My SO hasn't been very supportive during my pregnancy: Advice?

Or you can tell him Bye

Get away as soon as you can. Did you plan to have this baby? It’s clear he does not want it or you. When a man treats you bad, he is trying to make you leave him !


Leave now. And as far as not having anything to do with the baby… That’s not exactly his choice. You will be owed child support and if he doesn’t want to see them it sounds like no big loss on your part. You don’t need him treating your child the way he’s treating you now.


Why wait he will only get worse and why put your child threw it

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While I Was 5 Months Pregnant My S/O Told Me He Wish I Would Have Gotten Abortion And Every Name You Can Think Of That’s In The Book I Would Leave But Every Time I Try He Threatens To Take The Baby From Me And Will Not Let Me Even Hold Our Son But Your Still Pregnant Get Out While You Can

I feel like these questions are becoming more ridiculous. If my SO ever called me a cunt I would find the closest thing to kick his ass with. At this point, why would you ask if you should stay? He doesn’t want anything to do with the kid? Fine. Take his ass to court for child support and move on

Sounds like a total asshole to me. I would absolutely hate to see him being this unsupportive once the baby has arrived or if you happen to go through some PPD. If you leaving because you think it’s best for you and your child means he won’t be apart of either of your lives, I wouldn’t be able to leave soon enough. You’re worth more than this. You are better than this. And I can almost promise you that it’s not going to get better. If anything, probably worse. LEAVE! Love yourself and your child more! Make room for someone that would never treat you that way to come into your life.

You deserve better you should get out now even if you don’t think you deserve better your baby sure does. So if not for you do it for your baby


Time to leave. Sounds like you’re better off without him

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Leave now. Once you have the baby it will be harder. You are better off by yourself then in an abusive relationship. He will not get better only worse.


Maybe try counselling. He may be depressed. Everyone saying leave. Have you tried talking to him about this? Easy for strangers on the internet to have their opinion. He may be very nervous. I suggest counselling or a doc appointment before you leave. But just make sure you and baby are ok x


Sounds like my ex. Leave him ASAP! You and the baby will be better off! My kids’ father has little to nothing to do with them and its not hurting any of us.


Leave. Run. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200.

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Leave it is not going to get better

your better off without the piece of shit ! make him pay child support tho !

Just leave his ass. It shouldn’t be a question. You and your child will be better off without that shit around you.

Leave and hit him with child support once the baby’s born


That last sentence nailed my response. Leave.


Leave now. He doesn’t appreciate you and resents you. Don’t wait for the baby to arrive, it will only get worse, trust me. Leave & file for a divorce. You shouldn’t be going through this while pregnant. Everything you feel, the baby feels too.

Well baby dosen’t sound like he’s too INVESTED now, so might as well move on and be Happy

That’s not “unsupportive”, that’s emotionally abusive. Leave.


RUN! You and your child deserve better than someone that won’t be there.

Are you serious? Why would you want a guy like this? Even if you live him, I doubt he will change. Men like this, should take care not to reproduce.

I went through it. Its not gonna work, trust me. Better to leave pregnant than with a newborn.

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Wow, where do these type of men come from? It’s shameful behavior. Not saying there aren’t women like this out there, but there sure are a whole lot of men barely worthy of the blessing of fatherhood. I didn’t even get to the stepping up to be a dad part. One day he’ll reap what he sows.


Go! Quickly without explanation or fanfare just go

Wow. Bad advice being thrown around. Mine never went to a doctor appointment because of work, never asked how they were and I was ok with that because he had shit to do and I was perfectly capable of doing everything myself. He was there for the whole delivery and he loves his daughter more than anything. So many quick to judge. :woman_facepalming:

You and your child would be better off…trust me…if he cared at all he wouldnt do this to you. I’ve been there :sleepy: I hope the best for you sweetie

Leave and call it a blessing in disguise, hopefully he will keep his word and stay away.

If he can threaten that he wants nothing to do with his child if you leave. He doesn’t care to begin with. He is trying to play on your emotions and sympathy when it comes to you wanting your child to have a father. He will NOT change and i promise you it will only get worse. Do you honestly want to take the chance of him directing this agression or manipulation towards your child? I think you already know the answer to your question honey. Reach out to your parents friends or whoever you have to get out of the situation while you still can, because it will be harder to once the baby here. I hope you make the right decision and CONGRATULATIONS on your tiny little human!

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What a douche. It will get worse.

Gaslighting…that underground type of abuse🙄

I would leave now before it gets worse.

Leave now and if he really cares he can show u and the baby from a distance. Mine left before baby was born and hasnt bothered to contact me about his child and drove past us twice . Real piece of shit

Leave hunny literally leave now. If he’s like this now he will only be worse after the baby. And to be honest just the fact he said that he’d have nothing to do with the baby if you left is the biggest red flag of them all…

If this guy isn’t nice to you now wtf -do you think he’s going to get magically decent once you really need a helping hand. Tell him to go f himself and get as far away as possible. I’m sorry he’s showing you how he feels and he doesn’t care.

He’s showing you who is and he won’t change

Leave u and child would be better off

Sounds like he has thrown all of toys out of his pram​:thinking:. The comedian Micky Flanagan gives an excellent example of how the “ casual c@$ting “ terminology can creep into a loving marriage. It’s on YouTube watch it ? Enjoy this vocal artists explanations of our expectations and sobering realisation of marriage at it’s best :heart_eyes:

oMG where do these men come from? They simply have no rights over you, leave now and do not let him have anything to do with your baby, Sue for maintenance, keep records of everything he says derogatory to you your with child you don’t need him for nothing he would not be the man I would want around my child, protect yourself and what’s yours he is hopeless insignificant waste of time and has very little respect to teach your child about women. Good luck, it will be hard at first but when baby is here and time will show you chose to leave this dickhead!

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Leave now. It will elevate after the child is born. He has already decided. You have to do what’s best for your child and what’s best is NOT a man that threatens to abandon him and mistreats you. And if he really doesn’t want anything to do with your child , then leave him off the birth certificate.

Anyone can father a child. But you cant force someone to be a daddy. Even though you leave, he will still need to pay child support. Unless, he is so abusive you opt out of it.

I would think about things. Write out your pros and cons. I had my son without his father. I had a family member in the delivery room. Someone that loved me and my baby. Someone that could make medical decisions on my behalf if I couldn’t.

He finally came around. Now, I have custody of my son. His father and I have a decent co-parenting relationship. We only talk about our son or issues that involve our son. Any personal things in our lives that may affect our visitation schedule.

he has a problem make a life for you and your child. now.


When someone shows you who they are… believe them


Take him up on his offer. Walk out the door and hopefully he means it when he says he will have no more to do with you. You don’t know it now but lucky you.


LEAVE. He’s a dick and doesn’t sound like it’s going to get better.

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re read what you just wrote to us that should be your answer he is basically saying he doesn’t want to be with you do you want your baby growing up in this environment I would leave now and don’t lo9k back

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Fuck that. I’d leave. If he doesn’t contact you or if he ignores your attempt to talk after a few days, then you know his true feelings.

Dont allow yourself to be treated like shit! Forget him and the horse rode in on… Sounds like he’s looking for a way out… So give it to him and don’t look back

Dude. He called you a Cunt. YES. Leave him. Now.

Sounds like he’s already made his mind up if he’s willing to let his child go. Sounds like you need to get out yesterday. Sorry but it’s only gonna get worse and do you really want your child growing up in that environment?


First thing… You need to understand you are in an abusive relationship!


Sounds like an abusive asshole, I’m so sorry he is treating you that way, as for the threat, I’ve heard it all before from my now ex, threatened to leave the country where they couldn’t find him and would lose my child, it’s about controlling you, which is sick, and to trap you and it just gets worse, threatened calling child services, you name it he threatened it, we have a parenting order, and am going back to court to adjust it soon too, I stayed, and it was the worst mistake, he didnt end up helping with anything, went out all night, told me I was a shit mother, that no one would want me, then he started to get violent and one night bashed me and took our son in his car, on his lap, please don’t let it get to that point, you are better then that, getting out now and setting up your own life before they’re born is essential and will give you a happy fresh start where you feel safe and not abused. Head up, you know what you need to do. X

#1 if he is the father he will pay child support…I agree with Misty. Your child doesn’t need to hear you being put down by their father


Your child does not need a person like that around. If he’s treating you this way now wait until he doesnt want to hear a baby cry or cussing you out when you can’t do for him like he wants. Hes showing you the true him now breaking you down with verbal abuse and brainwashing you. You’ll see how much worse it will be by staying and showing him you will take the abuse and allow a child around it.


You procreated with the wrong guy.


Walk away, as you leave say “bye felicia!”


Leave never look back!

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I was in a very similar mentally abusive relationship that didn’t start off that way just after I got pregnant. We cry because there’s an amber alert or the snuggle bear is so soft and all I got was yelled at, scolded. He became disabled and I’m miserably stuck. Our son is almost 11 I didn’t want a broken home but this environment isn’t good either. He’s finally agreed to go home with his mother in March. I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Don’t be miserable like me PLEASE single mom life is hard but doable. I feel like I’m doing it for my 2 kids and have a freeloading asshole whom I’ve allowed to drag me down till I was almost nothing. I got help and stood my ground I’m done come March if he doesn’t leave who gives a shit my credit sucks I’ll just relocate myself and kids

Leave and be grateful he won’t seek custody


When men act like this they WANT you to leave. Hes outright telling you he doesnt care. Show him your pride! Dont let a man treat you like shit!

My husband has never spoken to me like that EVER. He has never even raised his voice at me even though I have screamed at him. I also know there are times when I was dramatic but honestly who cares your carrying his child theres no reason for him to speak to you or act that way towards you. He sounds like a prick. Also sounds like there might be someone on the side see as how your carrying his baby but I
Your the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.


OMG my baby daddy told his mom I was trying to kill the baby because I was losing so much weight due to morning(all day) sickness. Just had to share that cause it’s stupid funny


Leave him it will only get worse

In my opinion it was so much easier to be single mom than to be the only one taking care of the kid AND trying to please the dad who was never gonna step up.

It’s better for the kid to have a single mom than to see their mom in a bad relationship, which they will learn from you and accept in their own relationships.

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Sweetie run
I say this a coming from divorced parents. ( they stayed civil).
Also I have seen the progression of abusive relationships. My mother was in several. Due to those toxic men in my life as a child I have CPTSD.
I dont hold it against her. She has mental health problems and didnt think she deserved better.(she’s been happily married now for 17 years​:grin::grin:).
However due to what I was put through I legit have serious issues( several diagnoses. )
Please do the best thing you can for that innocent child and run. He will not get better. That’s a threat of patent alienation before you even have your child. I’d be scared for both of you if you stayed.
Also I’m usually the try to work it out type of person…run

Leave. Just leave. It will not get better.

Seriously, stop trying to communicate with him. He sounds nearly explosive. Pack and leave. You are answering your own question. If your feeling threatened and your pregnant then this should be seen as a safety issue. Honestly, reach out to supportive friends, family, and professional help. Sounds like you could use confidence building, assertive training, and possibly help with some old issues. Do it right now for you and your unborn baby. DO NOT GO BACK as he sounds dangerous to me!!

If u ask it’s that u require opinions but if u make up ur mind of the majority of these opinions ur answer should be to leave… it won’t change. Its u n the baby . He is self centered

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Leave. ANYONE who says those things to you and treats you that way doesnt deserve to be in your life or your child’s. You’re better than that. Dont settle for someone who cant appreciate you especially when you’re holding that precious little life inside of you.

Don’t stand for this abuse. You mean less than nothing to a person who treats you this way.

Don’t put him on the birth certificate and get out now. He doesn’t love you. You and the baby deserve better.

Whatvuwsitn for Xmas…leave that ungrateful idiot after all he tells u that and u Wana see if he’s gna change omg…leave asap!

Leave and never look back

I know it must be hard to read all these responses telling you to leave, and to be honest, my advice is the same. We obviously only see what you’re telling us and don’t know everything about the situation. Is he willing to try counseling? If so, great and you guys need to start it before baby comes. If he’s not willing, then your answer and path is clear. Being a single mom is A LOT easier than dealing with a POS that doesn’t really care about your or your child. Believe me (and those that have been through it). Good luck sweetie. Take care of you and your baby!

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Leave him swearing at you and name calling is verbal abuse. You are better off without him

C word? What’s that??:thinking:

Leave as quickly as possible you don’t need that in your life he is so wrong for talking to you like that he’s going to get worse if you stay that’s not showing you love that’s mental abuse it’s going to get slot worse on you find someone that makes you feel wanted and that love you and cares for you and make you feel good like you should feel

Leave it will only get worse

Leave now it will only get worse


Do not wait it out … it gets worse

Run sweet girl run and never look back - if he can say this to you he does not care about you or your child and he is trying to manipulate you which is not a good sign - you are better than this and you and your unborn child deserve better than this. Walk away and know in your heart you did it with grace and love for your unborn child and mostly for yourself. As another person stated it’s better to be a single mom than to raise your child in an unhealthy relationship that will scar them and you for life. Good luck and God Bless you and the child you are carrying.


Leave. If he wants nothing to do with your baby that’s better for you.

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Leave now! You do not deserve this ! And he will also treat the baby poorly too . Put his name on the birth certificate and file for child support in the court . You will need the money . He doesn’t have to see the child but he does have to feed the child !

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You’re still around I’d drop him like a hot rock! He’s not worth it. Do you want your kid growing up to be like him or to be in your shoes and think it’s ok to be treated like shit? Leave girl he don’t care.

Just pack your stuff, walk put and never look back! Don’t ever contact him again! Change your number, block him on Facebook, and any friends you may share. Don’t let him anywhere near you or that baby again trust me! You don’t want that life. I’m saving you and your child from disappointment and stress!


Narcissist. Get out.

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Run. If a man would say it to you he will say it to your child. I would get far away from him now.

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Not supportive of your pregnancy? You mean not supportive of you as a couple at all. leave the looser

Leave he obviously dose not love you or your child

Pack up, file for child support add his name to birth certificate. Leave ASAP.
Anywhere away from him. Lose his number and any one whose connected to him. Safe your baby and yourself.

Leave now!! A kid will only make it harder!

Wow leave and put his ass on child support :fu:then wait and a man will.come along and hopefully make him feel like a pile of crap

Know the emotional pain. I was accused of cheating when I finally became pregnant after 4 years. He did not call me the C word though I had a son and clone of him. So cheating was out the window . No help from him ever so basically married but single. Think hard about staying with him. Doesn’t sound like Daddy material to me, no respect for you. Don’t even talk to him about your pregnancy. I am so sorry you are going through this.