 kids you pretty much have the pick of the litter on cars. Check to see if the second row has sliding seats which could likely enhance y’all’s legroom. I had a highlander which had the sliding second row which made a difference. I have 4 kids so I had to trade for a suburban recently as my kids got bigger but my husband is tall (I’m not) and it would have easily worked for just 2 kids.

I have a 2013 ford explorer and love it and it’s 3rd row low miles are a must with older cars

I almost got a RAV4 but opted for a 2020 Rogue. It drives better in my opinion

I drive a Hyundai Tucson & its got plenty of leg & head room. I just had rotator cuff surgery so my neighbor had to take me to my 1st pt appt & only thing she had to do was move the seat back some (She’s around 5’10"ish & im 5’6").

Santa fe. I had a 2014 Santa fe xl limited and it’s got the third row ( bench middle, two seater bench third ) fit my 6’2 husband. My 5’7 self, back rows fit my 5’8 teen and my shorter teen, middle fit two carseats with space in the middle for toys.

You can’t go wrong with a Honda CR-V…my daughter had one it went up to 300.000 miles and was still running when she sold it …


I test drove a ton of SUV’S when searching. The blazer felt extremely cheap to me, and drove the worst! The rav4 is not made for tall people, at all. My favs were subaru forrester, mitsubishi outlander (which are 3rd row and CHEAP!) and i also really liked the gmc terrain but it felt too small, like the front seats were too close or something. I ended up with a crosstrek but felt it was too small with 2 kids so i now have an explorer and im in LOVE with it! Also the vw tiguan is 3 rows and is on the cheaper end. Ive also heard cr-v’s are nice, i didnt test drive any hondas though, i just dont like the way they look personally!

Toyotas run forever if you take care of them, the rav4’s are really nice but I know some of the newer 2023/2024 have some electrical issues. The Toyota highlanders are beautiful and are fairly reasonable in price, not 100% sure of your budget but you can find a used one fairly cheap and they have the same Toyota reliability. Dodge Durango’s are also fairly reasonable price wise and have the 3rd row you wanted.