My son is getting tubes in his ears: What can I expect?

My two year old and one year old are getting tubes in their ears next week; what can I expect? What should I bring with us? I’m so nervous.

Brought my son’s favorite blanket. You’re right there with them until the team takes him back. They give him something to relax also. My son was 18 months when he had it done. By the time we finished some paperwork and were shown to the waiting room (about 15 minutes) it was done. He was a little grumpy but we left an hour later. They fall out eventually on their own. Best thing we could have done for him. Not a single infection since. The nurses are wonderful!

My oldest had them done when he was 10 months old. He’s 8 now. He was getting ear infection after ear infection. It was horrible!
I was so nervous and scared. Honestly it was fine. Try not to stress to much. He woke up a little groggy but he was fine within 30-45 minutes and even went to the park for him to play. He has not had ONE ear infection since the tubes. Not one, in 8 years. Best decision I ever made honestly.