My toddler has constant ear infections: Advice?

My little one is two years old. Constant ear infections. She sees ent Friday. Been on amoxi several months, no help. They will probably do tubes. But anyone have anything else that helps relieve ear pain for my little one until her appt


Dr. Advised me to mix a 50-50 solution of alcohol and white vinegar n use after every bath or swim. Alcohol dried fluids up n vinegar killed any bacteria. Never had anymore problems as long as I used this. Good luck and God bless that’s miserable for littles

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My son had chronic ear infections from the birth to 3. We found out he was allergic to dairy and anytime he got dairy, he’d get an ear infection. He had tubes and another surgery on his eardrum, to fix a giant hole caused by so many infections. Nothing, ever helped with the pain, until he got on an antibiotic. He is a happy, healthy 19 year old now. Maybe look into allergies. Best of luck

After so many ear infections they will do tubes. My youngest kept getting ear infection after ear infection and they looked inside her ears and there was fluid in there. I wished i could remember what my dad had me use a couple of years ago with my daughter.


I feel your pain. My little one was like this until he got tubes. We used Zyrtec daily to help with drying up the drainage and we used tylenol/motrin for pain relief

My kids had ear infections until they were two and after that they didn’t. Glad you’re seeing a ENT.

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My son is 9 and still have major ear issues … ever since he was born. Had tubes… then it was removed… & every time he gets in water/pool he is prone to getting swimmer ear or an ear infection . Right now he is on Ofloxacin. No home remedies has worked for him, I did the candle thing… garlic…peroxide. etc

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Vicks on a cotton ball helps relieve the pain

This is the only thing that helped my kids with pain when they would get ear infections. My middle would ask for his ear drops and I would know he had an infection. Within minutes of applying they would get enough comfort to sleep.

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Have your doctor call in numbing drops!!

My daughter had tubes put in 4 times from 10 mo to 3 yr old…the last time they popped right out in the recovery room…I think she finally just outgrew it?

Garlic oil. Stinks but gives relief.

Eat candles from the health store. Being on antibiotics for littles is soooo bad… candles pull out infections. Using them for 10 plus years on my kids.

Used ceclor for my daughter had ear infections constantly due to low birth weight 3 lbs 13 Oz. Tubes in ears not fully developed

You can try lymphic massage it helped a bit as well as a warm rag behind the ear not on the ear behind it helped a ton for my little one!

My son almost got tubes! I took him to a chiropractor regularly and he hasn’t had one in years! The fluid can’t drain good if his body isn’t aligned properly!

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Mullein and garlic oil drops work wonders…85% of ear pain is NOT due to a bacterial infection.


Have they tested for allergies? ENT said no tubes, looked like an allergic reaction. It was and my son didn’t need tubes.

Mine were so bad as a kid. Constant drainage. Nothing worked. They were going to do a surgery that was a 3 month healing process. They finally put me on adult antibiotics when I was like 10 because of bad it was. That finally helped & was the last resort/option before surgery.

Give her yogurt my daughter had one ear infection started feeding her yogurt no more ear infection

If it’s that bad take her to emergency don’t use someone else’s medicine


Cut a clove of garlic to fit comfortably in her ear. It will draw out the infection. Put a piece of medical tape over it to hold it in. Change the garlic at least twice in 24 hours. Do this for about a week. Overuse of antibiotics will destroy her immune system, and is probably contributing to her repeat infections.

Put acidophilus in her milk or food: just empty a capsule in it. Maybe there are some homeopathics that would help. Mom’s Organic Market, Whole Foods and health food stores carry them.

I had chronic inner + outer ear infections with ruptured ear drums. It was always a combination too! The only thing that helped the pain was a doctor prescribing me EYE numbing drops for my ear! That and a roll on cbd oil for the back of my ear!

My daughter kept getting diagnosed with them until a different pediatrician properly diagnosed her with allergies. Once she got in zyrtec she was fine.