My teen will not stop speeding....what can I do?

What do y’all do about a teenager that won’t stop speeding? I’m talking 15-20mph over the speed limit sometimes. Due to work schedules and where he attends school, taking the vehicle away completely isn’t an option. We’ve had discussions and told him to slow down. But he is not listening.Do we just let natural consequences happen to teach the lesson? Or is there something else that has worked for y’all?


The natural consequences is that someone will most likely be severely injured or dead. It may not be your son, it might be the little girl that runs into the road because she kicked a ball too far or a family on their way to the store.
If your son can not handle the responsibility of a car then he doesn’t need to have one. If he doesn’t need to drive then he doesn’t need a job to pay for a car he no longer has.
I’ve known people who have lost their lives because someone wouldn’t slow down. Don’t let your kid be the person that destroys a family.

Taking his car away is a option, I know because I have a 17 year old. If he was driving like that he would take the bus or walk to school and if he wanted to keep his job he would walk, take the bus or find a way. Your son knows you won’t die that so of course he won’t stop. You as the parent need to make him stop before your visiting a grave or a prison or some other family loses a loved one.

Natural consequences? Your joking right? There’s nothing NATURAL about what will happen if he continues to speed like that. The NATURAL consequence is you taking the damn car away before he faces severe legal consequences. What happens if he causes an ancient and someone dies? What is he hits a pedestrian? You really want to let that “natural” consequence happen because you don’t want everyone inconvenienced by taking the keys away? There’s busses, carpooling, uber, lyft. He can find another way around since he chose to recklessly misuse his privilege of driving.

You are saying that due to work schedules and school, it’s not option but the reality is, it would be inconvenient. If he gets pulled over or gets in an accident that too will be inconvenient…which inconvenient is the better option.
He is continuing to speed because he knows you won’t make the inconvenient choice. He has you between a rock and a hard place, you’re the parent don’t allow him to put you there.


Take away that car, don’t let them drive, if you can’t drive right then you shouldn’t be driving at all, tell them that if they need somewhere to either walk or find their own way because that’s unacceptable! They can hurt someone let alone themselves! Taking away the vehicle IS your ONLY option!


I would still take the car. He can ride the bus to school and look for rides elsewhere. He’d probably start getting annoyed and learn his lesson


Buy him a Lamborghini.
Let him feel speeeeeeed.

Take the car and have him/her walk or take public transportation.

My parents threatened to put a governor on my car to limit my speed :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Mama. Take the keys and the kickback. Its a privilege lets remember that

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Have him take the bus learn some patience and life skills.

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My mama took my car away, wasn’t long for me to learn that lesson :woman_shrugging:t3:


Letting natural consequences happen to him can result in him taking a life ! Man take that car and let his ass figure it out ! Like waaaaaaat!!!

I’d take the car and give him a bus pass! And hope he learns a valuable lesson

Choices. Do you want him to live

Lol take the car and tell him to figure it out

Um… take the car away. It IS an option. The only option.


I followed my son for doing this, I pulled him over & told him next time he looses the car. That was 8 years ago, never had an issue after that.
If it happens again take the car & let him figure things out on his own. If you don’t teach him, he will not learn.


Take the keys and make them use their own money for a bus, uber, lyft, ect to get to work and school. What if he kills someone or himself?

Natural consequences are severe

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I would have to take the vehicle. Might make your life a lil more hectic but you won’t be visiting a grave or a prison. Perhaps speak to a local police officer that pulls him over & puts a fear in him/her. It’s your responsibility as their parent. A teenager isn’t truly fully grown or capable. Good luck! And may God be with both of you!


How did the teens without cars live ? I took the bus to work several miles as a teen for many years because I didn’t have a car and even in my early 20’s I always tried to contributing when I moved back home. Moved out at 19 for the first time. I and would pay my parents gas money to pick me up over the holidays and in the cold months.

When I got a car I paid almost everything for it gas, insurance, maintenance etc


Take the car away. Of course it’s an option


Take the car for a month. Take him to and from school only and make him figure out the rest. He has to earn it back and drive respectfully to keep it.

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There’s a ton of comments for you to read but I would definitely make him watch videos of high speed accidents and the aftermath. My cousin died at 18 on July 4th. He had just graduated. He was my poor Aunt’s only child. Let me tell you, watching what that did to her is the most heartbreaking thing ever. Over 10 years and she still goes to the cemetery daily. I respect you for posting and being proactive.


You take it away. Your child is a danger to everyone on the road including their self. What would you rather have some discomfort over driving them for awhile or never ending grief bc they killed or hurt someone else or themselves. Be the grown up and handle this situation now.


 With this type of behavior, he can kill someone’s child, mother, father, or even himself. He would not have a car and he would figure out how to get around. This is completely unacceptable.
Speeding changes peoples lives forever, and with deadly consequences .


Driving is a privilege not a universal right. Take the car. Take the keys and starter out. Tires off. Call uber. Let him earn money to get the car back on the road. Repeat until lesson learned.

Yes it is. Driving is a privilege not a right or a necessity. Perhaps hes not the only one who needs to learn that. Let him figure out public transportation or work out a rideshare buy a bike or walk. If there are no consequences for his actions why should he change his actions?

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Take the car. You’re letting him drive recklessly and endangering not only himself but everyone around him because it’s inconvenient??? My god driving is a privilege or a right.


TAKE THE CAR. Teens… still can ride the bus. Letting it go is irresponsible, not only can he seriously hurt himself but it can be life threatening for others on the road as well.

Taking the car is absolutely an option. I had my driving privileges taken for this same reason and had to ride the bus for a while. While I was angry at the time, I understand now that my parents were just trying to protect me. Letting natural consequences happen could mean your child getting seriously hurt or hurting someone else in an accident.


Take his car away. Make him learn to find other ways. If he gets caught speeding and his license is suspended… he won’t be able to drive and your insurance will go up! If he speeds and kills someone, that is on him… if he dies… it’s going to haunt you. Teach him a lesson before it impacts you too.


Hm. Make him start paying for a portion of his insurance and make him pay for all his gas

You take the veichle away period it is an option when it’s life or death

I’d take the car. It may be an inconvenience for everyone involved but it’s better than what could happen. You wouldn’t want them learning a lesson the hard way…….something happens that they can’t take back.

Taking the car is literally an option… :woman_facepalming: knowing he’s driving wreckers is putting everyone’s lives on the road at risk.

Id definitely take the car. I know it’s inconvenient but the natural consequences here are great. Hurting himself or someone else -plus the extra cost of a ticket or an accident on your insurance just isn’t worth it. Get ahead of this behavior now. Driving is a privilege and he needs to be reminded of that. 


Take the keys before he kills someone


Wow!! Parents don’t have much common sense anymore and lack saying “NO” to their child.


Take the car period. Kid will have yo figure it out. Car is privilege.

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Take the damn car away and let him figure it out !!! We all had to . Ppl coddle their kids to damn much now .

Take his license until he learns

He can walk or take the bus


Take him to a car crash of his peers that has something to do with speed

His safety should be first without concern about where he needs to drive. Take car away until responsibility is shown.


Taking the car away is your only option. You can either bite the bullet and take the car away or wait for the ticket or the car accident

Stop saying it’s not an option, it is. You just don’t want to be inconvenienced. I am just curious when you have to take time off for his funeral will that be an option?


Driving is a privilege not a right.

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Make him walk. He’ll soon learn

Take the keys and car. Start with three months and he can’t drive your car either. Dose it again take away for six months. My question to you,Do you want to see him as an adult??? Let him take the bus or ride his bike, has to learn. Be the parent not a friend.

Le the police deal with it :laughing::laughing:

Well, since natural consequences could very well be a hole in the ground, I’d take the car away and replace with a buss pass. In 30 days, they can try again. Next offense, 90 days. Offend after that, you can wait until you’re moved out and living on your own to have a car.


Take the car away. Give him a bicycle instead!

Let him find rides elsewhere. Are you willing to handle the guilt of knowing that he’s speeding if godforbid it causes an accident and someone whether it be him or someone else, ends up severely hurt or worse- dead?

Don’t wait until he hurts himself or someone else. It’s inconvenient but I’d take the car and make him figure it out. Bus it, bike it or walk it. Because those will be his options if he ends up crashing his car or getting it impounded for speeding. :woman_shrugging:t2: Sometimes tough love is needed especially when they’re being irresponsible.


My son did the exact thing. He received one ticket after another. Very costly. The insurance was cancelled. After a few tickets the license was withdrawn for quite a while. When he got a little older no insurance company would take him on. Besides the premium was outrageous. Let your son know what’s ahead. He is lucky he didn’t kill somebody or him already. Take the car away.

What’s wrong with public transportation? Sounds like he needs to learn patience. That’s a good way to make it happen. He has to run on their time :grin:


I’d take the car away. Completely. He can either take the bus or get rides to school and walk elsewhere.

Honestly it’s likely the only way he will learn.


He is going to lose it one way or another and some judges take it away until 18 and some 21!


Let him learn the hard way


Is there no buses or trains to get to the school? How far away is the school? Even walking if it’s a few miles. What about buses for the school? Is there zero other way to get to school but a car? What if some of the kids don’t have a car? I’d take the car away and make him get to school another way. Does he work? He could pay with his own money for Ubers or whatever to get there.

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Start giving him tickets for speeding. If he doesn’t pay them within 30 days, take the car! You can also tell him he has 6 months to save for his own vehicle because you are taking that one away because he keeps violating the rules… you can also call the police station and tell them to be on the lookout for his car because he is a persistent speeder and is dangerous to others… then when he starts getting speeding tickets either take the car or make him pay his OWN insurance… hope these help!

Taking the car away IS an option. It’s just not a convenient one for your busy family and he likely knows it. Taking the car and making it more of a struggle will have the biggest impact and motivate him to control his lead foot.

If he has a wreck GOD forbid he hurt someone else! But he won’t have a vehicle then so yes taking the vehicle is an option!! He’ll lose his license soon anyway! Put him on the bus!

If they are under 18 you can take his license! Go down to the DMV and tell them you want to pull their license and then take the car :woman_shrugging:t3:


Some of life’s lessons are learned the hard way

Taking the car WOULD be the option!! If he can’t be responsible HE could figure out how to get where he needs to go if y’all are busy! It is irresponsible on your part if you don’t take it away. It’s the only way he’s going to learn. Please take it away before he kills himself and/or someone else!


If you refuse to punish and he causes a fatal accident,how are you going to feel?? anothers life isn’t worth ignoring it, which you actually are by not punishing him. its also Against the Law. Severe consequence 's if ignored. maybe his own life.

Take the car keys. Until they can earn them back. Either you or someone can give them rides to where they need to be, or they can ride the bus or a cab :person_shrugging: even if they end up having to leave extra early just to make sure they get there on time… that’s another consequence and should teach them also


Take the car away! They could cause irreversible consequences… Aka car accidents that could harm another family, another child, a mother or father. There are who have gone to jail for years for this kind of stuff…

“Hard heads make for a soft a$$”
That’s what my parents always told me.
If he isn’t listening to what y’all are saying I would just let him learn the hard way. He will slow down once he has to pay a $400-$500 speeding ticket and when his insurance goes up. I definitely had to learn the hard way and boyyy let me tell you when I had to come outta pocket for a lawyer and the ticket I slowed down lol now everyone says I’m driving like a granny :joy::joy::joy:

You take that car away and he would be on the bus. Not only to protect him but others too


Take the car away. Sell it, move on.

Let’s rephrase this:. My teen has a 2300 pound weapon he is swinging around recklessly and threatening himself and the community. If I take the weapon away it will be super inconvenient to me and him. Would it be ok if I just wait till someone dies to teach him a lesson?


Call cops on him learn the hard way


Natural consequence could cost SOMEONES ELSES LIFE. NO. you take the car away, and make them find alternative transportation.
I would NEVER allow my child the freedom or PRIVILEGE of a vehicle if they couldn’t respect the rules behind it. You don’t make the laws, the child knew when getting a license there were laws… since they can’t abide by those rules, and respect my attempt to rectify, it would be done.
Being a parent means making decisions that may upset our children but also protect them. Now is the time to do that.


Natural consequences can kill him…

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For me, taking the vehicle away would be an option. Let him figure out how he’s going to get to school/work. Otherwise, there’s no real incentive for him to stop. You also don’t want him to hurt himself or someone else.

Take the car away let him figure out how to get where he needs to go if he can’t drive responsiblely he doesn’t need to be behind the wheel.

He should ask friends etc for rides if he isn’t mature enough to be behind the wheel.

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Take his car before he hurts himself or someone else. You are aware of the problem and an adult.

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Take away the car and make him pay his own insurance tf driving is a privilege not a right

Take the car. It’s not fair to anyone on the road that your child is being reckless with their lives potentially. I know that seems dramatic but it’s not. Your teen also doesn’t have the experience behind the wheel to be doing anything but follow the rules. As adults, we are the ones that are responsible for our consequences. Until your teen becomes an adult and can be responsible for theirs, YOU are. And I can’t imagine how horrible you’d feel if your child was injured or injured another person. And then your child has to live with that. You need to sit down and explain that cars are to be respected. They’re multi tons of metal. I’ve run a mechanic shop for 9 years which is why I’m so strict in my thinking about this. We repair insurance cars and some of the accident damage I’ve seen is awful.


Take the car away and let him use public transport. If he doesn’t want to be responsible with the car then, he can suffer the consequences and walk or use public transport.

He is literally breaking the law. Take the car away and make him figure it out for himself. Remind him that a license is not a necessity it’s a privilege, and if you can’t follow the rules, that privilege is taken away. :woman_shrugging:t2:


The B.R.A.K.E.S. Teen Pro-Active Driving School is a free, defensive driving program. The school is designed for teenagers, ages 15-19 (16-20 in NC) who already have a learner’s permit or driver’s license and have at least 30 hours of driving experience.

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Some cars you can set that they can’t go over a certain speed- my sister did it accidentally once and couldn’t drive over 60/70 at all till she figured it out.


Show him crash safety test videos for the make and model of his car.

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Time to take the car away.

Take the car away … let them figure out what to do… im sure you would rather that than they end up in a box …. It’s not just police that will be a problem or take away a spark plug lead that will slow the car down

You take the vehicle away…JFC of course that is an option.



Take the keys now!! Change schools and jobs if needed!! You can’t change a death!!!

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You take the car before you lose your kid forever. Not even a hard question. He can find transportation to school, and once he realizes he can’t get to work and make money, maybe he’ll make better choices.

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Taking the car isn’t an option? But him taking an innocent life is??? What kind of question is this?

Put a governor on it so the car won’t go over 55mph.

If he keeps speeding the police will take care of it for him!!

Take away the car and the licence. It’s time he starts enjoying his own two feet to get him around! :relieved:


TAKE THE VEHICLE !!! LET HIM FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET WHERE HE NEEDS TO BE. at this point you are just as responsible because you know it’s a problem.


Take it away! His school schedule will have to include taking the bus! Not worth his life!

If you know a local police officer have them talk to your son about the dangers of speeding or have them pull them over give them a ticket and let them pay it

If he refused to slow down and follow the law, take the vehicle from him. Not only for his safety, for the safety of others.
At this point, he knows there are no consequences. Take those keys and give him a bicycle.