Need Christmas gift ideas

I have never been the one to start Christmas shopping early buuuuuttttt with a baby on the way… Things are a little different. So what are some learning toys y’all have for your kids and some fun ones? She’s fixing to be 6. Also, your SO? I SUCK at shopping for my man because if he wants it, he buys it.


I decided for my 4yo this year we are doing minimal toys. We got her a bike and all the gear to go with it, we are going to buy her a jewelry box and lots of cute jewelry to fill it, a spa day set (bath bombs, cute robe, nailpolish set) clothes, dress up clothes and shoes, art supplies and a doll head that she can practice doing hair on.

For my boyfriend I’m going to get him a ‘tile’ wallet tracker, watch band, ammo, some work shirts and maybe a few things we need for the house

I’ve always been a believer in experiences over stuff. How about a day out with mom? A trip to a museum or play place that’s open? Or a subscription to Highlights or book of the month she can look forward to all year? Tickets to The Nutcracker or another performance geared to kids also works. These are also stealthy ways to get her to learn.

Same for your guy. He’d probably never think to book a massage or men’s spa day (see if you have a Grooming Lounge), a fishing trip with his buddy or a cruise for the family—from a Caribbean trip to a dinner cruise to a local barge, canoe, kayak or paddle boat ride. Or tickets to a sporting event if that’s a possibility.

If you want things to unwrap, socks, underwear, toothbrushes or other practical stuff, but in fun designs if possible. My motto is : crappy presents, beautifully wrapped!

For men and women they love to take care of themselves and to smell good.

Honey that’s every man. I myself have NO clue what to get my husband. My daughter will be 3. She loves taking pictures, so I got her a kid safe camera. Her birthday is also in December so I purchased her a leapfrog learning tablet. She learns while playing games. It actually came today, so I played with it to make sure it was to my standards for her and I love it! She is also getting some regular dolls and tea sets. Basic imagination toys. It really depends on what your daughter likes, and maybe a little of what she needs. Hope this helps!

I bought my grandkids magnetic shapes to build with you can get on amazon

The only educational toy your child needs is a tablet or phone. You can buy a no contract phone & just not put service on it. Make sure to put parental controls on it. Put games for her skill/age/grade level on it. You can add & subtract games as you go.