My son no longer has a relationship with his cousins due to family drama: Advice?

Advice please My son used to have a close relationship with his cousins and doesn’t get to speak nor see them anymore. ( Me, my brother, and his GF got into a petty argument). It breaks my heart to hear him mention them etc. I feel like a terrible mom. I tend to cry a lot over this because those were his only friends. He got so close to them in such little time. I don’t know what to do or say to him. I can’t talk to my brother since he said I was basically dead to him and has me blocked everywhere. ( He has anger issues ) . Has anyone had a family member not come around your babies anymore after being so attached? My son is only 3.


So… Why dont you have someone message who isnt blocked and say how much your son misses them. Just because he wants nothing to do with you doesnt mean he should have nothing to do with your son. Id be willing if you had no one else. :disappointed:


Yes my boys their aunt and two nephew that they had seen everyday now do not see them at all. It breaks my heart. My boys are 5 and 6 and my nephews are 8 and 10

I was going to say the same thing :point_up_2:t3: but honestly some people don’t understand how much things like this can affect kids.

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Your son will adjust…
I think you need to ask yourself if these are people you want around your child. A parent with anger issues isn’t going to be raising their own kids to manage thier emotions… long term its probably for the best as much as it sucks now.


Unfortunately yes. My sister and I no longer speak. My son was close to her and my brother in law. It took a little bit but he stopped asking about them. He’s 5 and now doesn’t seem to remember. It’s been about a year now.

Omg same exact thing here. With my son’s fathers brother. Son is also 3. He even blocked my son on messenger so he couldn’t call him anymore. His cousins were his only friends as he’s not in school yet. No advice.

Kinda the same situation here. I have toxic in laws. Like sickeningly toxic. My husbands brother & his ‘wife’ & us got into a petty argument as well. They said disgusting things about us & the relationship will NEVER be mended. We have decided it’s better off our son not knowing them because they take every chance they can to talk bad of us. Our son doesn’t need that nastiness in his life. & with how they are, the relationship hasn’t ever been consistent with us. Sometimes look into the long outcome of it. It’ll be a repeating pattern. I think absence is better than constantly having to explain why these people don’t care for my son vs the reality of them hating us & punishing him in return.


Unfortunately yes, my sister and I no longer speak. It will be a year this coming week. It was a horrible argument, but she looked me in my eyes and told me that that I was dead to her, then she repeated that my family and I were dead to her. I looked her in the eyes and told her to remember that forever. My son no longer ask for her. He’s adjusted well, I don’t need that negativity around my family. You’ll know what’s best.


My ex husband and his whole family are toxic. My kids are ages 21 to 27. I divorced in 2008. I remained close to his brother and sister law who my kids were very attached to as children. I started distancing myself several years ago and as of last year have cut all ties. I needed complete peace in my life. My daughter who was the closest to them cut them out of her life after having her own daughter. She didn’t want her daughter around any of it. My sons have gotten to where they don’t stay in touch either with their dads side.
I should have cut all ties myself long long ago unfortunately I was wrapped up in the toxic ways myself.
Life is much more peaceful without drama, anger, and hostility.
Do what’s best for lil one! I regret not doing it sooner when my kids were younger.

Going through this with my own brother and honestly it’s just easier to find him new friends. If your brothers gf or whoever can’t be the bigger person than your brothers anger issue may stem farther than you are aware of and pushing may make her life harder. My
brother made a poor choice that he really can’t go back on. I will deal with the tears as they go and come to terms with the fact that we will go on with separate lives and my daughter who adores him will probably
Never see him again

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Oh my God yes . I have a brother that I love him more than even mother. Now his son is not allowing him to be with us . My two sons and his son used to be like brothers and now they don’t want to talk to us and we have no idea why. It is so sad .

I had a situation with my older brother that I cut ties with over beliefs. I’m sure it probably hurt my mother. His birthday was at the beginning of February. I chose to reach out to him and wish him a happy birthday and let him know what my new phone# is. It took me about a year to finally reach out to him. It was a very stressful situation. I decided to at least contact him. I just don’t have that close relationship we used to have due to the stress. Your son is only 3. I would try to find parents in your local area to have play dates.

Yup my sister did the same. My 4 year old doesnt know i have a sister. Her loss. She needs help and may god forgive her. Life goes on.

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You can’t let stuff like this affect your children. As long as they have you, food, and a roof over their head, they’re good. That’s what you teach them as they grow.

There’s too much information missing to make a valid and informed opinion on this. My husband and I have had to write toxic people out that were close to us because of narcissistic tendencies, never ending drama and bullying. So TBH you need to look deep in yourself and figure out why your brother said you were dead to him before you can even consider fixing your broken relationship and stop playing the victim. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Ask grandparents to be the neutral zone so they can play?

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My sister hasn’t talked to me in almost 10 yrs. To the point where I have to explain who she is if I talk about her in front of my kids, yes they’ve met her. I have very close and long time friends that have taken her place unfortunately. Your kid will never not be loved by the people that truly care remember that.

It’s a good life lesson that not everyone is meant to be in your life and people come and go. It’s a sad but important lesson.

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Yeah my mother whole side of the family would rather protect a child abuser then to protect ther own family
So my mom packed me and my sister and moved to a different town

Now my cousins and aunties and uncle don’t want anything to do with us
They didn’t even care what happens to us

Sometimes it better to leave them out