Need step parents and Bio parents advice on this situation please. I need to hear both sides opinion

I am 33 years old. Me and my husband have been married for almost 2 years now. We own a business hauling cars in an 18 wheeler and the job basically takes you away from home 5 days a week and all we do is work 10 hours a day, eat and sleep. We get home on Friday and leave again on Sunday evenings. I don’t have a child but he has two girls 10 & 6 that we get on the weekends. So we get back home at 4pm Friday and pick them up and take them home on Sunday at 5pm and get back in the truck to work for the week. I am overwhelmed with the stress that comes along with our business and only having one real full day to be home and do house work and have any kind of social life I can manage but not having even one weekend to spend with him or be able to just relax and be kid-free is getting the best of me. I’m afraid I’m at the point that I’m starting to resent my husband for not asking for a wknd ever so often without the girls. I dread picking them up every week now. I hate the feeling I get and feel horrible that I feel this way…believe me I struggle with this and I cannot put myself in his shoes bc I do not have children and I know what he is doing now is what he believes is best for his family. I know it being his BIO kids he wouldn’t understand I don’t have the same joy he gets from being with them, instead now I have a feeling of nothing to look forward to anymore. He is a good man and a wonderful father. I couldn’t ask for a better family so why do I feel this way? We have had this discussion before and it turns out to be an argument and hurt feelings so I have just pushed aside my own feelings about it. Baby momma started out very hard to deal with but she is now much better with us and that’s great! I don’t feel like a wknd every so often is too much to ask for bc she gets her wknds free and knows our situation but my husband doesn’t feel it’s right for her to have them Sunday evening-Thursday evenings. She works and comes home at 5pm…leaves time to eat and put them to bed, so why wouldn’t she want a little more quality time with her kids anyway? But my husband is very stern on that he will never be an every other wknd dad. That I completely understand and do not disagree with bc my dad was never there but in this certain situation a wknd just here and there for us to look forward too would be healthy for both of us. Please tell me if I’m wrong to feel this way and what I need to do to make it better. My feelings aside I want what’s best for us all but I’m scared the longer I do this the more depressed I’ll be and I don’t want to resent anyone for my own feelings but its the situation I’m in. HELP