My sister stole my baby name and our family has a "no double names" rule...HELP!

I have ALWAYS wanted to name my daughter Paisley…My sister knew this…I am 10 weeks pregnant and have clothes with the name on it even…so it was set in stone…she just gave birth and changed her daughters name to Paisley after meeting her for the first time and I am heartbroken…my family has a strict “No double names” rule and I feel so sad about this…what is another name that goes with the middle name Lee…because I can no longer use Paisley due to my families rule.

No that is totally unfair. I had someone do that to me. I always wanted a lily-rose may and then they went and named their child lilly rose while I was pregnant. It hurts and it’s unfair, as they knew I wanted to call my baby that. I seriously can not imagine the hurt and betrayal you are feeling with your sister and family, if they all knew you wanted that name. I would be still naming my daughter paisley and if your family want nothing to do with you then that is their loss. As for your sister she sounds like an entitled person and I would have nothing to do with her ever. But if your sister and family didn’t know then I’m sorry but that is a you problem for not speaking up and I would give your sister the baby stuff with paisley name on it. Then pick a nother name. Kassie-lee, Sophie-lee, Amy-lee, Angie-lee, Kelsey, Emily.

You’re an adult. Name your child whatever you want. What is your family going to do, ground you?