My toddler never stops talking...advice?

My 3 year old does not. Stop. Talking. I mean from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed. She’s smart and says words that amazes people, like wasabi lol. But dang! I need a hearing break sometimes! Anyone else’s?!


I’m in the opposite boat, my almost 2 year old barely says a word and just communicates via looks, she knows to talk, but just doesn’t. And she thinks it’s hilarious

I haven’t grown out of it yet…57 in 2 weeks. Good luck :laughing:


My 3 yr old is the same.
So when I need quiet time we play the silent game. There’s one rule… whoever stays quiet the longest wins. Winner gets a lolly. She hasn’t won yet :rofl:. But it gives me 5 minutes of silence

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My 3 year old is like this as well, from the moment she wakes up until she’s halfway into her sleep :rofl:

My 6 yr old loves making “YouTube videos” on her tablet with the camera video. I don’t post them anywhere but she will spend hours making cool videos and it gives me a break from hearing “Mom” every 12 seconds. She also loves abc mouse and has since she was about 2 1/2 or 3. It’s a learning app and we used it for potty training. She was only allowed to have abc mouse on her tablet if she was sitting on her little living room potty. It worked amazing


Enjoy this time because they


Enjoy that she’s talking. My daughter didn’t start talking until she started speech therapy in January. She’s doing fantastic, but I can see she’s way further behind in speech then some of her classmates in her preschool, she’s 4

Oh my goodness. Give her a recorder machine, so she can speak into it whatever she wants to say and can listen back now or one day. It’ll be cherished by her someday and she can express all she wants w her own little machine. I feel she’s gonna most likely find her purpose in her voice someday. Lawyer, journalist, voice over, teacher. Embrace it just in a diff direction lol. Her direction hahaha


Yes my 5 yr old sleeps in my bed and the moment he wakes up till he goes to bed he talks so much my brain hurts

It doesn’t get better. My 7 year old boy will try and speak a 1,000 words before my first sip of coffee and I tell him whoa boy let me get caffeine first.


Enjoy it …. When he’s a teen he won’t want to talk to you lol


Be thankful she can talk.

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Get used to it!!! Mine is 5 1/2. Still has not stopped!!! She even talks in her sleep!!:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

I use to say my ears are tired and need a break. Also I would crank the radio and dance telling them to listen to the song. It’s important to teach them to be a good listener too

From the time my daughter could talk she started and she hasn’t stopped since … literally. She’s 10 now :rofl: wish I had advice

Be thankful you have that problem my child is almost 24 and has never spoken a word, is still in diapers. I am grateful to listen to her noise from her constant rocking.

Treasure it. I have a 5 year old Autistic son that does not talk. He does communicate other ways and tries so hard to learn. What I wouldn’t give to have an actual conversation with him and knowing exactly what he wants instead of the guessing game.
Bless your heart.


As a mum of five now a nan an great nan and all I can say is make the most of it. :purple_heart:

My 10 year old has always been like this, and super smart always asking questions but payed attention to the answers and stored all that knowledge! But now everytime she opens her mouth it’s just a bunch of BS all the time lol she’s a story teller and gives excuses and has reasons for everything she does on top of narrating everything she does and why :face_with_spiral_eyes: it’s a tough age I have to tell her my brain can’t handle all her nonsense talking for awhile and to go talk her sisters ears off lol she gets it

My daughter was and still is the same way lol, she is 4 now and hasn’t stopped talking since she learned at 1. :laughing:

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Well one of my best friends daughter is in her 30s……still talking​:joy:we always would say she needs to be an auctioneer​:joy:but in all honesty maybe trying to have quiet time it could start at 5 min and increase, maybe use a fun timer, so she knows when she can start chatting again​:blush::heart:

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Lol my 7 year old he has autism and a fun fact full of useless knowledge kid who’s really loud doesn’t understand his tone of voice I learn to just deal or now he’s older be like honey can you talk more quietly or can you save that thought for a minute I have ADHD also so I get it I’m same way but sometimes it can be a bit much but I view it as he loves me and just wants to talk to me lately our discussions have been about hyper giant stars he’s obsessed with them

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It does not stop, my oldest is 22 and he talks all the time! ALL THE TIME!!! I’m 39, and I’m sure my mom can say the same :laughing:

Funny story … My 7 yr old grandson , from the time his eyes open in the morning … Till he is asleep at bed time … He nonstop talks … Never missing a beat …everyday I mean nonstop … On day i was watching dateline and a little 8 yr old was killed …murdered … And I thought to my self … My grandson could talk 24 /7 …and im ok with that … And from then on out …i so enjoy his stories and tales of his daily adventures … Just saying … As long as they are talking … Life is golden


Lol my 8yo came out talking
She still never shuts up… and a lot of it is meaningless

…but got dang is that chick smart. She’s in gifted
She’s on honor roll… don’t kick your blessings… feed them.
“Hey baby tell me a story” “tell me about your day” “do you know any facts?.. let’s look some up”


Most adolescents/teenagers don’t/won’t talk to their parents. I get that’s 10 years away, but real perspective - it will go by in a flash - it just feels like forever right now.

How about playing loud music and having dance parties?


I wish I had advice. My middle child was like this and she’s 10 now and I swear she never takes a breath! :joy::joy:

All I can say is… mines nearly 6 and it hasn’t stopped yet :rofl:

Be glad for your child! Some have children that are non-verbal. Imagine never hearing any words from her.

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Same. My 3 and 11 year old. Now the 11 month old is trying to chat as much as them. I wouldn’t mind going deaf for a day or two.

Be ever so glad that she is happy and chatty. Talk to her about every darn thing. She sounds like a treasure, don’t ever try to stop her enthusiasm for life. Best wishes


My son use to talk a lot he grew out of it. Not easy I know

My first and fourth were/are this way. My oldest daughter talked non stop as a tot and child. As a young adult she’s outgrown it some. She passed the torch to my youngest son that is now 8 and he’s been taking non stop since around 3. I have no solution for it and can only suggest patience and understanding. They eventually grow up.

My 8 yr old has not stopped talking since she learned how to talk. ALL DAY!!! It has now become an issue at school. She talks to everyone and everything. She’s super smart and although she only 8 she makes very valid points in an argument.

OMG. My daughter was like this. OMG. She will be 50 next year and she is the most dynamic person I know. She has a phd, married to an amazing man, travels the world, raised two amazing sons …OMG!!

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Sophie Read :rofl: you know all about it :grinning:

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Hahahaha mine is almost 7 and it hasn’t ever stopped since he learned to talk. Get used to it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It may be annoying but it is a sign of high intelligence. Encourage her to talk.

Hahahaha it doesn’t end unfortunately and if it does, they’re doing something they’re not supposed to be doing. I have 3 (12yo, 8yo, 5yo) that never stop talking.

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Sounds like our four year old he talks in his sleep too

10.75 years and counting here

If she starts tattling etc . Tell her to tell it to the tree . My daughter use to go outside and talk and talk to that tree ! lol :laughing:. She is almost 27 and still talks my head off lol :joy:


I was like that. I was nicknamed motor mouth :joy::joy: but it’s not my fault I had to compete with my sisters to talk lol so I had to learn how to talk fast :joy:


Welcome to the mom world :rofl::rofl::rofl: they never stop. It’s important to have you time mama!!! Even if it’s just 30 minutes.

Consider yourself lucky. Some children don’t or can’t talk at all.

Yeah her about space and quiet time. I take my space from my daughter and she does from us. And we also have quiet time - you can put on a special Playlist if it helps. But during that time we only remind her that it’s quiet time or that we are feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated and need quiet to reset.

Hahaha I feel your pain. It’s been 2 years lol mine is 5 and she talks and talks and talks lol my brain gets tired lol :rofl:

Omg lol :laughing: :joy: :rofl: my 4 year old talks so much that his teachers complain to me daily. It’s not complaining in a bad way lol just telling me he talks all day long. The teacher has to sit him across the room. He didn’t say a word until he was 2. We had him tested for everything! At one point we thought he was deaf and went to a speech therapist for 6 months. They finally released him and said he will talk when he’s ready. Now he’s never quiet.


Mine too, he is 4, almost 5 but he’s on the spectrum, and we are suspecting adhd as well. He talks and makes random noises from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to sleep.

My daughter started talking before 2, she’s 15 and still never stops talking :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Girls I guess :person_shrugging:
My son is 3 and is in speech therapy bc he barely talks :person_shrugging:

It doesn’t stop. My son is 20 and he didn’t start talking until he was nearly 4. Once he started he didn’t stop.

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I had one of these , the minute her eyes opened , her mouth would start talking and not stop all day

My 3 girls all do this. They’re 10,13,14 and still do. No advice, but I get it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Welcome to life with a 3 year old. It doesn’t end at 4, :rofl:

Sorry but I don’t see a problem…you are blessed to have a child with all their senses…I better shut up right about NOW!!!

It doesn’t get better :rofl: mom to a 16 y/o daughter and 8 y/o son

123 ghosttownnnnnnnnnn lol :joy:

My daughter is 6 and she’s like a little old woman she makes me laugh with some of the things she comes out with enjoybit because once they become moody teenagers your lucky if you get a huff out of them haha

when they’re teens they tend to get quiet…

They don’t stop at 8 either…

I have no advice. My 14 yo still does this. I remember my friends telling me he would grow out of it. He didnt :rofl::rofl:


Then sit her down and explain that everyone needs some quiet time every now and then even Mommy. Then either explain to her when it’s needed and ask her to please play quietly by herself, put on her favorite cartoon, come up with her a secret word that signifies you need her to stay quiet for a set amount of time and set a timer to help her know how long. Kids are smart and we just need to be honest with them.


Disclaimer, I don’t have kids… but when you need a break have her go to a different room and read a book out loud to herself or call grandma and have her read to them. IDK it might work lol

That’s part of having kids :roll_eyes::woman_shrugging:t3: don’t know what to tell ya…

The first 2 years a parent spends with their child is for teaching them to stand up, walk, run, and talk. After 2 you spend the next lifetime telling them to sit down and shut up for 5 minutes.

My nearly 3 year old is the same and has been since his first word… I get it can sometimes get a bit much. But saying complicated words for his age is a sign that I’m doing something right in my eyes… he’s picking it all up because we talk about everything and anything constantly. I get my peace once he goes to sleep. So I’ll keep talking to him every second he wants :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Every teachers dream student😆 Enjoy😁

My nephew was silent when he was born, I was in the delivery room to see. It was the last time. He talks in his sleep. My sister has always worked so she had that escape. He is 17 now and a senior. She’s almost at the end. You can make it too

I’d love nothing more than to hear my son say mummy or anything he’s nearly 5 non verbal asd and doesn’t say a word xx she sounds like a happy healthy little chatterbox embrace it xx


Be blessed your child can communicate with their voice. :innocent::pray:t3:

My 3 year old great grandson does the same thing but I love it. He lives with me and talks my head off!:heart:

I have 2.5 year old twin boys and one of them legit never stops. They still nap so that’s my quiet time.

You will miss these days, god bless her she is a smart one

I felt this in my soul! This is my life!

Yea. That’s a big fat no.
Once you feel a significant loss in your life. You’ll realize how precious it is to hear her speak

My 3 year old barely says mama( she’s autistic) be thankful for the ear talking. Bc what I would give for her to talk my ear off

Son is 5 years old and still hasn’t stopped 24/7. :smiling_face:

My 4 year old is the same and my 10 year old asks questions and has facts just flowing all day hahah my ears pop at times :rofl:

My 17yo,is the same way.She even talks in her sleep lol

It’s annoying… but not a bad thing. Try to answer. She’ll outgrow it

Mine are 14 and 15 and haven’t yet to stop. The youngest is considered a genius so she thinks she is right about everything. Lol. Ear ugs mama. Just learn to nod your head and say uh huh.

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:raising_hand_woman: when my daughter was 3 year old she talked nonstop like this. Now she’s 4 and she talks EVEN MORE! :tired_face: Plus she goes to school so she comes home and talks my ear off about all that too! Lol.

my girls were the same. boys tend be more into playing lol

My youngest is almost 12 and still talks us to death. :joy:

My granddaughter is the same. Turns out she is ADHD. Good luck.

Let her talk. Before you know it she’ll be 13 and only answer you with one word answers :rofl:

Mine is 6, it doesn’t stop

Omg I feel for you. I’m a quite person & love peace & quite not sure I’d go with a little chatterbox

Yes, still going strong at 7, 8 & 10 :rofl: we tell them they are overstimulating us and ask for a break

Buckle up. It just gets worse. my daughter is the same way. She’s 18 now but still won’t shut up. Lol

Don’t Take It For Granted And Enjoy It, Not Everybody Gets To Hear Their Child Talk…

Some girls just talk a lot especially only kids.

My kids are 5, 6 and 7 I’m here to tell you it doesn’t get better :joy::joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t5:

Mother of 4 girls. They all never stop talking just kicks in strong by 3 lmao

Mom hack FaceTime friends or family members so they can make their day and chat for a half hour while you focus on the dishes or cooking dinner for a bit. Win win.

Shes three. Learning, asking questions and annoying parents is whqt they’re supposed to do lol