My sister constantly complains about the food that I make...advice?

I Cook no matter how tired I am of work there’s always food in my table every single time my sister comes with her husband they eat right but she always has a comment to say about my food … “ to plain “ or “ I make it better “ or “ it’s not cooked “ or I like it but something is missing “everyone else loves my cooking i cook my way everyone cook different right


My mom and I have a playful rivalry with cooking. We always pick at each other, but its always taken as just kidding. Maybe just pick back. Even if you are picking to defend yourself, it may change the interaction to something more light-hearted.

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Have your meal set up for your family and when she comes put a lunchable at her seat lol


“Then you can make dinner tomorrow”

This is easy… keep doing your thing and tell her if she doesn’t like it, to make her own.

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I would hand her salt and pepper lmfao :joy::joy::joy:

This is what makes me different than a lot of other people. My sister comments on my food almost every thanksgiving and we hash it out loudly right at the table :joy::joy:. Though last year she said I finally reached my stride and every dish was perfect. So, I guess the little Gordon Ramsay junior is finally pleased.

Time for her to make dinner for you guys then

Who cares what she has to say. Tell her to go home and cook for herself and mind you her husband as well. I’m sure it’s great!


Don’t like it, don’t eat it. Simple as that!

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Sometimes people just feel the need to say something negative to make themselves feel better. It seems as though no matter what you do, she will have some sort of complaint or critique. If that’s the case, than I’d remind her that bringing her own food is always an option.


Some people just have that mind set, everything’s a competition and they have to be better. Let her have a go at cooking for all of yall. Maybe she’ll learn to appreciate you more.


I’d pull everything out and go out to where everyone is socializing and tell her you have everything ready for one of her breathtaking meals she’s always talking about. :woman_shrugging: I’m petty though


Don’t let her come over and eat anymore. If she isn’t paying for that meal that she’s eating but isn’t good enough she can go eat at her own house with the food SHE made and complain then. :woman_shrugging: Simple as that.


If she can make it better tell her to do that and not worry about coming over to eat anymore :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’d tell her if she don’t like it or has something to say don’t eat it or for her to cook it next time

I’d tell her if she doesn’t like it then she doesn’t have to eat it or she is welcome to make her own food.


I wouldn’t be feeding them anymore :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


Most definitely I would have all the ingredients and let her cook. Also all good cooks clean up their own mess.


I have one like that. Just be blunt or don’t invite them lol


I don’t get that very often, I’m a pretty good cook. However on the rare occasion that I’m not looking for feedback I tell people not to eat it if they don’t like it. That simple. If I’m trying something new I generally ask for feedback.

Why do you care? You can’t control her. Tell her she’s being a drag and if she complains again she’s not welcome there.

I would tell her she could cook next time. If they didn’t work I would have a good meal prepared but hidden. Then as the walk the door have a not so good meal like extra salt, or spicy, or something in it to throw it off.let her try it first. Then bring out the better meal. Then tell her again in front of everyone that she could cook next time or stay home because she isn’t Gordon Ramsey. I bet it would stop then.


Well…That’s pretty Bold of her considering she’s at Your house eating​:thinking: Maybe tell her to bring her own food to sit at Your table if she must be there :tipping_hand_woman:

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People will only do/say things to you that you allow! Stop allowing it!


She doesn’t have to eat than. Maybe assign her a night to make dinner since she’s such a good cook

It’s a sibling rivalry. Find something you know she’s proud of and tell her she’s not that great at it and stop feeding her.

Sounds to me like she is envious and competitive. Ignore her.

Tell her you want to take it in turns to cook. So that way you’ll have a chance to ridicule her food and see how she likes it😂


Explain to them they can stay home and do their own cooking!!!


I have two sisters that do this and I always tell them I cook it the way my family likes it. You don’t have to eat it, I have canned soup if you prefer.

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I would be petty and find the hottest seasoning and add it just to her food.

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She probably complain about mine if she was family everyone eats here only thing I don’t do add alot of season or at salt or pepper to taste if u want that add to your food on your plate we don’t eat alot of that nor cook with it nor at spicy either.

Tell her to make her own then lol

Your house your rules. Grt up and take her plate back to the kitchen!

Just say " oh ya, what do you do differently or tell me what you think is missing? Wanna bring your own next time I want to try it that way, that sounds amazing, give me your recipe. " I’m sure she will stop.

Tell her if she has a problem with your food she could always cook her own


I had a sister-in-law like that?
Not a complainer but always compared it to how she made it.

Then tell her she is not allowed to eat at your house. Whatever you allow she is going to keep doing. If everyone else loves your cooking she is probably just jealous.


Just tell her as soon as she walks in that the food isn’t for her since it’s never up to her standards :woman_shrugging:t2:


Tell her to go home and eat her own cooking then. Problem solved.

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Start using seasoning :rofl::rofl:

Stop allowing this woman to free load and give contemptuous feedback! Kick her out! Or provide bread and water only!!

Stop having them come over…they can eat better elsewhere


Tell her to cook her own dang food or quit complaining.


Jealousy makes you nasty!!!
She loves your cooking but won’t admit it :hugs::sunflower:

Lock the door at dinner time…


Maybe she just wants you to invite her to cook with you, but she’s afraid she’ll be rejected. Next time, as soon as they arrive, just say, “Would you come over here please and help me finish this up.” She may just want to be included and she’s not pushy after all. Especially if she has had emotional difficulty because of rejection.


Tell her to go somewhere else and eat :confused:


So tell her to roll up her sleeves or dont come for a free meal at all.

Tell her to stop coming over if she is going to constantly belittle your cooking. You don’t have to cook for her, you only need to cook for you and your home. They don’t need to be guests all the time.

Tell her to mind her manners or buzz off. Nothing worse than people being rude after you’ve cooked them a meal

Any time she complains, take out your phone and go “beep beep boop, Hello Gordon Ramsay?, please come take your apprentice back. I don’t need a food critic with your level of scrutiny. Thanks!”

I would tell her to bring her own food next time and literally not make her a plate when she got there lol. Or I’d be like there’s some frozen stuff in the freezer you could grab haha. She’s insecure with her own cooking or maybe even just insecure about something in general that you’re “better than her with” so she puts your cooking to make herself feel better. I might even blatantly ask her hey what are you so insecure about you have to keep putting down my food?

I told my friend who does the same thing the next time is a byof type of dinner .

This might just be me, but if my sister ever made a comment about my cooking, I’d tell her to stay home and cook her own food then

Tell her not to eat it then

Tell her either eat and be thankful or she can stay home

Tell her she doesn’t have to eat it

Serve her a bologna sandwich and quit letting her bully you

Next time only make enough for you and yours… keep working around her and don’t offer her any :joy:


When she remarks negatively about the taste just smile and very politely tell her oh that’s just the Drano I added to yours!

I guess shes cooking now :sweat_smile:

Cook for ur self from now on she can cook her self her meal and her husband

I wouldn’t invite her over anymore. And when she ask why tell her because you’re food is too awful to feed her.

She would not be invited. Honey if you can make it better cook for yourself then. Disrespectful as hell

I’ve all ways said the one that complains cooks the next meal

Stop feeding them. Plain and simple. Tell her to cook her own meals and feed herself and her family. Maybe once a month have them over. You are under no obligation to cook and serve them


Stop inviting her over. If she can’t be grateful and polite then she doesn’t get to eat your food. Set boundaries and enforce them.

The second she makes a negative comment take her plate from the table, take the food in the trash and say, “since it is not up to your standards, I will not subject you to eating it.”. She will think twice before sniping at your cooking again.

She can go cook.her own food.

I would tell her to stay home.

Plain and simple. Tell her she isn’t invited for meals anymore :woman_shrugging:

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Next time she comes for dinner, make everyone a plate but her!


Tell her to kick rocks and go make her own food at her own house then. She’s being ungrateful.

Tell her to cook her own food then and stop coming for dinner if she doesn’t like it

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I’d take her aside before the next meal you make and have a serious chat. I’d ask her how would she feel after hosting, cooking for everyone, and listening to constant complaints. I’d make sure she understood how that makes you feel and I’d tell her ungrateful guests will no longer be welcome at your table. Tell her you can bring your family to her table where she can provide the meals or you can hang out doing other activities.

Your sister has some choices. She can stay home and make her own food. She can invite you over and cook supper herself. Or she could shut the f up and be grateful for a meal and the company of family and/or friends. She has the option to add “flavour” to her own plate without constant complaints. And all this is pretty much exactly what I would say to her too LOL

Tell her to eat somewhere else

How I fix this issue is by telling them straight out that if they don’t like what I made then they can starve. But with more of an a$$hole vibe. It does seem to help. Lol.

Her husband probably said something so positive about your cooking back home and she got mad lol

But my cousin used to cook for everyone at my grandma’s house and her brother started complaining and she used to flat out say, “if you don’t like it, don’t eat” :rofl:

Jealousy, because yours is probably better and I’d stop inviting her over for dinner or she can host and cook herself (if she doesn’t already)

Make enough for everyone but her… Tell her she complains so much u just not going to let her complain bout it anymore

Tell her to cook her own food

Take her plate while she’s eating the instant she complains. She probably can’t cook and is projecting what her husband says to her onto you…

Don’t feed them. Let her bring the food over.

Simple, stop making her food

Tell her eat at home before she visits

My fil was same way always complained so I told him don’t like it then don’t eat it I’ll stop making you food so he shut up about it :rofl:

So…stop cooking…

People learn to appreciate what you do once you stop doing it.

I’m sorry my food is not as perfect as you and your life. Please keep your ungrateful comments to yourself while here or please do not come by any more

The next time she goes to your house just offer food to your brother in law and not her

Due to a change in policy this establishment will no longer be accepting verbal reviews of the cuisine, please ensure all future comments are in writing and submit to suggestion box

She doesn’t have to eat your food. Tell her to go home and make it better for herself then. Groceries cost too much to have someone constantly complaining.

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Sounds like to me she’s just a wee bit jealous and a little rude

So tell her to bring her own food or stop coming altogether

I’d tell her then cook for yourselves.

Send them on their way or tell them to stop at McDonald’s on their way

Sounds like she just one of those people . Who loves to complain and has to be superior :woman_facepalming:t3:

I’d stop cooking for them.

If they are not happy there are restaurants