My period started while I was being intimate with my boyfriend and now he is ignoring me: Advice?

I’m 32 years old and become a single mom 2 years ago. 2 months ago I started to meet a person. Very nice guy, 35 years old, respectful, wanted a serious relationship and start his own family. He even wanted to know my daughter (she’s 8 years old) and both of them loved each other right away. We went on dates, everything was going good, he kept coming to also spend time with my daughter, we even used to talk everyday and everything was on the good way. Till 2 weeks ago on a Friday night…we went out for dinner together (only the 2 of us), came back home and decided to have sex. I was expecting my period on the next Sunday but told him nothing since I wasn’t expecting it on that Friday and I work like a clock. Well, guess what…period came right on the moment we were having sex :woman_facepalming:t2: (or during dinner time, I’m not :100: sure), but such a light flow that I didn’t even noticed till then. I was embarrassed of course, went to grab water and towels for my boyfriend, went to see how I was (got blood on my panties but it didn’t even went through my jeans), got back to him and he was like “Oh eeewww! You don’t know when your period comes? Am I getting sick because of it?!” :woman_facepalming:t2::pleading_face: To which I explained that I wasn’t expecting it, it just came earlier than it was supposed to. Then he got a call from a friend (I heard the call) and said he had to go because his friend needed help but he should come later on that day. Which he didn’t…till today. I tried to call, message, even left a voice message…he didn’t answered or said anything till today, it’s been 2 weeks. I know it’s embarrassing but on the end…it’s a natural thing for women and it can happen. I also know I shouldn’t feel guilty (after all it’s like blaming myself for being woman) but I feel responsible because it happened with me. There’s not much to do, I explained myself but it seems like I committed a sin to him. I talked with my family doctor, explained that period never showed up earlier. To which she said it can happen (it’s an hormonal thing and stress can change it. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress lately.) but if it doesn’t happen too often, it’s not a reason to worry. My question on the end is…is that reason enough for a guy to ignore and stop talking to you?


If a man cannot handle a woman being on her period, he has no business having sex with her to begin with. Where does he think he came from? A woman who had to have a period🤦🏻‍♀️ move on, find you a real man who isn’t going to be traumatized by something that is natural for a woman. You deserve better!

Sounds like THAT is reason enough for you to ignore him and stop talking to him.

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If that is all it takes let him go. What happen when really hard things come? If the can handle a period he can’t handle parent hood, heartache, brokenness and struggles. Run!!

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One rule for my sons to date (the oldest is only 12) is that they have to be mature enough to talk about periods. I’m just saying if he’s in his 30s and can’t handle a period there are more issues to come.


It’s not a good enough reason for him to stop talking to you but since he did over something you have absolutely no control over, that’s good enough reason FOR YOU to wash your hands of a “man” that immature.


He sounds very immature and shame on him for trying to shame you about your own body! It is a natural thing and no we do not always know when it’s coming. Sometimes it can come earlier or later like your doctor said. I think he could have handled the situation a lot better, not just totally ghosting you. Even if it’s only been 2 months of you guys dating his reaction says a lot and how he looks at you. I think someone who truly cares and wants to be with you would have reevaluated their reaction and apologized by now, especially after 2 weeks. Does he expect to never be exposed to a period when being in a serious relationship with a woman? That’s not realistic. I wouldn’t bother reaching out to him anymore he doesn’t deserve that energy from you. That is absolutely no reason to ignore you. I’m sorry this happened to you. :heart:


Take this as your sign to move on. He needs to grow up and doesn’t sound like he is worth your time!


He wants a family of his own? Does he know how gross children are?
My boyfriend was traumatized by witnessing manual placenta removal. But a little blood he had no reaction too, other than asking if I never anything. Pretty sure he’s had every possible bodily fluid in him. Including when I passed out and then puked on myself on the bathroom floor. He had concerns for me and cleaned it and me up. Because he’s an adult, unlike this guy.


I’d move along. He’s 35 and is acting like a child. And the fact he asked if he could get sick from it…just ridiculous. He doesn’t seem very intelligent. Most men his age have enough knowledge on a women’s period and have already got their “red wings”. I’d just move along if I were you.


I’m more concerned for your daughter. Two months was way too soon for him to be introduced to her. Sounds like he played the role just long enough to get what he wanted. Now he’s gone and she’s left wondering what happened.


He sounds incredibly immature. Do you want to be that self conscious your whole relationship? He should be embarrassed of his reaction, not you being embarrassed because of something out of your control.


I’m seeing some huge red flags here. He seems to want to be around your very young daughter way too fast and then is grossed out about a woman thing that happened. I’m getting a really bad vibe


He’s not a real man. That’s absolutely ridiculous! Count your blessings that you didn’t get stuck with someone like him. As a 35 year old adult male, there is no excuse to act like that!


Well… honestly if a man got that grossed out by a period, I’d prolly stop talking to them anyway. Wouldn’t even try getting ahold of him.


If he’s going to act like a child then let him go. Even if he’s never dealt with it, had issues or was even grossed out its the fact that he ignored you instead of having a mature conversation. Cut him loose.


I’m so sorry he treated you that way. But that’s huge red flags. I’d leave him alone


Sounds like he did you a favor walking away. That’s not someone you want to ever be vulnerable around. Down the road what if you had a medical problem or something that required help. He’s not the one. Also… there are men who seek out single mothers because they are wanting to abuse their children. Always have your guard up when someone seems suprisingly interested in your child.


He’s 35 and behaving like that…I’m not surprised he’s single and no kids


He is 35 and he is reacting like an immature teenage boy. How can a 35 year old man be so ignorant to the nature of a woman’s body. I don’t think I could look at him the same after that and I think I would no longer be interested.


I would bet money that when you walked outta the room to get water & a towel, he texted his friend and asked them to call with an “emergency” so he could leave. He is clearly pretty immature for a 35 year old, and I’d say you’re better off without him.


Sounds like he is not the one for you. That is not the life you want. Find one compassionate and understanding. They are out there and you will not regret it. Move on, he sounds self centered and immature.


Sounds like he’s not mature enough to handle a serious relationship. When I was in my 20s I was dating a 19 year old and the same thing happened to me… except he didn’t make me feel bad about and didn’t stop talking to me… he actually tried to make me feel less embarrassed. I would say you dodged a bullet.

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He’s 35 and he’s gone mia because you got your period ?!? Sounds like a child … I wouldn’t even reach out again … if I were in your shoes I would move on so quickly from that kind of immaturity.

He’s 35 and asked if your period was going to make him sick? He’s obviously an idiot. Definitely not someone I’d want around my daughter seems like he’s the kind of “man” that will make her ashamed when her time comes.

If you need a baby brother for your 8 year old daughter, you may have found the perfect candidate.
Nobody age 35 with any life experience or common sense behaves like this. Tell him bu-bye!:wave:


Wow! He sounds really immature. I’m sorry that that happened to you, the same thing happened to me and I had a child with the guy at the time. I was nowhere near. Expecting my period But it happened and he totally flipped out Like acted like there was grossness all over him and jumping around and just throwing a tantrum like a toddler

That’s probably a reason for a BOY to stop talking to you… get yourself a MAN … Just saying :purple_heart::heart:


He needs to grow up!
What a ridiculous reaction from him.

35 year old grown adult who behaves like a silly little child.

Get rid and find yourself a guy who respects you and has some maturity.


Thats not a man! When im on mine doesn’t bother my man. In reality when u start weather u know or non you are hornier. Not like u encouraged him to go down on you while bleeding. If I know I am I instantly stop my bf and said nope I wouldn’t do that if I were u

He sounds immature af for being in his 30s. I wouldn’t even try to continue a relationship with someone like that. Too immature for me!


35 years old and never had blood on his D!ck. Come on man. Grow TF up. It’s def not you sister. You cannot control
Your flow or exactly when it comes. Do not let this man make you feel bad for having an accident. Good grief. He’s overreacting. Time to move on. I’m sorry he’s being an asshat about this.

If he’s religious it is unclean to have sex while menstruating. The Bible says that. But some men can’t handle it. I wouldn’t bother him anymore and find someone who can handle the fact that you are a woman who jas natural womanly functions.

He needs some growing up to do. Some men don’t mind it they will have sex in the middle of your period. Some men don’t. Like my ex did and my current man doesn’t. But even tho that happened and he didn’t like it doesn’t give him the right to ignore u for 2 weeks. So in the future when he has a child wen things happen that he don’t like he’s gonna ignore u or the child for a few weeks. Red flag :triangular_flag_on_post: sweety. Don’t let a man ignore u like that it’s disrespectful esp while I’m a relationship

And he wants to start a family… even the period scared him :rofl:


I Ff this man claims he wants to be a parent but handle natural bodily things this guy is NOT the guy for you if you are expecting a partner. The immature ewww and ignoring you is not normal. I would not count on this guy. I know you like him but it’s only been 2 months so he can easily be done with your relationship because that’s legit how some guys are- so you have to decide. You have kids so I’d focus on them. I hope he doesn’t ghost you that’s he’s not that immature but that response he might. I would give him a few days call again and be done if he can’t communicate with you.

I’d lose total interest in him right then. No man at all is turned off by that


If this was enough to push him away, girl he did you a favor.

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This is why people need to be properly educated :roll_eyes: a 35 year old man wants to start a family, but he can’t handle periods? The first night I spent with my now husband I was horribly surprised by mother nature aggressively making her appearance, and despite the amount of blood that looked like a murder scene he didn’t freak out whatsoever, let alone give me the cold sure. You’re lucky to have found this out 2 months in, time to teach your daughter not to settle for someone who can’t respect you - let alone respect a natural occurrence. Have some self value and throw the whole man away!

He doesn’t love you truly. Period!
Please don’t get yourself trapped in this relationship. Move away, which is good for you and your child.

He sounds like a little boy, not a 35 year old man. Blood is natural. If he can’t handle a period, he can’t handle starting a family with you. Run now


He doesn’t sound very mature at all. If this kind of normal and very common thing upsets him that much, please expect other ridiculous issues to come up in the future. He should be the one embarrassed, not you. He should be embarrassed that he showed how much of a child he is.

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No!!! My 15 year old daughter talks to any/everyone about her period, even her guy friends. It’s normal & natural part of life…he has issues❣️ Some people love period sex…js

His 35? And wants a serious relationship he better get to grips with your period or any woman’s period for that matter yes it totally natural… doesn’t sound mature enough for relationship in my opinion… sorry

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Yes I’d say it’s over for sure. Imagine if you pooped giving birth with this guy it’s prob for the best.


He wants a family of his own but seems like he hasn’t matured enough to have one. Come on how can he leave you like that. Never blame yourself for being a women. Blame him for being so immature!

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He sounds super childish he’s a grown man grossed out by a little blood it happens and if he was mature about it he would understand honestly red flag right there he’s not as mature as you think he is

He sounds childish and super immature and honestly you’re better off without him because once you little girl turns into a young lady he may have some unkind and even hurtful remarks for her as she’s learning about monthly hygiene (disposing of used feminine products) and coping with the emotional changes as well as physical changes us girls go through during that time.

Girl, what? First off, 2 months is WAY too soon to be introducing your kids and hanging out with the kids all the time. Secondly, he legit said “eww” because you got blood on him while being intimate. That’s childish. Run. Cuz if he can’t handle a little period blood then he sure as hell can’t handle child birth and children.

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That’s a good enough reason for you to stop seeing him. If he’s not mature enough to handle a period, how can he be ready for a serious relationship? You (and eventually your daughter) shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed for your periods.

He wants a family of his own but can’t handle a little blood? Joke’s on him, period sex is great.
Find a real man.

I’m surprised this is the first time that has happened to him honestly… I’d expect that reaction from an 18 year old boy, not a fully grown man.

Please be super careful introducing men to your kids. Don’t give any details about what school they go to or anything like that.

The sex stuff is just outright childish imo. Grown men aren’t afraid of a little period blood.

You’re better off without him but also be careful he doesn’t pop back up.

Personally, I’m going to take that as a huge red flag. You can’t help it when it happens. And honestly if mine is due within a couple of days and me and my husband have intercourse it actually makes it come a day or too sooner.
In my opinion, I’d move on and find somebody else who isn’t acting like a child.

Girl no!! Do NOT for one second feel bad. It’s literally a natural thing. He is 35 years old and is acting like a complete child. Do yourself a favor and move on. My man doesn’t care about Miss Flow :woman_shrugging:t2: “shower time” it is. Or towels over the bed if it’s light. I’m not expecting all guys to be okay with it because some do get grossed out. But this is hardly a reason to ghost someone to be honest and the fact he isn’t even communicating anything is sign number one you should go find better sis!

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He’s 35 and grossed out by a period? There’s so many grosser things you experience when you enter parenthood. Hard no. He’s the issue

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Your first mistake was two months and hes already become well known to your daughter? You probably don’t even really know the guy. Hes obviously not serious.

He’s acting so childish! Plus girl, 2 months and he knows your kid and spends time? No no no no. This was messed up from the beginning. End it.

It could be a turn off but that immature of him. Idk stop explaining yourself and excusing him and wait to hear or see his apology. You already apologize take a time to see how his making it up. Idk 35 and still ghosts not cool.

Sounds like you need to move on, if he can’t take something like that then just think of how he would act if something major happens, you will find the right guy but I don’t think he is it

What is he 8 years old? I’ve been in that same boat with my husband and if it happens he goes with the flow…pun intended lol he’s never shamed me for it or thought it was gross. He makes sure I don’t have my cup in before we get busy if I do happen to be on it. Before I started using a cup he would go get me products if I needed them. We’ve been together 13 years and married 12.

He needs to grow up. Go get yourself a Man, he is a 35 year man acting like a child.

If that is the reason he is not talking to you, it seems like it is enough of a reason to not waste your time. What is he going to do when you get your period again or when your daughter gets her period in the future? Move on.

Definitely a sign to move on, he wants kids but completely ignores you because your period came? Does he not know how messy kids can be? I don’t think he’s relationship material personally.

He just needs to grow up. He sounds like he’s led a very sheltered life to not know about how periods work.

Ack send him home to his mummy and get yourself a real man…:roll_eyes::joy:

If that is the reason he is ignoring you, girl RED FLAG on his maturity!

He’s a boy that needs to grow up. You did nothing wrong. Best to leave him be.

You should be happy he left. No need to be with such an unsupportive human being

My husband used to say when it happened with us that’s what the shower is for,and we got soap and water

He’s not the one! If he was nothing would keep him away! It sure never bothered my husband!

The fact that he is a 35 year old grown man and is grossed out by this is​:triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

2 weeks is a no for me. a hell no. i would just move on and not even try to contact him anymore.

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My son is 16 and has more sense, compassion, and knowledge regarding periods. He even buys his girlfriend tampons if she needs him too. Toss the man child and look at it as a dodged bulllet

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Sounds like you absolutely dodged a bullet there. Maybe I’m definitely reading to much into it but maybe he’s into the younger?? :flushed: reading it sounded like a red flag to me anyway

Honestly…dude is showing his immaturity. You should be glad you found out now.

Honey if he is ignoring you for that, then he’s no kind of man and you don’t need him.

Sounds extremely immature and a huge red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:

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Omg that’s bloody life accidents happen he needs to get over himself don’t worry tourself about it his loss keep moving forward and onward

Sounds like he’s not a man and you should ignore and drop him.

He needs to grow up … also obvious he has not had a lot of experience with or around women.
Also , he said he wants to start a family well wait until childbirth , he’s def going to lose it.


Please don’t introduce your children to men so soon!!! He’s grossed out by grown women periods but wants to spend time with your 8 year old daughter right away!!! NO MA’AM!!! Leave him alone this is off!!! Please!!!

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Oh, he needs to grow up and be a MAN!!

It sounds like that’s a wakeup call. Leave him! Don’t turn back! Find someone who’s not going to feel grossed out by something so normal! It’s normal! He should’ve ask if YOU where ok! Not the other way around! WHAT!

No it is not a reason for him to stop talking to you, but it is the reason you should stop talking to him. He is very immature move on

He sounds really immature, if he can’t handle a normal thing like your period…Run!

Sounds like a man child to me. What a freaking wimp. Let him go honey, find yourself a real man.

Immature, walk away to save yourself the heartbreak

I’m surprised that he is 35 and never come across a period before lol

Not saying he needed to earn red wings but … yeah… if a dude can react like that…and not tap that even if you KNEW you were on it (helps with cramps etc for some women) but to guilt you on “not knowing when you get your period” you definitely dodged a bullet. Be happy it was only 2 months in. Cut your ties

“Am I getting sick because of it?” A 35 year old man asked that question? Just run. Don’t even bother calling him again and don’t answer if he calls. No grown man should shame a woman and not understand how THAT all works at 35! He’s a man child.

Wow. He sounds like a bitch. I’d drop him like a bad habit.

It is for him, that’s all that matters…ignore his calls, move on.

Dodge that bullet like the plague! He is a child trapped in an adults body :woman_facepalming:

A real man wouldn’t be effected by that. Just saying.


No but it’s definitely a reason you should stop talking to or ignoring him.

He really wasn’t that into you…

Move on. If he can’t understand something like that, he won’t understand a lot of things.

The trash took itself out lol how absolutely pathetic… 35 years old…

How does he think he got here, how immature