My toddler likes to stay up all night...advice?

Mommas, I have a toddler (just turned 2) who suddenly thinks he’s supposed to be nocturnal. After waking up in the morning (between 8 and 9) he wants to nap by 10. I wake him up after 2 hours, and about 2 hours later, he wants to sleep again. I’ve experimented with letting him catch a few more minutes here and there, but as a rule I don’t because it’s never enough. He wants to sleep all day and I fight him all day, then when bedtime rolls around, he’s suddenly WIRED. He won’t go to sleep until 3am.


Just give him an ipad… he’ll be right :smile:

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Stop letting him nap during the day. The first few days will be the hardest because you’ll want to cave into the tantrums the crying etc but don’t. Stand firm and take the naps away and put him on a schedule. It’ll be a battle the first few days tho like I said but don’t give in. You’ll be lack of sleep too but I promise once you stop those naps and set a schedule he should go back to sleeping during the night.

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Do not let he sleep after 3 pm , taking outside if you can so he can run and get tired , set a bedtime routine if you don’t have any, include a bath.
You can always get a little help from melatonin gummies for a couple of days until you set his bedtime back to normal.

Yeah you definitely need to switch his sleep schedule.
Up at 8, nap from 12-2, down at 8/9. Kids at that age need roughly 12 hrs of sleep a day.
Definitely don’t let him go to sleep after 2 or 3 pm for a nap.

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Mommy, he is still young so the best time for routine is now.
Wake him up at 08:00 every day.
Let him eat, get dressed and ready for the day.
Keep him busy with activities until 12:00.
Let him have lunch.
Then off to bed for nap time for 1.5 hrs.
Wake him up no later than 14:00
Have a snack and let him play outside for messy play.
Keep him busy with activities and play until dinner time.
After dinner have a bath.
Story time and sleep time.
The secret is to stay consistent and not give in


No naps beyond 3pm as that’s the danger zone lol


Stop the day time naps. Keep him busy.

We go thru this with my autistic 12 year old during the summer time and longer school breaks. He’ll sleep off and on all day and literally stay up all night. It takes about a week of being tough and not letting him sleep during the day to get him on a normal sleep schedule. He’s up by 7 on non school days. Than I keep him up until dinner (6 pm) the first day, he’s sleeping by dinner time and waking up at 5/6 am the next day. But by the time all is done, he’s back to bed time at 9 and normal wake up.

Get him up and out of the house. Go for a walk to a park as long as temp is above 32… go shopping go to a library. Just switch it up for a few days.

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Keep him busy doing the day. Wake him up about 7. Bath and breakfast, have activities to exercise him.

He’s too old for naps. Cut those out and he’ll sleep at night

Soo feel this, but when she was 2, she was wired all day too, no naps… Turns out she has ADHD … Patients and time … Schedual… We managed somehow, always bedtime start at same time… Meditating music…(which ever works for you, some it’s rap, others it’s classical) you will figure out what works best for your little.