My mother in law told my daughter she should NOT have a dinosaur themed bedroom: Advice?

So my 5 year old daughter wants a room makeover since she hasnt had one since she was a toddler and the theme she wants is dinosaurs…which i do not see an issue with tbh…but when my MIL came over to hang out my daughter told her what she wanted as her new room and she FLIPPED…she said in front of my daughter that it was unacceptable bc she was a girl and she needs to choose a girl theme…i am livid that she said this because now my daughter thinks having a dino room is wrong…i am at a loss at how i appraoch my mother in law bc i honestly just want to explode right now


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Tell her to mind her own business


Honestly, and I mean this with the utmost respect (no I don’t) SCREW your MIL. :person_shrugging: Sorry, my daughter is very into “boy” stuff (she’s 8) and my grandma-in-law was the same way until I told her to mind her own business.


Let her have what she wants, its her room.


One of my twin girls love dinosaurs! Dinos are cool!


Sounds like it’s time to go low contact with toxic grandma. A child’s genitalia do not dictate what they can and cannot enjoy. If a girl likes power rangers and dinos, neato. If she likes princesses and ponies, awesome. Same goes for boys.


Unless MIL is paying for a ‘ girl themed bedroom ‘ … tell her to shove off !!

I don’t see why it matters what she thinks it’s not her business it’s not her room she’s not paying for it. And that’s exactly what I would tell her if your daughter wants a dinosaur themed bedroom then let your daughter have a dinosaur themed bedroom and if it’s that big of a deal on the colors there are tons and tons and tons and tons of ”girl” Colors if it’s that big of a deal! My two-year-old loves Mickey Mouse she is a girl Mickey Mouse as a boy does that mean she shouldn’t like Mickey Mouse because it looks like a boy theme LOL

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Who cares , she can get over My 4 year old girl has a space duvet and dinosaur lights cause she loves both. Your MIL does not sleep in the room none of her business.

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Give your baby what she wants . That is your child not your mother in laws . I wouldn’t say anything else to your mother in law . I would just do it and if she says something to you just tell her “I respect your opinion but this is my child” and they make pink dinosaur decor and bedding. So it shouldn’t be that big of an issue . My youngest wears the target brand GIRL themed pull-ups and they have dinosaurs on them. Dinosaurs are not just for boys . You’re baby could grow up to be an archeologist. Ya never know.

Straight up tell her that she can keep her opinion. It’s not the 1900s it’s 2022. Give ya girl the best Dino room out :tipping_hand_woman:

Tell your daughter that grandma is wrong. LoL

Who cares what anyone thinks? Give your daughter the room SHE wants! Dinosaurs are not just for boys! Dinosaur Train on PBS has girl characters. You can put splashes of pink or purple to mix with the blues and greens.


Stop letting her come over and drops the rope on information she’s knows.

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My daughter love Dino’s…guns…and many more stuffs that is supposed to be “Boy’s things”…and we don’t have any issues about that…if its your own house …its your own rules…

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Sounds like a good time to start teaching your daughter that no one else’s opinion matters. Let her help redecorate her room, from paint colors to which dinosaurs she wants. Definitely sit MIL down and explain to her that her opinion doesn’t matter as politely as you can and that it’s not her room so it’s not her decision. Also include that if she continues that behavior she won’t be allowed to be in daughters life as much. That’s not acceptable.


Deeming certain animals, themes, colors, toys, ect. to a certain gender is absolutely RIDICULOUS!! Tell your daughter that grandma is just old and doesn’t think right anymore​:roll_eyes: Give the baby her dinosaurs! Dinos are AWESOME :t_rex::deciduous_tree::sauropod:
Better yet, post your P.O. box so the world can send her Dinos galore!!!

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Also that dinosaur room is going to be awesome!

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Tell your MIL to F off :woman_shrugging: why do some people think they need to share their opinions on anything and everything. Make that girl a Dino room!!! My daughter is 5 as well and LOVES Dinos, too! She requested a rainbow/unicorn room and I obliged but I think dinosaurs would have been way cooler!

You could even do “girly dinosaurs” like with pink or find art with a t-Rex in a tutu or something. To 1) show your daughter dinosaurs are awesome for boys and girls and 2) show your MIL that she needs to shut her mouth lol


There are girl dinosaurs too! Your MIL ain’t the one living in the room, your girl is. Maybe add a couple pink dinos in there somewhere to help make her feel better by way of soft toys or something x

Since when is Dino theme just for boys? Iev seen super cute Girl Dino theme, Give that baby what she wants, Granny will get over it

Time to educate grandma. Dinosaurs are for everyone and I’d remind your MIL that there will be no discouraging your kids from their likes as that is not her place or any ones place for that matter to tell your kids what they can and cannot want.


Don’t say a word, your child wants dinosaurs… so give her a :sauropod: room. You don’t need her approval.


They make girl dinosaur themed stuff now… smh

You don’t. You just go ahead and make that room the best damn dinosaur room you can, then invite the bitch over. Tell her she says one fucking word about it, and she’s going in Gma time out with no visits for a while. Then walk away, but do a little “Rawr” while doing it.b

My daughter is nearly 6 and she’s already had dinosaurs and space including a black hole on the wall. Let your daughter have what she wants and tell your mother in law if she doesn’t like it she doesn’t have to visit :woman_shrugging:

This generation is made different because I would have stopped that right there and rawred my mother in law right out the room alongside of my daughter in t-rex or pterodactyl…:woman_shrugging:t4:…but momma aint raise no punk lol


She sounds prehistoric herself :rofl::rofl::rofl: Tell her to take a hike!


Firstly I would have a chat with your daughter and let her know that what was said isn’t right,that it’s definitely ok to have a dinosaur theme bedroom…I would then tell your mil that it is not ok to do what she did,it isn’t her decision and she should be ok with whatever her granddaughter wants,that she made her upset because of her outburst about it and that isn’t acceptable…my daughter likes dinosaurs,so I say go for it,give your daughter the best dinosaur themed room ever…


You give your baby what she wants
My almost 11 year old daughter loves cars and Dino’s!!
Nothing wrong with it at all :blue_heart: your MIL has no say

I would personally just explain that it was highly rude to say it in front of your child & that Dino’s can be for any gender.

Soooo many companies now days make Dino products for girls because so many girls have become fond of them.

Just ridiculous for a grown woman to criticize a 5year olds likes.

I just ordered my youngest son a mermaid tail for his 4th birthday. He pretends to play as a mermaid named Melody in the bath tub. The opinions of others truly do not matter. I would tell her to mind her damn business.:woman_shrugging:

This is about your daughter’s happiness not your mother in law’s happiness. Protect your daughter and do what’s right Mama Bear.:heart:

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Just ignore your mother in law and do the bedroom how you and your daughter decide. It’s really not a big deal

Oh man. She would love my son. He loves My Little Pony :laughing: Have a talk with MIL with your spouse, and talk with her about what happened. Give your girl her Dino room. Nothing wrong with that.

Sorry, but what century is your MIL? Who says little girls can’t like dinosaurs? Ever heard of a paleontologist, lady? She sounds like a real piece of work. Guess I’m not helping you out too much. Thank her for her opinion but let her know this isn’t up for debate.


Oh heck no… Dino’s are girls things too

Etsy has ADORABLE Girl Dino room stuff. Tell your MIL to kindly STFU. :grin: :sauropod::two_hearts::t_rex:

Your MIL needs to know her place. What about encouraging kids to dream big? I think its Great that she loves dinosaurs!! My Grandaughter Loves Dinosaurs, and we get her different kinds all the time!! At 4 she can name the different species! I would let your daughter pick out whatever dinosaurs :sauropod: she wants!! She will appreciate encouragement way more than negative ideas! Its educational, and will make her feel great that she can help make decisions with you!!
Besides…your MIL had her chance at raising her kids…Maybe get Dad involved in his Daughters Ideas! Good Luck!!:t_rex::sauropod:


Your mother in law is an idiot. Dinosaurs have no gender :t_rex: :sauropod: :purple_heart: give your daughter what she wants and your MIL can go away if she can’t respect it.


Ignore her and do the dinosaur room. After it’s completed invite her over to see the renovation and say in front of your daughter that she made a great decision for herself and it’s about what she wants and not other people

I have a similar problem with my MIL and she tries to overrule EVERYTHING I do with my boys (I have 3). But in the end I basically (in a polite way) told her she needs to back off. She already had her chance to raise her kiddos and now it is your turn. That is your baby and you give that baby what she is happy with. In the end it’s about your daughter not your MIL. She’s not raising the baby you are and you have final say! Put her in her place before she rules everything. It’s harsh but I had to do that with my MIL. Btw dinosaurs are not just for boys!

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U can still add girly things to room along with the dynos

Show her girly dinosaur themed rooms on pinterest and tell her she had her chance with her own kids

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Easy ignore her :joy: don’t approach her :woman_shrugging: it’s your house your money your spending . Your daughters 5 I’m sure it’s going to be easy to convince her to love Dino’s again :t_rex::heart:


My Granddaughter loves dinosaurs

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Our six year old granddaughter is still dinosaur mad .This has been going on for about 2 years.Dinosaur are the best tell your mother in law to get out of the dark ages, dinosaurs can be for girls or boys.:blush:

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You don’t need to approach your mil. Your house, your daughter, your choice on decor.

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Sock her tf out duh tf

She is your daughter you have the final say. If MIL doesn’t like it, oh well. Tell MIL that when she starts chipping in to raise your daughter then she can have an opinion but until then your daughter can have the room she wants.


explain your daughter that having a dino beedroom is FINE. ask her if she wants some nice decals in pink color like below. As per your MIL she has no saying in what your daughter wants in her room.


My daughter LOVES dinosaurs , do it ! She will love it !

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She can like Dinosaurs otherwise they wouldn’t make these kind of bedding for girls. My daughter was into Jurassic park kind of Dinosaurs though and she loved scary horror stuff. It’s okay for her to like what she likes.


I would have flat out said, in front of MIL, they had girl dinosaurs too. And I think its amazing because dinos are awesome!

Now I would definitely take her to the side and let her know she if she can’t keep her sexist views to herself then she can’t be around your child unsupervised.

Yes its a generation thing, but she needs to get with the times and let your child be herself.

Dinosaurs are AWESOME by the way! My daughter thinks so too.

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My daughter is Dino obsessed. I chose to try and find ‘girlie’ dinosaur themed and there is a lot of it about. Dunelm have a nice range xxxx

Do it anyway and tell your MIL to f off!!

You don’t approach her, it’s not her business! I’m sorry but this shouldn’t be a question screw her idc, it’s your daughter! You do what you think is best for her always. My 7yr old is a daddy’s girl, she is JR all the way , toy cars, helping daddy in the garage, getting his tools he needs, helping with car work, riding a quad, riding her own dirt bike. My point is let your baby do her !

It irritates me when people say girls should do girl things! My daughter loves dinosaurs, I had to get her Lego’s and Lincoln logs bc no one ever got her anything like that! She plays with those more than Barbie’s!

My daughter just turned 4 her party was shark and ocean themed and most of her toys were dinosaurs and sharks bc that’s what she likes tell the mil to mind her damn business

Tell your daughter, your mother in law is crazy and not to listen to her, do the dinosaurs, make sure they’re big and on the walls!!!

Nah you correct your mother in law in front of your daughter. Period


She should not have said that! Especially not in front of her. She can choose whatever she wants as her theme

Everyone saying make it a girly Dino room.
Bull Man… do it how ever she wants girlie or not !! An fuck the MIL i wudmt even explain or approach I’d jus do it

Goh people like this make me sick
She’s a little girl

My 3 year old daughter loves dinosaurs there is nothing wrong with it! :sparkling_heart:

Your daughter should have what she wants.

Your MIL crossed a line and honestly disrespected you and your daughter in your home. You do not need to justify anything to MIL but I would definitely talk to her about boundaries and how certain conversations shouldn’t be had in front of your daughter. As far as the dinosaur theme, all my kids have loved Dino’s (1 girl, 2 boys) it is not something that is gender specific and if she loves it that’s all that matters. She’s the one who has to sleep in there

I have a granddaughter that really likes dinosaurs, I don’t have a problem with it. In fact I will be painting a dresser for her, that will be dinosaurs. Maybe I will even post a pic of the dresser when I get it done! Several of my other granddaughters will have basketball themed dressers. I am almost done with one of those, maybe i’ll post a pic of it!

Nope! No one is going to tell me or my kid what they should like. I don’t care if they are blue or pink, green or yellow or any other color! If the kid is interested in it then let them do it!

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Do the entire house up in a giant Dino themed tea party and invite her over. She’ll figure it out real quick how important her opinion is.

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your MIL can kiss off…

Lol girls also love dinosaurs! Just got my 3 year old dino obsessed GIRL this cute dino outfit today!


He’s a child who’s interested in animals, who cares what sort? Tell her to stop interfering and mind her business! It’s not her room or her place to make such a fuss and make your child feel this way

IKEA and some other stores have more “girly” looking Dino decor if your child is interested. Otherwise who cares? Dinosaurs are for everyone :sauropod:

Maybe show her some pictures of pink Dino rooms and just be like sorry my daughter wants what makes her happy not you …… because like now I want my daughter to have a Dino room because this is cute af


So much cute dinosaur stuff, even for girls, nowadays. Your MIL needs to get with the times. My daughter loves space, dinosaurs, and spiders and I’ve battled some of the norms on her behalf. It’s never come to a situation where someone would lose time with my daughter, but I always correct things like that privately first with my daughter directly. I just let my daughter know that how your MIL was raised wasn’t as accepting to women having varied interests and that is why she thinks that way. I call it “thinking small” but that my daughter likes to “think big” and in that way she can like whatever it is she likes. I also remind her I will support her :100:. You may not change how your MIL thinks or behaves but you can show your daughter how to handle it with grace and “think big.”

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I really wouldn’t say too much to your mil because she’s set in her ways. You’re not going to change her opinion but I would make sure my daughter knew that if dinosaurs make her happy it is perfectly acceptable


Tell your daughter that she can have the room decorations she wants.

 My daughter room right now is deadpool 🤣🤣

Do it mama flip your shit on your MIL if she cant be supportive burn that bridge. If husband has an issue throw his ass away too. You need to be your daughters protector and her strongest supporter :heart: so if making sure she stays to true to herself means losing your shit on distasteful family members do it. Signed a single mom that loves to stir the pot and has burned alot of bridges :fire:

Tell your MIL if she continues to express her sexist attitude around your daughter she won’t be in her life.

I have a boy that LOVES unicorns. We have fun with it. He’s even created his own “comic book” series about “Unicorn girl”, a superhero who’s an unicorn & saves the day. He’s been criticized for it. I enforce that those who criticize him don’t love him for who he is. They want him to fit into their stereotypes, not be who he is naturally. He’ll tell you to F*ck off if you tell him he can’t like unicorns. I suggest you teach your daughter the same. Grandma doesn’t love you for you. She loves who she thinks you should be.

Enjoy making her a dinosaur room. Sounds like fun! P

Umm. T Rex and Blue are Female Dinos. Female Actresses in Movies. You’re the Mother. She’s your Daughter. Let her have that Dino Theme Bedroom and if she wants can throw in a bit of pink here and there in the room. Your MIL crossed the line.

I hate when anyone tells anyone what they should and should not like! if it helps any you can tell your daughter that both my daughters were HUGE dino fans for sooo many years & had lots of dino stuff we made my oldest a shirt when she was like 9 that said " Silly boys Dinosaurs are for girls!" to this day she still loves them and shes 14! shes just more into the jurassic park stuff now hahaha

You can tell her my two girls are obsessed with dinosaurs :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have to have female donors to have baby Dino. Your mother in law is being ridiculous. It’s neither her home, child or room. Give your daughter a Dino room and let her enjoy it. Tell you mil she’s going to be an archeologist when she grows up and travel the world while making a fortune how more prouder can you be lol


Its your house…your kid do what you both want

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I literally bought my nephew (before I knew he was a boy) a dinosaur onesie and I said “because if he’s a boy he might like dinosaurs and if she’s a girl, she also might like dinosaurs and be sick asf” they’re kids, dinosaurs don’t exist anymore… it’s a bed room she’ll want to change In 5 years anyway.

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Tell her your bedroom should be full of dragons because you are 1


Just tell your daughter she can have whatever she wants in her room grandma is just a little prehistoric in her thinking which makes her say inaccurate things.


Amazon has an adorable bedspread with dinosaurs and flowers. I know this because my 2 1/2 year olds granddaughter loves dinos too!!!

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All I ever wanted growing up was a dinosaur themed room, I’m 27 and still obsessed with dinosaurs, this makes me so sad for you and your daughter that your MIL acted like such a …
She has no say and there are some really cute dinosaur themed rooms. I’d just do it for my daughter anyway and not care what the MIL thinks.

Throw HANDS!!!

You go all out with that Dino room!!!


Omg! She should get dinosaur theme everything then it’s her room and your home your rules. Period.

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I would’ve grabbed her purse and showed her the door. If she can’t except your daughter, you don’t need her in your life. You continue this relationship and it does change, it will hurt your daughter’s self esteem in the future. It has already started.

It’s just not her decision, period. She is free to not like it, but she is not free to weigh in on the decision. It’s a decision for your daughter first, then you and your husband, but no one else.

Thata child them go with ur child it express ing it creativity n interest yes kids ideas change but make them happy not the other person it not there kid

Who cares what MIL thinks?! That is YOUR daughter! & dinosaurs are boys AND girls!? They’re freaking dinosaurs. I would tell MIL that my daughter wants dinosaurs so she’s getting dinosaurs! Point blank period! :woman_shrugging:

Simply tell her that her opinion on the matter is totally invalid. That is your child and if she wants dinosaurs she’s gonna get dinosaurs and there’s not a single thing she can do about it. Grandparents are honesty way too entitled nowadays.

Tell her to shut up
Why are you afraid of her?

Walmart has jerassuc park dino I think

Just do a girly dinosaur theme